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Posted in tedium, thoughts, UCAS on 30/08/2010 by willsalt

absolutely no idea what to do… perhaps UCAS personal statement…


Not long now…

Posted in KEVII, reminiscing, tedium, thoughts on 28/08/2010 by willsalt

Back to school on Thursday, what joy!

anyone have some spare razor blades?

yeh, i don’t have a title for this one…

Posted in reminiscing, thoughts on 26/08/2010 by willsalt

Apparently, I like polite people, and corrections… That’s nice to know…


Posted in reminiscing, thoughts on 24/08/2010 by willsalt

I just broke mine. Damned annoying, I’m now kneeling on the floor. was standing, but that put keyboard at an uncomfortable level…

Anyone care to donate one? I’ll assume not, no one reads this… meh.


Love Willski.

AS results – continued

Posted in KEVII, thoughts on 19/08/2010 by willsalt

Physics – e
Chemistry – e
IT – d
Biology – b

AS Results

Posted in KEVII, tedium, thoughts on 18/08/2010 by willsalt

AS results tomorrow.
i don’t see why everyones so worried, not that i’m over-confidant or anything, but i’m not panicking, losing sleep, defecating more then usual etc. good night. 😛

Out of (appropriate) ideas…

Posted in Campaign Writing, Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 on 15/08/2010 by willsalt

Need some ideas, for a level 4 party… nothing overly complex please. (not that anyone reads this…)

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