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This post was transcribed by Window 7 Voice Control.

Posted in thoughts on 20/10/2011 by willsalt

Good evening.

My apologies for not posting anything recently.  As you may know I recently replaced my computer, but didn’t want to use it without an antivirus, so having been using the Internet recently.

Today I installed Kaspersky, well yesterday now, it’s passed midnight now, so they aren’t willing to allow myself to do.

Overall I would say this computer is improvement over its predecessor, especially when it comes to cooling.  Definitely well worth the £315 difference.

So ellipsis…  I am typing this using Microsoft’s belligerence and stuffed were.  That should be voice recognition software, not’ backspace backspace the think that fellate of delete that that is allowed by.

As you may be able to tell, it’s either not that good, or I’m incoherent.  Actually I think it’s a combination of the two.  Although I it’s supposed to learn your voice…  Perhaps I’ll give it some time.  Also using to be the keyboard is much easier for me.

Anyway on a slightly different note, I recently wasted some money on an experiment that could have been performed at a much reduced cost.  Of course this way allows for much easier results.  Even if it is £5.00 more expensive, although I suppose £5.00 isn’t that much.  It still something and I’d rather have spent less.

On 8199 stop stop.

Let’s Drogheda utd one again.

Let’s try that one again, on a more annoying note, I recently purchased supreme commander for Xbox360, and proceeded to scratch the discount rate need unusable within two days.  I say “I”, I mean my Xbox.  This Ginger found very amusing, so he likes it that I in effect, wasted £20.00.  As a result, the only appropriate course of action is to murder him.  In the most painful manner possible, I shot feed him to kittens.  I’m sure they’ll enjoy it, him not so much.

It’s no 2.00 AM, I started this half an hour ago.  I’m sure that the death tutorial said this is faster than typing.  I beg to differ especially considering it added death which I didn’t say, well not this time.

He he.  While that may be what I wanted to type, but I got it from breathing on a microphone from saying it.

Let’s do a test:;’#*/\+=-_^$Europe three Euro’s £3.00 $3.00 three yen () & quavers heart heart heart nerves of the stranger is note of that range was neither murder KSY the tarantulas.  They don’t deserve to live, unlike the pandas.

Anyway that’s enough for now.

Caiaphas to cancel waits for you but SEC at least I hope we used.

PowerGen commend you know why we’re here would not much time and was promptly

Cruzan a superstar hosanna superstar who sums up stock returns you

Listen to that howling mob blockades and street educators letters and hold hands on his feet

He is dangerous!

Jesus Christ superstar

He is dangerous!

Details of your Hoover say you are

isn’t and wine and we’ve got some support

A rabble rousing Russian her that I think we must abort

He is dangerous

Jesus Christ superstar

He is dangerous look like us to reconcile it out

If the queen Caiaphas Coke will learn that

No wait!  We need a more permanent solution dropped whitely


What sense do about Jesus of Nazareth?  Miracle when, demand hereafter was

No rights, no armies, no fighting, no servants.

One thing I’ll say by M –Jesus’s quill.

We do not leave him and his own devices tsar produced and you’ll get adequate role

But how can we stopped in his glamour increases by leaps at the moment he stopped all

I Sea bathing is rising the crowd cranking which among Japan it construction item election because of one man in instruction could have won a

Because because because of one man

By elimination because of one man

Because because because of one cassettes one crescent one man

What sense do about this Jesus mania

Now how to deal with a carpenter King

Where to start with a man whose began been jealous when John did his baptism think

Falls you have no perception!  The stakes are dunblane a frighteningly high!  Rumours question completely to like John titford industries dismissed it as exclamations tutors must it

Most are a most diets Jesus most are a

Sell a job for him his users must buy

Must I must I a dispute is mysteries as much due to us by!

Well but when Sir Michael be well.  That’s not so much.  As you may have just heard that was this Jesus must I shall Jesus Christ superstar.

You know what I’m just going to type the rest.

So, that was this Jesus must die from Jesus Christ Superstar. To get that I read the following of


Good Caiaphas, the council waits for you.
The Pharisees and priests are here for you.


Ah gentlemen, you know why we are here.
We’ve not much time, and quite a problem here

MOB (outside)

Hosanna! Superstar!
Hosanna! Superstar!
Hosanna! Superstar!
Hosanna! Superstar!


Listen to that howling mob of blockheads in the street!
A trick or two with lepers, and the whole town’s on its feet.

ALL (inside)

He is dangerous!

MOB (outside)

Jesus Christ Superstar!

ALL (inside)

He is dangerous!

MOB (outside)

Tell us that you’re who they say you are.


The man is in town right now to whip up some support.


A rabble rousing mission that I think we must abort.

ALL (inside)

He is dangerous!

MOB (outside)

Jesus Christ Superstar!

ALL (inside)

He is dangerous!


Look Caiaphas, they’re right outside our yard.


Quick Caiaphas, go call the Roman guard.


No, wait!
We need a more permanent solution to our problem.


What then to do about Jesus of Nazareth?
Miracle wonderman, hero of fools.


No riots, no army, no fighting, no slogans.


One thing I’ll say for him — Jesus is cool.


We dare not leave him to his own devices.
His half-witted fans will get out of control.


But how can we stop him?
His glamour increases
By leaps every moment; he’s top of the poll.


I see bad things arising.
The crowd crown him king; which the Romans would ban.
I see blood and destruction,
Our elimination because of one man.
Blood and destruction because of one man.

ALL (inside)

Because, because, because of one man.


Our elimination because of one man.

ALL (inside)

Because, because, because of one, ’cause of one, ’cause of one man.


What then to do about this Jesus-mania?


Now how to we deal with a carpenter king?


Where do we start with a man who is bigger
Than John was when John did his baptism thing?


Fools, you have no perception!
The stake we are gambling are frighteningly high!
We must crush him completely,
So like John before him, this Jesus must die.
For the sake of the nation, this Jesus must die.

ALL (inside)

Must die, must die, this Jesus must die.


So like John before him, this Jesus must die.

ALL (inside)

Must die, must die, this Jesus must, Jesus must, Jesus must die!

(Oh, I didn’t read who sings which parts.)

On an unrelated side note, Mother, a bit of advice for the future, pay attention to the glow in the dark font, and use your memory. May come in useful, oh and please don’t ask questions.

(yes, this is my primary mode of communication with her.)

Thanks for reading, sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.


Tedium sucks, money, and things…

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Good Evening.

It’s Sunday. I didn’t know that, I thought it was Saturday. I should probably pay more attention…

So I’m under orders from my mother to wake up early tomorrow to await a phone call from Personnel Plus to work at Clarke Rubicon. Yay! Tedious manual labour.

Now, I don’t mean to sound egotistical, self-righteous, pompous, arrogant, whatever, even if a lot of those are probably accurate… but I’m of moderate to above average intelligence. And tedious manual labour isn’t exactly mentally stimulating. If it were in a circumstance where I could think properly then it may be bearable, but the abundance of unnecessarily loud machinery prevents that. Now I understand the importance of employment, income, financial gain in this world. And I don’t expect some perfect high paying job to drop into my lap, I’ve never been that fortunate.

It’s times like these that I envy those lucky sods like Kathleen Elliot, Toby Turner, Cory Williams, Phillip DeFranco, Justine Ezarik that can, after several years struggling financially, can get by just doing something the enjoy like making videos for youtube.

But none of my hobbies would support that. Can’t make a living of playing games. Well, maybe if I could write about them… go to machinima or something… but I can’t do that.

This is a rather self-indulgent rant isn’t it? I think it’s main intent is to convey this message to my mother without having to actually talk to her…

Anyway, where was i?

Err… whatever… something more fun!

As you may know, I recently started a HND computing and systems development course at Stephenson College. As a result I qualify for Student finance. I recently received the first payment of that, totalling to just over £1,800. Combined with the meagre funds I already possessed that totalled to approximately £2,000. Now if I take out the cost of the games I’ve pre-ordered, paying board to my mother, and paying her back for my computer. along with things like a bag for college, a new Tobuscus shirt, and a few things I ordered myself. (Oh, and the £85 I spent on my parents this morning), that’s  £1,336.54 spent, assuming prices of pre-orders don’t change. So that’s £871.73 that I’ll have spent by now, assuming mother has cashed the cheque I gave her.

I did a great job at the ‘more fun’ didn’t i?

Hehe, Anthony Stewart Head in Sweeney Todd. Has an odd British accent. Close to the stereotype held by most americans. I think a lot of them got it from his performance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Good show that.

What’s on the current list then? Obviously things that I don’t have to pay for until after 19/01/2012 aren’t on this list.

  • Crysis 2 £19.99
  • Crysis – Maximum Edition             £12.41
  • Gears of War 2  £15.60
  • Gears of War – Classics Edition    £9.60
  • Dead Space 2     £12.50
  • Fallout 3 GotY    £12.50
  • Dead Space        £13.29
  • RAGE     £40.92
  • Bag & other things           £54.92
  • computer payment 1 & Board    £680.00
  • Parents birthday presents           £85.55
  • The Sims 3 Pets £26.93
  • Skyrim CE            £129.99
  • Skyrim PC            £29.92
  • Skyrim guide      £17.99
  • Assassins Creed Revelation Animus Edition          £68.99
  • Halo: CE Anniversary      £31.94
  • LotR WitN CE      £54.60
  • LotR WitN            £38.89

They’re in order paid for, for things after, or immediately before first payment… with current prices. I think I ended up paying £5 less for RAGE…

Okay, and I just spent about £40 on Kaspersky Internet Security for my new computer.

Can’t wait until January, because all my big payments, like the new computer, software, games, fall in the first payment. I’ll have much more that I’m not wasting on unnecessary shit. Although at that point I may be paying for my own driving lessons…

Anyway, enough serious thought for one day. It’s 23:48.

So, I have RAGE. Interesting game. It has a very nice introduction. Graphically it’s far better than I was expecting. Unfortunately, the start is a bit linear. I assume you get more freedom later. But animations are quite good, firearms, very weird styles… I think I’m going to need to play that a lot more to write something more substantial on the matter.

So, until then… which will be a while… thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Oh, and does anyone know how I can put .swf files of here without paying?

Informalities, paedophiles and please don’t say “inbox me”.

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Good Evening.

I just emailed Colin, and looking back at that email, realised I ended it with:

“-Love Willski.”

Err, I think that’s wrong… or at least highly informal…

Anyway, Quick question. Can you (you personally) make websites in HTML-ey-ness. All that <head></Head><p><br /> nonsense? Because I’m not very good at it. Okay, yes, I can remember it all, nothing wrong there, my memory can be quite good. But actually using it, I find tricky.

And there’s a bunch of people running around in circles over there…. Look like students from nearby primary school have been taken to a field to play with sheep. That’s weird… it’s like they’re putting on a show for paedophiles.

Come to this field, watch children running around in shorts! You can pretend you’re walking you dog.

Am I even allowed to post this now? I’d just like to say, I’m not supporting paedophilia, but a nearby primary school seems to. Not really. I think they’re too large to be primary school children…

Bleh, spent 5 minutes staring out the window at nothing, now my eyes wont focus. Not properly anyway, makes typing tricky… where was I?

Ahh yes, so writing stuff in HTML-ey-ness. As Kurt said last Wednesday, it’s the kind of thing you’d have expected to be covered by a level 3 computer based course. But the useful stuff, like this, isn’t covered by A-Level ICT.

Dogs are barking, does that mean parents are back? If they are I’m going to slap them for not leaving nice food for me to steal. Nope, just a large yellow van that pulled up then left again. Went to visit the dogs to stop them barking. They all stopped, stared at me, and then yawned, in unison.

So I’ve now stolen Doctor Who series one off Emski. I miss this intro and all the not-so-subtle references to bad wolf.

I want to hug a Dalek. Where can I find one? I fear I may get singed if I try… they tend to have energy weapons… and occasionally heat based shields…

Okay, that’s annoying. The credits have “Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston”. The characters called the Doctor.

How often do you see a facebook status, or similar, that says something like “I’ve changed my phone number, inbox me and I’ll send it to you.” Isn’t it a bit annoying? For starters, “inbox”. Well, both my phones have an SMS inbox. Also MMS or whatever that one is, along with several others. Then at present I monitor 3 of my email addresses, which if I remember correctly all can be set up with multiple inboxes. Then I have Sodahead, and a variety of forums with personal messaging systems, which have inboxes. Then of course, there’s facebooks messaging system. But with that you message someone, you don’t inbox them.


“You look a little dizzy”

“What about you, you’re not even in focus”

Where was I? The second thing, aah yes, so why use the term “inbox me”? You want them to send you an inbox? That’s the phrasing you’d normally use isn’t it? Same with ‘punch me’, or ‘feed me’. The message goes to the inbox, but people don’t say “external dermal layer of the lower abdomen me” or “stomach me” respectively.

I think that annoys me a little bit more than it should.

So where was i? aah yes, I was told by my ICT teacher at KE VII that they teach ICT as it’s far more useful then Computing. Well, ICT as it turns out, consists of using Microsoft Access, and some basic business (organization structure and all that.) with a teensy tiny bit of network structure thrown in there, and some passing references to hardware. We use monitors, but only if they’re as far away as possible, the top of the screens at eye level and they’re not flickering or reflecting, otherwise they violate The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.

Now I’m not sure, but I think being taught to write and understand basic HTML is more useful than being told not to put my head through a CRT monitor. That’s just common sense really.

YAY! Xbox website is working again. Not that I need to use it or anything… just nice to know I can if I want to.

I keep getting asked by my mother if I really want to do my college course, or whether I’m just doing it as a sort of last resort, I must do something. I think that little rant should be a bit of an indication. I’m happy to do this course, because it’s actually useful.  Don’t get me wrong, the ICT course, and the Science courses I did are useful to, but they were for the most part academic, lacking in a practical stuff. Judging from the course booklet thing, I’ll learn some actual practical knowledge, something useful. It’s much better. I think I’ll be happy doing it.

On that note, thanks for reading, have a good night. Well, morning now.


Love Willski.

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