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Bloody Mucous?

Posted in thoughts on 30/03/2012 by willsalt

Good evening.

Just a quick post because I don’t have access to social networking sites here.

I just sneezed, and was wondering if anyone can tell me why there’s blood in my mucous…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


Nietzscheans, cheap as… Faecal matter…

Posted in amazon, HND Computing and Systems Development, Rants, Stephenson's College, thoughts on 30/03/2012 by willsalt

Good Evening.

Or more accurately for the common man, or woman, common person. By that I don’t mean “commoner”, just the “normal people”, Good morning. I say that because it’s in most peoples opinions this is very nice weather. Personally I find the lack of total cloud cover distressing.

Of course, this lovely weather has the wonderful effect of causing droughts. These however being British droughts which mean in a few weeks some parts of England may face a dreaded hose pipe ban!

They were talking about that on BBC Breakfast this morning, they had an expert talking about what we’d need to recover from this drought (of about 12 months) we’d need “above average rainfall”. Well, that’s certainly very clear.

I’ve been talking to a panda. He is of the opinion there’s a certain price point after which the quality of a product doesn’t matter. For example, Coffee for £3. At which point it can be composed entirely of faeces, but that’s fine because it’s expensive. Of course varies by product, for example a keyboard under £3 is “composed of shit”. Personally I think that analysis should be made by product, it’s probably some sort of plastic.

On a positive note, the Kindle touch (and Kindle touch 3G) are now available in the UK. And with their hefty price of £109, or £169 they’ll be composed entirely of faeces. Well, probably various plastics and metals… but that doesn’t tie into a previous topic.

You may remember a few months ago I had a fun rant about the price of the Kindle. Well, you’ll be thrilled to know that’s not going to happen again. Because I’m too lazy to check the price on Amazon.Com.

The naming is a bit weird though. The Kindle fire is the full tablet, an improvement upon the kindle. Well, logically an improvement upon kindling would be matches.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been doing my usual eavesdropping on random nearby conversations and have come to the conclusion that either the rest of the world is obsessed with Nietzscheans, alternatively and significantly more likely my mind is attempting to interpret sounds it can’t hear properly, and reconstructing them with words that are on my mind. Although even with me watching Andromeda recently (Season 5 is very disappointing for those of you further behind on Science Fiction then me) I don’t understand the abundance of Nietzscheans, it’s not exactly a common word, nor are its components.

So it’d appear I just have Nietzscheans on my mind.

Okay, in college again, it’s 11:34, in cluster 5, zone 3, or Cluster 5 C3 if I go by the signs, no one seems quite sure… anyway, I’m being used as a buffer to keep Adam away from kurt, it’s uncommon to feel useful, but I’d prefer a task that’s both more interesting, and preferably more difficult. Not that I don’t mind just sitting here blocking communication,

On a relatively unrelated side note, on the 16th of April I get my next student finance payment. Once again a moderate portion goes to my mother for the pleasure of living with her. Then I have to reserve some for driving lessons, and other important things. I’ve been contemplating what to do with the remainder. I doubt my tendency towards impulse buying would allow me to intentionally save it as much as I’d like to, especially with the amount of things I want to buy. Ranging from the unimportant Star Trek Online Lifetime gold thing, to the significantly more important Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager DVDs. Okay, none of those are important.

What more useful things could I dispose of my money on to prevent me wasting it?

Hehe, and now it’s Friday. I’m at college, it’ s 09:19. I woke up at 09:01, and left the house at about 09:08 and got here, to TR5.1 at Stephenson’s college, at 09:14:51 with 9 seconds spare.

Reminded by Sabbah, today is the last day of term, so I might as well write here that my next driving lesson is at 12:15, I’ve got it somewhere. I forgot then the one yesterday started, I just knew it started some time between 10:00 and 12:00…

Anyway, that probably doesn’t interest you, nor does anything else I’ve written here.

Well, He’s setting us an assignment now, and I’m finding it very difficult to listen. My brain seems more inclined to recite Cursed be Iron.

And now I’m scaring Linder by discussing how she could get away with killing the second years….

On that note, I shall bid you farewell and get on with my work.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Good Evening. (Not the first post here to have that name.)

Posted in Friendlings, Gary, HND Computing and Systems Development, Lee, Mass Effect 3, Rants, reminiscing, Stephenson's College, thoughts, XBOX 360 on 28/03/2012 by willsalt

(This is quite old by the time I actually got round to posting it. I also can’t remember what it says, and I’m too lazy to do my final read-through and remove all that shit I probably shouldn’t have written – or at least shouldn’t post.)

Good evening.

I keep getting criticised for not posting anything here. Mostly by a panda who now seems to feature in just about every one of my posts…

Personally I think it’s because I have nothing to say, and I’d rather not post anything then something no ones going to read. Not that anyone actually comes here to read what I have to say, it’s all people searching for Salad Plates, or information on Toby Turner. That’ll teach me to mention youtubers, or crockery.

I suppose to appease those looking for the latter; I could add another page to that effect, but not now. I have other things to do right now. I’m in an incredibly loud and crowded cluster, where I should be working on an assignment for Colin, instead I’m writing this.

Out of a desire not to come across as a whiny teenager, I shall avoid mentioning the events of yesterday, but that doesn’t really leave me with much to talk about. Basically just Mass effect 3, as that’s the only other thing I’ve done since Friday. (Aside from sleeping and eating.) Healthy diet I guess, yesterday for tea, dinner? I don’t know, main meal of the day in the evening. What would you call it? But for whatever it’s called I had meat. Beef to be precise. The alternative was beef and mashed potatoes., or beef and bread. Both of which I find about as appealing as beef and tiramisu, that popular dish we’re all so fond of.

Is it clear I had nothing to say yet? Looking back I think my most interesting post was an interview with a Leeski, I guess I could try more interviews. Who’d be available, a panda? He’s not exactly interesting, but then neither is Leeski.

Prompted by a conversation with the aforementioned panda, staggered releases. Different context though. The example I shall start with is Mass Effect 3. In North America, released on 06/03/2012, (Well, 03/06/2012 because they don’t know how to write the date,) In Europe it was 09/03/2012. Why the 3 day difference? I’d understand a delay to Japan, or even mainland Europe if they had to provide alternate audio to none-English speaking countries. But Bioware in a way were nice. Last year with The Lord of the Rings, War in the north. US release date was 01/11/2012 (11/01/2012 for you Americans), European release was 03/11/2012 iirc, UK release wasn’t until the 25th. (or 21st, I don’t remember…) But that’s an – so far as I’m aware – unexplained delay of 20 days over when it could have been released.

Now, were I an imbecile, I may theorise that the reason is just to annoy customers, fortunately, I’m not infected, nor am I a rodent. My guess would be some sort of legal thing, giving a copyright time to be processed, or something. But no evidence given that’s the case.

I guess it’s not as bad as quite a few Nintendo games that are Japan-exclusive, and there were things like battlefield 3 where – according to my brother – all none-American buyers got free upgrades, and bonus content that was unavailable in America. But way round is far less common (mostly due to the number of games produced in the locations).

Seems illogical from a marketing viewpoint. Just annoys us people who have to wait longer. I ended up ignoring all social networking from the sixth until the tenth (My ME3 got here a day late) to make sure I didn’t get any spoilers. Wasn’t helped by Gingee who seemed to want to read everything he could find out about the game, and then tell everyone in sight. Mildly annoying, GLaD I didn’t have to be near him…

I did a great job at not sounding like a whiney teenager didn’t I?

And now Microsoft word wants to change that to: “I did a great job at not sounding like a whiney teenager didn’t me?”

I may be wrong, but I think that’s not right. That made sense…

Okay, that was written on Friday the16th o something, is that right? Was that a Friday? Not sure… a Friday near the 16th anyway. It’s Wednesday the 21st now. I didn’t post this, because I had it on my memory stick that I never used at home… Well, not never; just not since Friday. Similar concepts… Eternity, and Friday at college.

Since then, I’ve played Mass Effect 3, Star Trek Online, and that’s about it I’m writing this while trying to think of an appropriate method of educating users on how to use a system that requires them to tick a few appropriate boxes, and click a button or two. How can I do that without being patronising? Am I concerned with that? Not really. That makes it simpler. How about starting it with:

“If you need this guide you’re an ******* idiot (something less polite perhaps?). Never the less, I shall endeavour to assist you in your incompetence, although is ticking boxes clearly labelled with text and pictures is beyond you, I imagine you’ll also be incapable of reading, or at least understanding this.”

Or would that be bad?

Ben blew up the microwave.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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