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quick press!

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Ladies and Gentlemen good evening.

I’ve got just under 20 minutes to post this, before it becomes tomorrows blog… although that would save me having to post tomorrow…

Right, I’ll admit that I’ve done no productive work for my A-Levels in the first week of this holiday… is it a week or six days? we finished last Tuesday at 13:00, it’s now the following Tuesday, 23:43. I don’t know. on a positive note, i will no longer be distracted by Assassins Creed Brotherhood, because i’ve finished the story mode. 25 hours of game play, because i like to explore. Still have to get the feathers, Flags, Templar, weird Abstergo symbols, and Christina things… probably other stuff to… still, gone enough for me.

So, starting tomorrow, when i wake up at noon, me very lazy now, I’ll try to start finishing my ICT work…

Watching Mock the Week on Dave, that’s fun…

Yeah, you probably shouldn’t expect anything as interesting as my usual mindless drivel. So I’m gonna go watch Tobys’ Vlogs, because I’m weird… than i’ll wait for Black and White 1, 2, and expansion packs to arive.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.


Posts all over the place

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I’m missing them all. Well, 2…

i ezxplained the first i think, yesterdays was courtesy of Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

But I’m very busy, assassinating things… so that’s all I’m writing today.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

what day is it? Saturday?

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Good Evening.

It is, of course, Saturday.

Merry Christmas one, and a few others. The rest of you, I don’t care.

I had some rather confusing texts from my Master (Craig) today; it would appear I was being used as tech support, not a role I’m qualified for. So it would appear that he has decided to steal my internet connection, to activate Mount & Blade Warband. Any further correspondence and I’d be tempted to claim to be playing it, and talk about how awesome it is, but then he might think I like it… Which I do, it’s just not as good as you think it is, imbecile. Hmm, odd change from ‘him’ to ‘you’, I wonder why I did that?

I’d transcribe those but I’m lazy. In the admittedly quite unlikely circumstance does visit he better activate Mass Effect as well, otherwise I’d be mildly displeased. That’s somewhat embarrassing, I tried to type an ellipsis, ended up with three commas, then in my attempt to remove it added 3 ‘=’s… where was i? Aah yes, activating mass effect… I’ve forgotten what I was going to say after that, mainly due to reading about ‘=’ on Wikipedia… I’ll make that a link if I get round to it… That was it, I say unlikely circumstance he visits, because while quite clearly sating a time and date, (if a vague after 10) he doesn’t actually know where I live. He may know my address… But I doubt he could locate my house, if I does I’ll give him some cookies, or a knife to the chest…

Anyway, back to Christmas.

Went to grandparents house for tasty deliciousness, cooked by a batty old woman who forgot what she was doing, no offense Wendy, can’t think of a less offensive description. I’m not going to try and describe the food, i’d just end up overusing superlatives, and i don’t really like doing that, but it was fantastic… Awesome pen yesterday, less awesome deck of cards today…

And, not that you care, but a not necessarily comprehensive, and in no particular order, list of everything I remember getting, 14 hours ago…

  • Microwaveable Penguin – Benski.
  • Blood Bowl Legendary Edition – Emski
  • Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Codex Edition – Parents
  • Terrys’ Chocolate Orange X2 – Parents, unknown other relative.
  • Terrys’ Chocolate Orange with poppin’ candy – Dom & Bic (later no doubt spelt incorrectly, for that I apologise.)
  • Box of Maynards Wine Gums – Parents
  • Wine Gums Mug – Parents
  • Set of 6 different coloured pens, with blue ink – Parents
  • Set of 15 pencils with Erasers (2 for £1 with the above) – Parents
  • Dairy Milk Bubbley – same unknown relative as chocolate orange.
  • Dairy milk 230g – grandparents
  • ‘Power ball’ – Emski
  • Chocolate Coins – Emski
  • Growing Penguin – Emski
  • Edible Penguin on a stick – Emski
  • Odd potentially woollen torso attire – Grandparents (?)
  • Weird spray-ey things – Parents

I’ve probably missed something… I do like how many people seemed to think ‘Hmm, I don’t know him that well, let’s buy him something edible.’ Hmm, that combined with my diet of cookies… I’m gonna get even unhealthier… buy me a bike, and I’ll attempt to ride it for health-improvement purposes. (not in summer though.) Hehe, I certainly wouldn’t use it for transport, and if you even suggest using it to get to and from KE VII I’ll stab you with something, or something.

In fact, just ignore that, I’m not going to do something healthy…

Blood Bowl! Great sport, brilliant game that I have one minor problem with, I’ve no idea how to play it. Don’t even know the rules for table top Blood Bowl. I have won 1 game, out of 5… that was get skink to grab the ball and run, and ended up on 2-1… second half when it was 2-1 I decided not to try to score, just stop them scoring, so Kroxigor, and Saurus charge, Killed a pair of Zombies, and a Wight… knocked most of the rest of the undead unconscious as well, and killed the werewolf, or was he just severely wounded… One of the two.

What else did I have to say? Merry Christmas, done, Craig’s an idiot, done, vague list of presents, done, blood Bowl talk, done.

I’ve cleaned my desk, well, cleared, there’s still bits of dried up hot chocolate and stuff…

Right, Listening to Time Warp, so I’ll go play Brotherhood or something.

Tanks for reading. Ta-ta.

That’s wrong, no Tanks, Thanks. Who’s disappointed? Might buy Benski a wave serpent, or a falcon Grav Tank…

It’s just a jump to the left
And then a step to the right
With your hands on your hips
You bring your knees in tight
But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,
Let’s do the Time Warp again!

Love Willski.

(‘So long and thanks for all the fish’ now, this is a very weird play list… Speaking of Douglas Adams, why didn’t he live long enough to finish primary novel in The Salmon of Doubt? Swine.)

Gaah, stop typing. Thanks for reading, Ta-ta, Love you.

Love Willski.

Missing Sins!

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Well, that’s most certainly a deceptive title. Or is it?

It would appear I missed Thursday’s blog post, because I was playing Sins of a Galactic Empire. A lovely mod for Sins of a Solar Empire: Entrenchment. Slows the game down a lot though… not that it causes additional lag, it seems to reduce that, but it slows down ships, so instead of taking 3 minutes to get to, and capture a planet, it takes 15… Somewhat time consuming.

But yes, while playing that, waiting for my fleet (singular, I grouped them all together because I was bored, that didn’t help with game speed…) to pass through about 10 friendly systems, so or some reason I’ve yet to discover, I decided to do a little experiment, and see how many press ups I could do, (from feet, not knees.) I only managed 37, before my arms gave up, now I can type, but that’s about the limit… I’m not doing that again.

Amusing how often I seem to end up talking about my health, which isn’t good… it gives me the impression I’m egotistical, which I don’t like. But yes, my health isn’t good… shockingly underweight, negligible muscle mass, not fat reserves… if I get the flu I’ll probably just die… although that last one might not be entirely accurate. My immune system seems moderately healthy, especially judging by how hard hitting the common cold is…

I probably shouldn’t leave that section there, mother will probably decide I’m unhealthy, and must start doing exercises, then I’d end up more incapacitated then this on a daily basis…

What day is it now? Christmas Eve! How entirely inedible. Mostly because it’s a date, it can be hard to ingest a period of time…

I have purchased Black and White 2. I shall purchase Black and White 2: Battle of the Gods, when I have money again. Of course, any money I get for Christmas will go towards Microsoft points for Mass Effect (1+2) DLC.

I think that’s everything I had to say, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.


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Good Evening.

Could it be, perhaps… It seems quite likely, judging from physiological and mental activity, when in proximity to relevant items/persons/information… There would seem to be a lot of information to support it…

Am i slightly excited about this approaching holiday/festivity? (‘Christmas’)

An odd event, drawing facts from so many other occasions, completely unoriginal, yet for some reason so wildly considered to be a purely Christian event…

Craig is thrilled… I had buy Mother buy Mount & Blade Warband… mainly because it was 75% off…

I’m not going to type my little mental rant, because I’m lazy.

Quiche tonight!

What to do now? Sup Com!

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Good things… and not so good things…

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Good Evening.

UCAS properly sent, so i can now get acknowledged…

Dr. Lewis is here, according to someone I don’t know who is… so i have a teacher today! Huzza?

I missed S+P to do UCAS, devastatig,  could have spent 50 minutes in the sports hall playing games… instead i spent 50 minutes in the post 16 office talked to Ede Cooper, and sending off UCAS, i think i might have got the better deal there…

err, what else? Pipes here leak black smoke, like martion tripods… I’m to lazy to play DDT, not dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, although i did two quests with my party of ‘real people’. They number of barbarians there makes combat easier…

What would be a good layout… I might try rouge, Cleric, Barb, barb, monk, fighter… see how that works… I’d like to have a sorceror in there somewhere, but healing, and disarming/lockpicking both seem more important, and the whole oint of that experiment in testing close combat heavy parties.

I remember when i tried a party of 6 sorcerers, that was great 😛 they failed miseraby, just droppig like flies all over the place, but quite entertaining.

Also tempting to try 6 barbarians, or 6 monks… Monks be nimble, monks be quick… and have adamantine fists. great fun!

anyhow, there’re a lot of people appearing over there, so i’m ging to run aware, and hide in a corner. Thanks for reading, Tata.

Love Willski.

Conversations, penultimate day, hungry…

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I had an unusual conversation with Tom yesterday, post blog. during which he asked me for any news, response? my usual 😛


19/12/2010 22:38:16
what’s people been saying at schoo; then? any news?

19/12/2010 22:38:20 [c=36]:[Willski:[[/c][c=4][b][/b][/c=4]err… school….
Christmas dinner tomorrow, no doubt as disorganised as ever
Craig has taken to massagin, carressing, stroking, coddling fondling etc. Ian…
Steven’s always at freyas house during frees, and history lessons… 19/12/2010
Ians stopped beating me because i’ve sent UCAS off
Leeski is getting more childish, always ranting about ‘his stories’
Becky won’t shut up about homoerotic edward/carlilse twilight fan fic
nathan’s had interviews at oxford i think…
Callums had interviews at cambridge
Emmas started hugging everyone a lot…
Tylers not talking much except to make bad perverted jokes.
Kris changed his name
19/12/2010 22:39:23 [c=36]:[Willski:[[/c][c=4][b][/b][/c=4]
err… i think i’m running out
any questions?
19/12/2010  22:50:38
well we all know ian and craig are secretly gay, why has steven given up with history?, well you know ian, he will push you to get good grades and placements (good luck with as chances are most people wont get them, no offemce, you will tho as your gradesare great… infact most of the group will), lee is haveing his child years now as he didnt really have a childhood…. he seems to be in reverse, how’s his house by the way? becky never shuts up anyway, wow nathan well done, that explains why he hasnt been on in a while, callum is callum so no change there, how is his relationship with the group? is he stoll inresponsive from time to time? , emma is weird…. tyler is tyler so no real change, what has kris changed his name 2? and no thats about it really. Charlie i guess is being charlie… gets drunks adn takes the piss out of everyone, but somehow manages to get good grades


Is is my imagination, or is he being unusually offensive/hostile in there? I’ll have to kill him.

Err, today, I’m very hungry… want steak, or overpriced, heavily processed deliciousness from McDonalds…

Today was my penultimate day at KE VII this year, which apparently means i take about 80 pictures of Ian and Craig, some of which feature other people, but now i think i have one with Ian looking at the camera, so, to the skyline website! But, yes, overall today passed remarkably quickly… I’m suspicious… tomorrow will be boring…

Period 0, S+P (basically do nothing).

Period 1, free, break.

Period 2, free.

Period 3, chemistry, alegedly without a teacher, and only for half an hour.

Period 3 pt. 2, 1/2 an hour S+P. 13:00 go home.

Gaah, Cats are annoying me, they sit on the chair, they, (for lack of a less vulgar, preferable term,) pass gas, then stare at me as if i can do something about it.

So i kick them.

Not really, I’m a nice person.

I’ve got to stop that, being nice that is, costs me lots in distributed cookies, software licenses etc.

Anyhow, I suppose that’ll do. Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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