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Back at home, since about 15:45… cookies, Assassins Creed Brotherhood Limited Codex Edition, Lunch and a confusing midget

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Short things first, The Confusing Midget, Ian. I think he’s trying to confuse me, on msn he said:

Little Ian says (16:49):
*oh why did you do that? I hate you sometimes william.

And promptly signed off, i responded with:

:[Willski:[                       said (16:58):
*quite so, my midget-ey dissapearing fiend…

Too which he is yet to reply.


Please don’t criticize my grammar, or spelling, or use of word in here, I work from the theory, if you use excessive amounts of punctuation, and nice sounding words, even if they’re inaccurate, all is well, if not, Jaws will eat my leg. So shut up Craig 😀 (meant in the nicest way possible, That’s terrible wording… I’ll leave it.. to thirsty… Ellipsis…)

For clarification, Jaws is my Goldfish.

Cookies, I’m down to 7 packs, terrible… That’s all i have on that one…

Lunch, despite the terrible weather, all sunny, and warm, disgusting, isn’t it. People actually went on the field today, the monsters… which did result in some amusing activities, but a distinct lack of anything worth recording, so i didn’t. Yay!

And I’ve now pre-ordered Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Limited Codex Edition (Xbox 360) from, ’cause I’m awesome. Don’t believe that, I’m not awesome.

Emski’s fighting Wayne… Strange… (Wayne’s one of my dogs… Well, the families dogs, although mothers dogs is probably more accurate…)

Sausage casserole tonight, terrible, I mean, it’s quite good for what it is, but i hate it… so i just skin the sausages, and eat them… get criticized for that…

Hmm, low flying aircraft… how sweet…

Anyhow, Thanks for reading.

Love Willski.


(To Mass Effect!)


At KE VII, how terribly interesting…

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Good evening.

How are you today? I’m currently at KE VII, in social center, during a non-contact, thrilling… Although i have just had another SMS-ey conversation with Craig, which ended up with us taking about jumping of bridges… also slightly strange, because he’s about 2 feet to my right…  maybe 3…

I was intending to work on personal statement now, but i appear to have been somewhat distracted… slightly bad, and i cant use Firefox,  so now spell-checker apologies about that…

As for interesting things that have happened, not much since i last posted, spent 4 1/2 hours on mass effect yesterday, overusing punctuation again, more cereal turning to useless mush, when i get distracted, but Wheatabix this time! HUZZA! Well, ‘wheat biscuits’, because parents are cheap… I’ll have to beat them…

On a completely unrelated note, I didn’t challenge Meakin to a duel, because i couldn’t find any swords, although i don’t know if i posted that here… meh, running out of things to type, and there’s a non-matriarchal fiend correcting me as i type, should i stab him? i think not… that would be impolite, and he’s my master, so there’s slight a hierarchal problems there… although i do outrank him… and he’s level with Ian, so either of us could instigate a stabbing.. perhaps the wrong word, i don’t care, it sounds nice… this all sounds so much better in my head, keeps tones better, again leaning towards vlogs…

Thanks for reading

love willski.


Can’t think of much to write…

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Can’t think of much to write here toady, because i don’t want to rant about the idiocy of my biology teachers, one of which i really want to beat round the head with a clamp stand… gaah, useless, for unwilling-ness to use a strong, or more offensive word/term, female dog. 😛

She, singlehandedly destroyed my timetable, and devastated my social life by switching my biology group, and then refused to move me back, despite intervention from Eveson, joint head of 6th form or something like that, and parents. but yeah, i’m not going to rant, (i’ve done plenty of that, 3 sides of A4 paper…)

in one piece of good news, i didn’t mention this on monday, because i discovered after i’d posted, and I was feeling to lazy to post another, and didn’t say yesterday, because i’m forgetful…

New series of horizon! HUZZA!!!

but yeah, that’s it… thanks for reading

Love Willski.


Cookies, Youtube, Bran Flakes, Mass Effect, phones, money, and probably something else…

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I have a distinct lack of money right now, £0.75 in PayPal account, and £2.94 in bank that’s somewhat bad…  perhaps if i hadn’t spent it… i have a bowl of bran mush in front of me, 8 1/2 hours ago they were bran flakes…

Cookies, bought another 6 packs, so I’m on 9 1/2 packs now, for a total of around 342…

Phones, I was going to top up my phone, that is Ems, but I’m lacking funds, anyone care you donate? took all the videos off that phone, replaced them with ones by Tobuscus… I think I’m obsessed… scratch that, I know I am, with several things, Cookies, Tobuscus, Cookies, Simon & Garfunkel, Cookies, LFG, Cookies, oh, and did I mention cookies?

Saw Ian today, not surprising, but drove past him in a car, which is somewhat uncommon… fortunately, parent type people didn’t listen when i told them to run him over, on another car related note, i have a driving lesson next week, yay? there’s a reminder for it on my phone, named ‘Crash and die’…

On another Ian related note, I was viscously attacked by him and Craig today, one would hold me in place, and the other would jump over me, and my captor, a strange game of theirs… very strange… made more interesting by Craig ducking, when Ian jumped, which made him fall on my, painful, but somewhat hilarious, spine still hurts though, especially after carrying 17kg of dog food around because mother ‘done her back in’. When you take into account i only weigh a paltry 56kg, that’s 3.234117640588235294117647058824 of them to make one me… I was also hit in the face by tennis balls through by Ian, and Ben, not overly polite of them… hehe, i use an awful lot of punctuation…

Youtube, as promised, i have uploaded videos to it, about 4 days ago, here, have a link, and note i don’t apear in any of them, except as a voice, and occasionally part of a hand… or glove…

Mass Effect, I may finally get round to starting it, once I’ve done my Biology work… I hate education some times… most times…

Err, i think that’s it… so, thanks for reading…

Love Willski.


corrections, moist-ness, chicken tikka, and FARMVILLE!

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Good evening.

Craig corrected me today, how dare he? 😛 hehe, but seriously, thank you. Yet I still disapprove for some reason… strange… (ICT project presentation thing.)

Homework, this normally features at the moment, For biology, i have 2-3 sets due in about 3 1/2 hours ago, which I’ll be handing in tomorrow, or Wednesday, i have 3 sets of chemistry, due in tomorrow, and no frees prior to that, thanks to enrichment. Interestingly, i also don’t know where the enrichment is, so i may not be able to go… great fun.

Moistness, as you may know, if you live near here, it was somewhat moist today, and the hems (is that the right word?) of my trousers got a bit damp… so did my jacket… monstrous weather… how dare it do that to me? 🙂

Chicken Tikka, just because I’m having some today…

FARMVILLE, which I always think of as being shouted, hence the capitals, thanks to Tobuscus… (if you don’t know who he is, shame on you.) I also have to harvest about 530 (ish) grapes on it, and i’m not using vehicles, as that would take about 3-4 tanks of fuel… On another tobuscus-ey not, i have ‘slice,slice,slice,   fire roll aim red eyes,   throw your glasses at the camera then dive…’ stuck in my head… and a few lines after that, but I’m feeling lazy.

on another note, there’s a crazy old lady stealing my cookies, Matriarchal Fiend!

Soo… Thanks for reading.

Love Willski, (not an imperative.)


Msn is fun…

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Having an interesting, if unusual, conversation with Steven…

(steven is Fifi, I’m Willski…)

:[Willski:[                       says (22:23):
*on another book-related note, i need a good book to read, preferably one owned by someone in this house, (not surprisingly, luke doesn’t own any… (to my knowledge)) and i haven’t allready read…

Fifi        says (22:24):
*I can lend you a book if you want
:[Willski:[                        says (22:25):
*you could return the eerie silence… if you’re so inclined 😛
i’d prefer not to, i’d be too concerned about damaging it…
:[Willski:[                        says (22:27):

*i might try Stephen Kings IT…
Fifi        says (22:27):
*I’m not quiyte sure where it is
:[Willski:[                        says (22:27):

Fifi        says (22:27):
*all my books are kind off damaged
:[Willski:[                       says (22:29):
*that’s like saying, ‘Hmm, my leg’s already broken, why not get trampled by a horse?’

Fifi        says (22:31):
*yeah well
*I trust you not to act like a horse when reading
:[Willski:[                        says (22:32):
*hmm… fair point, i’m usually quite carefull when it comes to defacation…
:[Willski:[                        says (22:33):
*i think the concerning parts of that statement are ‘usually’ and ‘quite’

Fifi        says (22:33):

Thanks for reading, Love Willski.

ICT work, late birthday presents, and activation-resistance.

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Good evening, i’m currently writing a feasibility report, for ICT stuff, which is deceptively difficult, because i doubt about 4 lines per segment is sufficient… so, yeah, there’s not enough to write 😡

Lat Birthday presents, exactly 1 month late, a colour changing t-shirt, which, no doubt, in practice will just give the effect of yellow sweat, but still, it’s a fun thing to have. Thanks Dom.

Attempting to activate Mount & Blade Warband for Craig, which doesn’t seem overly possible, when i go to the page there should be some boxes, to put things in, aside from the usual website skin thing, there’s a black void in place of content, and a 3 pixel thick white line running through it. what fun. currently waiting for response on forum, but it seems to be a common problem… and damn difficult to find a solution to…

Anyhow, thanks for reading.

Love Willski, Ta-ta.

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