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New year…

Posted in Rants, thoughts on 02/01/2014 by willsalt

Good evening.

Have a new year!I’m not going to assume it’s happy or great or anything, but it does appear to have happened, or at least to have started, so have one. Or half of one, you might die in July. That’s a tad morbid, but possible…

2013, that was a year. If you’re expecting some big summative comment then remember who you’re talking to, I’ll go so far as to say it’s over, here at least. I’m not going to say anything like ‘it was a great year’ or ‘a long year’ or anything. It was another year, it was around the same length as the rest of them, or at least the recent ones, and some stuff happened. Goof stuff, like I got to watch Season 3 of Teen Wolf without having to break the law (which I didn’t expect to happen until 2014) and some bad things, like I failed to complete my college course, and spent the remaining 6 months of the year on the doll, volunteering trying to teach ‘silver surfers’ how to use a computer (among other things).

With those being my examples for good (watched a TV show) and bad (life prospects all but ruined) you may be able to figure out the way I’m leaning on the quality of the year. But hey, it was fun and that’s what I live for. Well, entertaining… Be it the ~1000 hours I racked up on Star Trek Online, or watching family and friends getting drunk and doing pretty weird and slightly disturbing things on Christmas that I’m trying to purge from my memory it certainly wasn’t boring.

So looking forward, we have 2014. We’re a little over 23 hours in so far, and as expected it’s almost exactly like last year. The only real difference I’ve noticed so far is that it says ‘2014’ in the bottom right corner of my computer screen, rather than 2013.



I think at this point it’s probably expected that I’ll start reeling off a list of resolutions like ‘exercising more’, ‘being more positive’, ‘not killing too many people’ or something. I’ve seen some pretty great ones posted online, like ‘smile more’. It wasn’t a ‘try to be happier’ or anything, just try to convince everyone you’re happy with a hollow fake smile.

But I won’t. Sure, I’ll mock everybody else’s, but I don’t see the point in new year’s resolutions. If you want to change something about yourself, go ahead and give it a go, but don’t set yourself some vague goal you’re not going to stick to just because it’s the new year. It’s bloody irritating having to listen to you all wittering on about them…

And in two weeks listen to you trying to justify breaking them because ‘it’s only been two weeks, I’ll get back into it’.

And then by February you’ll have completely forgotten, or at least repressed, the fact you ever decided to do it in the first place and start saying things like ‘I need to lose some weight’, ‘everything is doomed!’ or ‘what am I going to do with all these bodies?’

Yeah, that got a bit negative there… On the plus side (or perhaps not if you know the context) that 198 is going to try to get to 201. Not very well though, given that it’s four people, not three… That said one of them does just hide under the bed so he might not count… Tell me what I’m talking about and I’ll be amazed someone actually reads this crap.

Anyway, enough with the cryptic sidenotes, I’ve kind of left myself with nothing to say here, so moving on.

I’m not going to say ‘I hope you had a great Christmas/new year/2013/other’ because honestly for most of you I just don’t care, and saying it now is pointless. Can’t change the past and a motivational speech afterwards doesn’t really help. So let’s go with this for 2014, try to have the year you want. Someone or other said we make our own destiny, (although they might’ve been wrong, because Bungie are making one for us) so do that. Try to have a good year if you want one.

Yeah, I tried to get positive for the end, didn’t really work did it? So I’m just going to say ‘Thanks for reading’ before I risk driving anyone to suicide.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

-Love Willski.

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