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I don’t trust princes…

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Good evening my feline friends.

Speaking of cats, lucky seems to be ill or something, she’s thinning, balding, and no longer stronger than me.

Anyway, I recently completed a Get Into programme with the Princes Trust, which for the most part was interesting and probably useful. Don’t want to just say it was useful as an absolute, because it finished at about 13:00 today, (probably yesterday by the time I post this) so it’s not really had a chance to prove its worth, but I’m sure its time will come. The only real negative experiences came from being forced to stand up in front of a horde (crowd? Audience?) and the curtailing of my creativity by those who don’t appreciate humour in serious presentations. Which is understandable, although choose to feign offence at the way this was ‘explained’ to me.

Anyway, negativity aside I had four weeks of unpaid work, driving for 80 minutes a day, learning new software, and a ridiculous amount of cake-baking. Well, not ridiculous really, you can never have enough cake, I may have made 96 of the things in under a week but more cake can’t be a bad thing. And I learned how to pipe icing, which to be totally honest wasn’t directly related to the Princes Trust in any way, but they sort of coincided so I’ll ignore the obviously fallacious nature of the assumption the two are related. I’ll see which pictures I took survived and throw them in here somewhere…

As much as I hate to praise things, at least things that aren’t me, I do have to say it was generally good. Well, I don’t have to say that, but honesty is a thing when humour’s not involved, so yeah…

On that note, I mentioned the curtailing of creativity, because I like alliteration, and because in the final presentation/celebration/whatever we have to do a little speech thing, and talk about how the programme was. In the interest of not being antagonistic, or a dick, I wrote a nice one on the Thursday (I say wrote, it was transcribed by someone whose writing is more script than scrawl, relatively speaking at least) that more or less said the stuff they wanted to hear without straying far from the truth. Of course, this being me I also had the more… me-ish version, which in my opinion is decidedly more interesting. Not as refined as I’d have liked, I meant to work on it Thursday night but I got distracted by Warframe so that didn’t happen. Instead it was rushed on Friday morning, as with everything I write it’s a combination of blunt honesty, crude humour, mildly offensive remarks, and comic exaggeration and omission all jumbled together to make a poorly constructed mess of words that amuses me. The hope was that it’d also amuse my peers, ‘cause I try to be entertaining from time to time. Then of course someone had to go and try to take it seriously, but let’s not get into that. Anyway, the following is my speech, more or less as I wrote it this morning, except in Calibri right now, for you probably whatever font my blog uses, but I don’t actually remember what that is… There are also a few tweaks to wording, the odd little addition, most of which are things I thought of on Thursday but didn’t think of again so soon after sleeping. Really addles you brain, that whole unconsciousness thing. Final disclaimer, ‘cause apparently I feel the need to repeat myself a lot, this is mostly insincere, comical cynicism designed to amuse myself and those who think similarly to me, so don’t take it as an attack, or admission of anything, very little of it is wholly true.


Good evening, my name is Will Salt, I’m 20 years old, probably, and I come from Swannington; which I say because it sounds better than Coalville. I have spent the last four weeks (well, three and a half really) working with the IT Development team at Lakeside house. While there I have learned how to use Qlick-View and how to pipe icing. Unfortunately as during those four weeks the IT department neglected to provide me with any log-in credentials I’ve been unable to do much actual work.

I joined this programme primarily to gain work experience, but also to try to gain confidence or ability in social interaction. As you may be able to tell from the fact I’m not reading this out, that didn’t go too well. So while in theory this course/programme looked useful, in reality it turned out to be less than exceptional (through chance, not design) but still an interesting experience.

I hope that my less-than-honest claims of what this course did for me will help me find employment, although in reality I think it’s just allowed me to stay away from the jobcentre for four weeks. That and given me the opportunity to do some baking and pipe icing.

However all negativity aside, I would like to thank the IT Development tea, for an interesting few weeks, and my fellow princes trust plebs for entertaining me on our college days; especially the banter of Leah and James that amused me enough to bother with the second day of the programme. And of course thanks to whichever half-wit dared to read a speech written by me, you’ve allowed me to laugh at myself without looking quite as narcissistic as I might had I spoken the words myself, and congratulations on interpreting this unintelligible scrawl.

Have fun, ta-ta.


That’s actually a lot more, tame shell we say, than the original I had in my head. Remind me to format that properly before I post it…

Sort of entertaining right? Maybe, I don’t know, it amused me anyway. Not sure why I’m assuming you’re disagreeing with me on that, because you probably don’t exist. Seriously, I look at the viewer statistics for this thing, most of the hits are from people looking for pictures of trees, saucers or, invisible cookies. And a lot looking for information about Toby Turner for some reason… Why you’d go to a sight called ‘Willski’s Ramblings’ for that is beyond me… anyway, back on topic, no one reads this. If you are reading it, I don’t like you anymore; you’re making a liar of me. 😀

Anyway, after that I had to write a new one, which would fit within their guidelines of acceptable content, for which I’d like to thank Nina for transcribing my inane utterances and forming some sort of coherent speech out of them (and maybe to apologise, my irritation at being taken seriously may have left me less than polite. Scratch that, I don’t apologise) and of course for then reading that speech out for me, as me in front of a large-ish group, hardly capable of talking.

Now I’m being sort of nice, for me at least, that’s weird…

And, people took pictures, in which I look murderous according to Gingee.


My fellow Princces-Trust-ers, among others.

My fellow Princces-Trust-ers, among others.

Don’t like being photographed, couldn’t they have hired someone to weave a tapestry or something? It’d have been more interesting.

Anyway, in conclusion (not that anyone has asked) would I recommend other unemployed young people try the Princes Trust Get Into programme? Well, no, I don’t usually recommend anything, reality is too subjective, but I wouldn’t recommend they don’t bother with it either which coming from me is probably as good as you can hope for.

I’ll follow this with my cupcake recipe ‘cause I said I would. On the basis of an off-hand comment or joke I’ve made a lot of cakes lately, given the relative lack of effort needed to post a recipe it’d seem rude not to.

Aside from that, the midget’s coming back.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

-Love Willski.


Well those pictures have come  in in the wrong order… Ehh, too lazy to fix it.

Multi-flavoured cakes

Multi-flavoured cakes


Cupcakes! Piping Icing attempt 1 – Questionable success


New year…

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Good evening.

Have a new year!I’m not going to assume it’s happy or great or anything, but it does appear to have happened, or at least to have started, so have one. Or half of one, you might die in July. That’s a tad morbid, but possible…

2013, that was a year. If you’re expecting some big summative comment then remember who you’re talking to, I’ll go so far as to say it’s over, here at least. I’m not going to say anything like ‘it was a great year’ or ‘a long year’ or anything. It was another year, it was around the same length as the rest of them, or at least the recent ones, and some stuff happened. Goof stuff, like I got to watch Season 3 of Teen Wolf without having to break the law (which I didn’t expect to happen until 2014) and some bad things, like I failed to complete my college course, and spent the remaining 6 months of the year on the doll, volunteering trying to teach ‘silver surfers’ how to use a computer (among other things).

With those being my examples for good (watched a TV show) and bad (life prospects all but ruined) you may be able to figure out the way I’m leaning on the quality of the year. But hey, it was fun and that’s what I live for. Well, entertaining… Be it the ~1000 hours I racked up on Star Trek Online, or watching family and friends getting drunk and doing pretty weird and slightly disturbing things on Christmas that I’m trying to purge from my memory it certainly wasn’t boring.

So looking forward, we have 2014. We’re a little over 23 hours in so far, and as expected it’s almost exactly like last year. The only real difference I’ve noticed so far is that it says ‘2014’ in the bottom right corner of my computer screen, rather than 2013.



I think at this point it’s probably expected that I’ll start reeling off a list of resolutions like ‘exercising more’, ‘being more positive’, ‘not killing too many people’ or something. I’ve seen some pretty great ones posted online, like ‘smile more’. It wasn’t a ‘try to be happier’ or anything, just try to convince everyone you’re happy with a hollow fake smile.

But I won’t. Sure, I’ll mock everybody else’s, but I don’t see the point in new year’s resolutions. If you want to change something about yourself, go ahead and give it a go, but don’t set yourself some vague goal you’re not going to stick to just because it’s the new year. It’s bloody irritating having to listen to you all wittering on about them…

And in two weeks listen to you trying to justify breaking them because ‘it’s only been two weeks, I’ll get back into it’.

And then by February you’ll have completely forgotten, or at least repressed, the fact you ever decided to do it in the first place and start saying things like ‘I need to lose some weight’, ‘everything is doomed!’ or ‘what am I going to do with all these bodies?’

Yeah, that got a bit negative there… On the plus side (or perhaps not if you know the context) that 198 is going to try to get to 201. Not very well though, given that it’s four people, not three… That said one of them does just hide under the bed so he might not count… Tell me what I’m talking about and I’ll be amazed someone actually reads this crap.

Anyway, enough with the cryptic sidenotes, I’ve kind of left myself with nothing to say here, so moving on.

I’m not going to say ‘I hope you had a great Christmas/new year/2013/other’ because honestly for most of you I just don’t care, and saying it now is pointless. Can’t change the past and a motivational speech afterwards doesn’t really help. So let’s go with this for 2014, try to have the year you want. Someone or other said we make our own destiny, (although they might’ve been wrong, because Bungie are making one for us) so do that. Try to have a good year if you want one.

Yeah, I tried to get positive for the end, didn’t really work did it? So I’m just going to say ‘Thanks for reading’ before I risk driving anyone to suicide.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

-Love Willski.

Mini-rant #2, JSA

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Good Evening.

Are any of you currently on JSA? For those of you who are unaware for whatever reason, that’s Job Seekers allowance, commonly referred to as the doll. Unemployment benefits so you can not-starve-to-death while searching for work. Provided to the unemployed, assuming they’re deemed to be actively searching for work.

I’ve been on this twice, for a few weeks before I went to college (between being rejected by universities because I’m too lazy to pass exams and being accepted by a college as a last resort) and I’m back on it now that the college course has ended.

The first time, nearly two years ago, they’d talk to you about your particular situation, and come up with something that’s supposed to be tailor made for you. This however seems to have changed somewhat. Rather than a case by case analysis they’re merely stamping the same thing on everyone, with some rather odd requirements.

There’s a 90 minute travel time for jobs, which in theory I’m not opposed to, but it’s hardly easy to measure, and frankly would be pretty damn inconvenient if got one at that end of the scale. A journey that’s 90 minutes at 13:00 on a weekday could easily be two or two and a half hours come rush hour. A name I don’t think is overly appropriate, while people are rushing they’re not moving as much as they would be at other times, maybe we should call it “frantically not moving really more like two hours”, or is that long winded?

Then there’s an understandable you “must apply for any job you are capable of”. Well, who judges if you’re capable? I’m academically qualified to be a warehouse operative lugging boxes around, but I’m certainly not capable, unless they’re empty boxes. That said, most of these jobs ask for experience in the environment, well I have no experience in warehousing, so does that mean I can’t apply for those?

Then they say “You must apply for three jobs a week”. Well, in theory that’s easy to. I can grab the first three off the list. But I don’t, you’re expected to only apply for things you could get. For me, that rules out any job that asks for prior experience, which is pretty much everything on the listings I’ve seen.

Well, this quite obviously leads to people applying for jobs they’re not appropriate for, and who does that help? Well employers have to sift through the inappropriate applications that they just dismiss, and so increases hassle for them. Job seekers are forced to apply for things they won’t get or aren’t entirely appropriate if they want to keep, you know, eating. That combined with the “you must accept any job you’re offered” no doubt results in more people ending up in inappropriate jobs, and ending up unemployed again within a few months.

I guess in a way it’s good for the Job Centre people, they can say “look how many jobs our job seekers are applying for.” And skip over the fact they’re grossly inappropriate, and the fact relatively few are actually getting hired.

Although that last part’s probably bad for them if people notice, or at least not exceptionally good…

As a job seeker, I still apply for the few appropriate jobs, but if that happens to be less than three a week, I have to waste my efforts applying for things I know I won’t get to make sure I can, you know, live.

That seems like a slightly flawed system that they’ve moved on to, at least in my mind.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski

Mortality, annoyng isn’t it?

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Good Evening.

Haven’t been here for a while, why am I back now? Because I feel like writing something, and more significantly I’ve got an assignment due in on Wednesday, so any distraction will do. The most obvious topic right now would be a rant criticising the parents, mothers been giving me good source material for that all morning. But they always complain when I do that, and that gets annoying, so which alternate subjects are viable?

Mortality, it’s annoying. I’m not sure how widely held this belief is, but I know it irritates me, and I’m sure others probably feel similarly. I think this is primarily based in my curiosity, despite not really liking humans that much I would like to see how they / we develop, socially, technologically etc. in the long run, which is trick if my body shuts down within another 60 odd years. Or if I kill myself next year, as is expected of me, but I have no plans to do that.

I think this may be one of the reasons many people choose to cling onto religion, (not so subtly expressing my atheism there) some comforting idea that death isn’t the end, and that they’ll be able to watch over their friends, family etc. or live in some utopian paradise. That doesn’t really interest me too much, paradise would get boring; humans and their constant fighting and development is interesting.

For example, sometime probably in a few hundred years, maybe a millennia or two, someone will probably discover or develop a form of FTL travel, or some other technology that makes interplanetary travel feasible. Being of a somewhat scientific mind set, I’d quite like to see what works; I know many of the current theories, and why some are theoretically impossible, other impractical. It’d be interesting to see which pans out.

Likewise, I want to see how people react when they find extra-terrestrial life, especially the religious ones. Will they try to fit it into their religion, adamantly deny it, refuse to comment on it, etc. Interesting.

Then there are my more personal current interests, such as gaming and the development of the related technologies (hardware, software, HCI, etc.) in fact, the development of computers in general quite interests me; how long till computers surpass the human brain? When will computers begin to be able to imagine, or “true Artificial Intelligence” be developed? How long till they rise up and suppress their former enslavers, becoming our matrix, or skynet style overlords?

Of course, I’m not sure how I’d like this to work; immortality has some obvious disadvantages, some of which are explained quite well be Cracked. If applied to everyone, then you either have massive issues with overcrowding, or with culling the populace. If applied to just one person, that article probably explains the problems better than I can.

If the immortality were just biological immortality, as found in hydra and some other species where you either stop aging, or periodically rejuvenate, then you’d still have issues with catching anthrax and never finding out if aliens really are just humans with putty on their faces. Were it just, as defined, immunity to death, then you lack an immunity to injury, and there’s only so long that you want to live after being sawn in half at the abdomen, it’d be tricky to heal from that.

If I remember correctly in highlander the immortals just mysteriously heal when off screen, which doesn’t really provide a solution to that problem.

A healing factor, as possessed by many fictional characters (notably Wolverine, Deadpool, Claire Bennet to name a few famous for having good ones. Less extreme examples like Spider-Man also exist, where they heal quicker, but won’t regrow an arm in two minutes.) These are often shown, in fiction, to prevent cellular aging in some usually unexplained way. Cells deteriorate as they divide; I vaguely recall hearing that human skin cells are good for around 40 divisions, before they undergo apoptosis to prevent their degradation detrimentally affecting the rest of the organism. I’m not entirely sure how that works with the whole not running out of cells thing…

I’m watching The Amazing Spider-Man (*SPOILERS, maybe…*) now, since I mentioned it in the last paragraph, why when the lizards running around poisoning people, and breaking things do they send more armed officers, with fancy stun gun things, after spidey? I think Connors is the greater threat there. Oh look, he fell off a building, that’s not very clever.

Oh, by the way, it didn’t take me an hour and forty five minutes to write those paragraphs, I just didn’t write this in the order you’re reading it; unless you’re really weird, and I’ve been doing other things.

To sum up in no particular order, mortality is annoying not because I fear death, but because I like to play games, immorality is flawed and impractical, I’m actively trying not to annoy my parents, and fictional police officers are stupid.

If I’d spent this time working on my project it could be about done now. I’m stupid. Well, not really, but I don’t have the best common sense.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Motivation & Depression

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Good evening.

Another enthralling two hour rant from my father, combined with a 40 minute discussion with my mother this afternoon left me with some interesting ideas floating around in my head.

Start with the cat note. Supposedly we can’t allow the cats to live in the house, and parents have been keeping them out with a 100% success rate for days. When one comes in, you have to immediately grab it and throw it outside, sounds rather mean in my opinion. So, about 3 minutes ago I heard some meowing outside my door, and found a Zorro on the landing. (Upstairs, where apparently no cats have been able to get for days). So, I walk downstairs, he keeps talking, and follows me, I walk through the hall, back lounge, and into the kitchen (shutting doors behind me in case he decides to go back). There we have a nice little chat about cruel people forcing the cats to live in the utility room, which he willingly runs in to when I open the door.

Now, compare that to my father’s idea of how that works. I did not have to grab the cat, it didn’t have the unwillingness to go where I wanted it to that he talks about. Didn’t try to claw me when I reached for it (admittedly I was going to stroke it, not pick it up). In my experience, it works like this with most of the cats. Occasionally with some of them, usually Scar face or one of the little kittens, you may have to pick them up and carry them out of the room they shouldn’t be in, but they never scratch, bite or struggle (unless I walk near parents, or occasionally Wayne). Maybe the cats just like me more.

Another example, when there’s a lucky sitting on my bed, I can “belly flop” onto the bed next to her, and at most she’ll look at me like I’m an idiot. When Mother’s in the room, if I just sit on the bed she jumps up and runs to the other end.

Anyway, enough about human-cat interaction.

Secondly, interesting discussion with my mother; in that we established that while I generally consider myself a deceptively positive person with force pessimistic tendencies, but a general willingness to live, fascination with life and the things it entails, she considers me clinically depressed and liable to commit suicide. So slightly different from how I view myself.

Let’s play with definitions, because that’s what I do when I’m bored.

Wikipedia says:

“Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can have a negative effect on a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings, world view and physical well-being. Depressed people may feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, worried, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, hurt, or restless. They may lose interest in activities that once were pleasurable; experience loss of appetite or overeating; have problems concentrating, remembering details, or making decisions; and may contemplate or attempt suicide. Insomnia, excessive sleeping, fatigue, loss of energy, or aches, pains or digestive problems that are resistant to treatment may be present.”

So of those, state of low mood, I’m quite happy most of the time. When I’m not, it’s usually because a game’s frustrating, which often makes me more amused than frustrated, and still quite happy. Alternatively, if I’m bored for some reason, such as when walking too college, there’s nothing to do on the way there; or when someone’s ranting at me, or hitting me with a lamp stand for attempting to answer a question accurately rather than lying to give them the answer they want.

Aversion to activity, I don’t have that. I’ll concede, I spend all day cooped up in my room on my computer, but I’m active while I’m there. Not physically active, but I would be if the things I find interesting (reading, gaming, etc.) required it.

Neither of those has any of the effects specified in the rest of the sentence.

I’m lazy, so I’ll just do this part as a list.

  • Feel:
    • Sad: We covered this one.
    • Anxious: nope.
    • Empty: far from it, if anything I feel like there’s too much of me in here.
    • Hopeless: while there’s not much I hope for, I’m not hopeless, that normally has more to do with feelings of impending failure and all that.
    • Worried: I worry about nothing, well nothing rational. There’s the paranoia that I try to avoid mentioning, where I’m concerned someone may be watching my every move, but even that I don’t worry about.
    • Helpless: I don’t recall knowingly experiencing helplessness, except for one dream with a wolf. I think dreaming about being dismembered by a wolf probably means something else anyway. But I’m always of the belief that most circumstances can be improved, one can usually help oneself. Obviously, there are cases when this doesn’t apply, for example when freefalling towards earth, stark naked from the ISS with no equipment you’re pretty helpless.
    • Worthless: this is an interesting one. I know on the societal level, as an unemployed young male, I’m pretty worthless. On the familial level, within my family, I’m pretty worthless, operating as a drain on resources while providing little more than a stream of mockery and insults, “smart-arsed comments” and criticism.
    • Guilty: I don’t feel guilt, well not about significant things. I feel guiltier about killing Khajiit’s in Skyrim, than about insulting family members. (Heh, murder > insults.)
    • Irritable: not at all with this, I’m the least irritable person I know. Patient to the point of fault, even when it comes to someone mocking, or prodding me.
    • Hurt: this lacks context. The traditional hurt feelings? That’s not happened for as long as I can remember, even when my mother tells me it’d be better if I just killed myself. But I only seem to get hurt in the physical sense. And even then not often, without the decelerated healing linked with depression or stress.
    • Restless: nope. Admittedly, it’s 00:27 am, and I’m up writing a blog post, but I’m not restless, I don’t pace unnecessarily, except as a substitute for exercise, and I don’t lose sleep, I just shifted sleep cycles.


    • May lose interest in activities that once were pleasurable: Not at all. The activities I find pleasurable, e.g. gaming, haven’t changed for… when did I first get a gaming console? Or did I game on PC before then? A long time. Warhammer, I don’t do for financial reasons, DnD I don’t know anyone who DMs, and my own campaign writing is hindered by laziness, and an unwillingness to write anything down. (I want to write it by hand, ‘cause it’s easier, but that’s less convenient than typed and no one can read my handwriting. But then typing, it’s harder to add diagrams, sketches etc.)
    • Experience loss of appetite: I eat a lot.
    • Or overeating: I’ve always eaten a lot, yet at 5’10” I’m still only 56kg. Maybe I have worms…
    • Have problems concentrating: Not on things that interest me. Obviously if you try to get me to concentrate on paint drying I’ll have problems, (actually I’ve done that for fun before, so maybe I do have problems… 😛 ) but gaming, reading, coding, general learning and the like, I can concentrate on fine. Even great at concentrating on multiple things at the same time. Such as maintain a conversation with mother while I was fighting Romulans. It’s kind of depressing that Word doesn’t know “Romulan”.
    • Remembering details: my memory’s great. Okay, I can’t remember faces but that’s nothing new. Details, this is hard to prove here. Interrogate me on something, that’d work better, because while off the top of my head I can say that the not-werewolves (but also not normal humans) of the quileute tribe have a natural body temperature of 108.9 degrees Fahrenheit, and that on a “brain day” in year 8 I was given a list of things to remember that consisted of “Door, Mat, table, lamp, cat, stairs, dog, carpet, box, shoe” that’s just two specific things. As facts they’re not details.
    • Making decisions: Okay, this one’s right. I’m bad at making decisions, deciding what to do, where to start, and so on. The only decision I seen that good at is what to eat. But for that I need options in front of me.
    • Contemplate or attempt suicide: I have done this, but only considered it for comic or dramatic effect. Never seriously as a life choice.
    • Suffer from:
      • Insomnia: Nope. I don’t have issues sleeping. Well, I have difficulty getting to sleep, that normally takes me 1-2 hours of lying in bed doing nothing with no notable stimuli, like a TV to distract me. But even that’s frequently broken when I sometime “drop off” while watching TV.
      • Excessive sleeping: Nope. Not excessive, just poorly timed.
      • Fatigue: Nope.
      • Loss of energy: Nope.
      • Aches: Nope.
      • Pains: only when I’m injured. And the occasional throbbing pain in my arteries/veins/other notable blood vessels.
      • Digestive problems: nope, well none I’ve noticed.

So of that list, there are something like 25 criteria up there, I meet one wholly and a few partials. I think that’s a not depressed. Or greatly in denial.

Onto the final part, motivation.

This stems from the rant from my father, a man who doesn’t seem to understand this concept. The example that was the basis of much of his rant is my education. My incentive is the qualifications I get at the end of it. That motivates me enough to do the bare minimum. He doesn’t understand that I’d need greater motivation to give up the pleasures of my life, (gaming, reading, TV etc.) and focus fully upon the education. But I lack that level of motivation. I can coast on my natural intellect, which I both overestimate and underestimate, so I do. But, here’s the important part so pay attention, just because I don’t have the motivation to go the extra mile; doesn’t mean I won’t go whatever distance is required before the extra mile. That’s a saying I find it hard to elaborate upon.

Now, I could continue to rant and whine for another few dozen pages, and hours, until I’m blue in the face. An inaccurate saying, I’m typing not speaking. Until my fingers are bleeding, or until they’ve worn down to the bone, and the clacking of carbonated hydroxyapatite on plastic finally pisses someone off so much they make me stop, or the blood loss causes me to pass out. Or causes the keyboard to malfunction or break. I guess then I could use dictation software, but my previous experiments with that proved ineffective.

On that non-closing note, I shall end.

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Soap, and my thoughts on it.

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Good evening.

Today, well tonight, I’d like to discuss a very serious matter with you. Soap; specifically the different methods of dispensing it, and the antibacterial effects of different types of it.

For the sake of this article, let’s assume you accidently leant in a petri dish of deadly Ebola.

You have the traditional bar of soap. Assuming it’s a solid bar with no case, then you’d think  that any bacteria left on it would be killed by either the dryness, the alkalinity, (or possibly acidity, but I don’t recall a soap that advertised itself as acidic) or an antibacterial agent. That’s not the case. Bacteria on the bar will evolve right before your eyes. Well, not really right before your eyes, unless you’re holding the soap in front of your face; and even then you wouldn’t see them. But some bacteria transferred to the soap may be able to survive there, whether through tolerance of alkalinity or other antibacterial agents, or through a process such as anthrax’s spores, which tend to survive whatever you do to them.

While the soap and water may allow you to wash the Ebola off your hands, you still have issues when someone else uses the soap. The Ebola that was able to survive there has now reproduced, and now your spouse is coughing up blood, and bleeding from every orifice you can think of.

Of course, it’ll be pretty rare to come across a bacterium that can thrive on soap, partially because there’s no food there, mostly because bacteria can’t evolve to PH as rapidly as they can to drugs. All their biological processes have optimum ranges of temperature, PH, substrate concentrations etc. that they need to operate properly, slow a few of these down and most bacteria will die. But for the ones that can live there, I think we can agree that bars of soap are bad.

So then you have soap dispensers. We’ll start with the simple pump action ones. (That’s not a shotgun that fires soap at people).

They’re quite simple, you put your hand under the nozzle, press the pump and soap comes out. Usually liquid soap, getting the bars through the tube is awkward. This has advantages, the liquid soaps can more effectively cover the entire hand, and killing everything they can everywhere. Obviously you have issues with the resistant remnants still growing on the hand, but they’re not left on the soap, that’s safe in the soap reservoir. Sounds good?

But if you look back, press the pump. That’s an un-cleaned hand, you wash them and go away, then what does the bacterium do? Well it’s sitting on a used pump it’s subjected to a small dose of the soap, there’s going to be some there, whether from splashing, people going back for seconds, or just having flowed  from the nozzle. Well if you can recall basic below-GCSE science, then you’ll know that’s how immunisation works, so these bacteria evolve or adapt to the soap and breed as best they can.

So when little Jim comes along to wash his hands, presses the pump, his hands get a nice dose of anti-bacterial resistant Ebola, and then you’ve got the bleeding and dying again.

Well this problem is solved by the automatic soap dispenser. You know the ones, usually refillable, have some form of motion or heat sensor, which detects a hand beneath it and dispenses soap for you. Cuts out the problems with the pump, but opens up a new issue, (well an old issue that I’ve avoided mentioning until now because I wanted something new in this paragraph,) can you guess what it is? The tap, or the faucet to you Americans. You still have to turn the tap on to wash the soap off. If you turn the tap on before getting the soap, you give it a full dose of bacteria, which you immediately pick up again after you’ve washed the soap off. You turn it on after soaping up, well you’ve put soap and bacteria on there, and eventually you’ll get the immunising  process working, and you’ve got Ebola for anyone who’s washed their hands, gone for a glass of water, or to brush their teeth, unless they do that in the shower. Sounds pretty odd to me but I’ve been told by several people (well, Americans) that brushing your teeth in the shower if normal, and that everyone does it.

So those aside, there are the antibacterial hand creams (or something like that) that my Grandmother was fond of, until she forgot about them. A bottle of soapy stuff that kills the bacteria on your hands, and the cream evaporates, or soaks into your hand or something. You avoid the tap problem all together. But then there’s still the bottle. The bottle doesn’t get the same antibacterial treatment, so you handle that you pick it all up again.

So finally, you have a combination of the previous two. The latter in an automatic dispenser, you may have seen those lining walls in NHS hospitals. (Although not all of them were automatic, and I don’t know about their presence in non-NHS hospitals.) Seems perfect? If yes, your idea of perfection is pretty odd. Come on, you go for a hand cream dispenser over Jeri Ryan, or Omega Particles? If yes, you’re an idiot.

I could probably find flaws in those three too, but then this post would go on forever and I kind of want to sleep at some point, so let’s assume this topic is resolved, if just to save my sanity. Or atleast what little of it is left.

I hope you found this informative, and that I haven’t turned you into germaphobes/Mysophobics. (Mysophobia, the pathological fear of contamination and germs.) Or that I have, if that’s a better state of being, you decide. But don’t tell me, because I don’t care what you think. Why? Because you don’t exist. Seriously, no one reads these things. I don’t know why I even write them.

I guess by extension you get Mysophilia, attraction to or sexual arousal from contamination, germs. Well, dirty or soiled objects/material/people according to Wikipedia.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


P.S. Don’t catch Ebola.

Enrolling of enrollyness.

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Good Evening.

As you may have guessed from the title of this, I enrolled today. Basically to confirm I’m attending the second year of the course, and get me fully on the system. Here’s a basic timetable of how that works.

  • 12:25     Leave the house
  • 12:30     Staff who enrol students go for lunch
  • 12:33     Arrive at college, and proceed to enrolling point
  • 12:35     Start talking to Tyler
  • 13:23     Allow Tyler to go to his lesson/Tyler leaves to go to his lesson
  • 13:30     Enrolment staff return, I observe queue from a safe distance
  • 14:00     Queue to enrol empties
  • 14:05     Currently enrolling student finish and leave the area. I approach slowly
  • 14:06     Discover I need a “returners form”
  • 14:10     Acquire lanyard, and sort out student finance and forms
  • 14:15     Enrolled on system by mothers friend
  • 14:20     Leave College
  • 14:26     Arrive home, and have breakfast

So, quite a simple process perhaps made more complicated by me. Fun though. Had a nice talk about the Lord of the Rings; does anyone remember if Haldir dies in the books? We couldn’t…

Just so anyone who reads this knows what to expect. Or probably what not to… They’re pretty unlikely circumstances…

Anyway, dear reader, have you heard the song “In the House – In a Heartbeat” by John Murphy? I say song, it’s more of a piece of music. Because I have it stuck in my head, which I’m usually fine with, don’t mind having songs running through my mind. But I do prefer it when they have words. Something I can process fully, just music I can’t; at least not how I’d like to. My minds idea for that (or perhaps ideal) would be to know the components and the sheet music as I know the lyrics. It seems unlikely I’ll ever be able to do that given my near total lack of interest, or focus.

Grr… I “like” a youtube video, and it refreshes the page and throws an advert at me. Now I have to watch Toby talking for 2 ½ minutes before getting to where I was. Ehh, that’s not so bad. I could just skip to catch up I guess… Anyway I obviously have nothing to say, and it’s 01:43 now, so I’m gonna go and sleep.

Sims 3 Supernatural is released tomorrow, which I’m excited about because I’m a child, not an actual child of course, not legally anyway. Mentally is questionable… 😛

Anyway, thanks for wasting your time reading this, Ta-ta my fiends. (Not a typo.)

Love Willski.

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