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briefness of content-less-ness

Posted in thoughts on 30/08/2011 by willsalt


So, I have to go to the dentist, well… a dentist, there’s more than one…

Anyway, dentist in an hour and a half. So I’m having milk and cookies for breakfast.

Now it’s just over 13 hours later…


Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


tWotW, Triffids, Fish and Catboy, applications, and dentists tomorrow.

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Good Evening.

At present I am writing a personal statement for my Stephenson’s college application, mentally picking things to change for a more generic one for CV, while watching Jeff Waynes musical version of the War of the Worlds 30th Anniversary Alive on Stage.

This is fun.

The acting seemed better when I saw it… the artilleryman seems to overact far too much.

The summers sun is fading as the year grows old

And darker days are drawing near…

Hehe, Forever Autumn. Good song.

So, Wednesday, the day after tomorrow, I have a driving lesson at 13:30 I think… and an interview at Stephenson’s college at 10:30, assuming I return that slip thing.

Disadvantage of so many cats, Rosie and Hide don’t seem to like each other…

Farewell Thunderchild.

Now Darkness has descended upon our land
And all your payers cannot save us
Like fools we’ve let the devil take command
of the souls that god gave us
To the altar of evil like lambs to the slaughter we’re lead
When the demons arrive, the survivors will envy the dead

Did I get that right? I’m not good at typing at the same speed as people speak, or sing in this case…

There’s a curse upon mankind
we may as well all be resigned
to let the devil
the devil take the spirit of man.

I’m trying to think of positive, and appropriate, things to write about myself…

Hehe, thinking to myself: “I know fish and Catboy”. Fish and Catboy, that sounds like the wors crime fighting Duo ever…

Take a look around you
at the world we’ve come to know
does it seem to be much more
then a crazy circus show
but maybe from the madness
something beautiful will grow
in a brave new world
With just a handful of men
we’ll start all over again
all over again
all over again
all over again
all over again

That parts a bit repetitive isn’t it…

Now our domination of the earth is fading fast
and out of the confusion the chance has come at last
to build a better future from the ashes of the past
in a brave new world
with just a handful of men
we’ll start all over again

I think I’ll stop writing bit of that out…

Just think of all the poverty, the hatred and the lies.
And imagine the destruction of all that you despise.
Slowly from the ashes the phoenix will arise,
in a brave new world, with just a handful of men,
We’ll start all over again.

Hehe, okay, I said I wouldn’t, but that parts very good.

The variation between war of the worldses is entertaining.

In most of the better ones they attack the social/economic/cultural/whatever heart of the world, England. Then in the odd ones, like the one with Tom Cruise they attack everywhere… then there are odd ones with floating platforms set in America… or the TV series where they had something like electrostatic legs… that was weird…

It’s 18:49, and I’m hungry… there is a cat there… Nom nom nom.

Not anymore! (mostly because she left the room…)

This is Document2.

Okay, now it’s 21:03 and I’ve just started watching The Day of the Triffids.

I think I confused the fish.

And it’s 01:03. I just put application form under a phone, and went to look for something that was ‘interestingly edible’. I’m not sure that’s the best wording for that. Interestingly, your gold jewellery is edible. So is your carving knife.

Anyway, I’m off to be. Good night’s sleep before being told I have gingivitis, and I need to brush my teeth more.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

some stuff i said… completing Deus Ex, and canine-reactions-to-specific-people…

Posted in thoughts on 29/08/2011 by willsalt

Good Evening.

It’s now 14:29. I slept from about 08:00 till 12:26. Then it started raining, which put me to sleep again (the sound of it) so I didn’t wake up till 13:40 ish. Had some of that Xbox controller cake, away from the parts Zorro and Rosie nibbled, I may have to kill them.

Ahh, rthnikng… that’s not right… thinking! That’s the one, thinking is fun. We’ll have to do that again sometime.

Hehe, I was looking over my Sodahead Profil. One of the sections:

I’d like to meet

(on here) Open minded people.

(Or if referring to in real life…)

-Toby Turner (TOBUSCUS)


-Seth Green

-David Cameron

-Stephen Fry

-Queen Elizabeth the 2nd

-Little Ian Lorimer

That last one seems easier… in fact, the entire second list seems easier then ‘open minded people’ in a predominantly American community…

Okay, it’s 01:42, 29/08/2011 now.

I’ve completed Deus Ex: Human Revolution now. I don’t like the ending. The easiest boss fight in the game (although that’s a good thing, because I hate boss fights, they’re just stupid. Oh, this person can take 50 times as many bullets as any other person, then there’s the really annoying ones, like the shadow broker in mass effect where you have to do something really specific, and defeat him multiple times.)

Where was i? aah yes, the Deus Ex-ending-ness… there’s just a bunch of stock photos, and stock footage, usually ending with an animated bit, with a voiceover by Jenson. (well, whoever voiced him).

Not even overly interesting though, just vague, open ended generic-ness. So now I’m watching the credits aftrer Sarif-ey ending to see if there’s anything interesting there…

Just seems to be lots of names, and photos of, presumably, the Eidos Montreal employees.

Many of whom have blurred out insignia on their t-shirts.

And that one lookis like he was edited into the picture.

Do, de-do-do-doo

This is boring… I may just google for post-ending stuff…

Shame it doesn’t appear to have a (xbox just went into screen-saver-esque screen dimming mode, and yes, I am using PC monitor to play Deus Ex, so no I can’t see what I’m typing) ‘give me a challenge +’ option similar to Prototypes normal +, where you can import your in this case augments, and perhaps items… from a previous play through on that difficulty setting.

Ooh, credits appear to be done, is there anything? Yes!.

Black screen, subtitled conversation.

Should I sit through the credits for the other 3 endings, and see if there are any differences?

Hehe, awesome, there’s even an achievement for sitting through the credits :D.

Although I’m wondering if I was supposed to recognise that face I saw… but I imagine that means they’re planning a sequel… well, considering 25% of the endings kill Jenson… there’s a reasonable chance they won’t keep him, although for that to be relevant they’d have to have a character import feature in the sequel, and effectively 3 different plot lines, so they’ll pick one to be official.

Hehe, that game has a lot of secret achievements.

Anyway, to vlog watching, haven’t seen ‘REAL Gothic McDonalds!!! – August 23rd, 2011’ yet. Hehe, fun auto formatting makes that a less accurate quote.

So, thinking back 3 days now too my birthday. The dogs seemed oddly fond of Freya, and oddly scared of Ian.

I’d understand one of them being scared of Ian, he’s a bit weird, but the fact that both of them were? That’s weirder then he is. Archie was very fond of Tom… gingee was very fond of Molly… dogs remembered Matt and Chris, so kind of ignored them when they didn’t have food… same with Steven…

Gaah! I hurt my arm typing Steven. Not my wrist or anything, either my bicep or some other muscle near there… that’s illogical.

Hehe, you don’t need beautification… but perhaps a better memory…

That’ll confuse you…

Kate’s weird…

Hehe, I’ve missed the first 19 minutes of Law & Order SVU because I’ve been watching Kate and Cory’s vlogs…

She likes turtles.

Anyway, its 02:25 now, and I’m going to bed. In just over 5 minutes 10 seconds when this videos done.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

18th birthday, and other things.

Posted in thoughts on 27/08/2011 by willsalt

Good Evening.

It’s 07:16 27/08/2011. I started writing this at about 11:00 26/08/2011. I’ve been very, what’s happened? Ii had an 18th birthday. And I spent 6 hours in a shed with Gingee, Tom, Simi and lots of fire. Interesting conversations, dancing, and tea light consumption. I think we went through about 50… hehe, and gingee had several quarts of alcohol. That’s kind of exaggeration… what was it? Only 2.375 litres… so 2.51 quarts…

So, what else happened? Err… the ‘party’ turned into watching Eddie Izzard, and Monty Python. I saw Matt and Chris for the first time in a few years, or at least a lot of months, had some odd conversations with Simi, Tom, Ian, Steven, Freya, Matt, Chris, and Gingee… and quite a few awkward silences.

I handed out a lot of Tea lights.

And I’m listing facts.

So, yeah, it was fun, and raining. Today, Saturday, it’s already starting to clear, and on Thursday it was mostly sunny. That ruined the barbeque plan though, so I’m afraid I will not be able to send people barbequed burgers in the post.

Sorry Dannie.

Err, we had Xbox cake, and it was too dark to take pictures…

Err, yeah, it’s 07:34, and I haven’t slept yet, so I think I’ll post this then do that.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

I’m not sure what it says, i’ve been distracted… Deus Ex, and other things.

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Good evening.

At 11:42 I told tom I needed to do something on my Xbox, and went on Deus Ex. At about 22:44 I turned my Xbox off. Hmm…

I got to ‘boss fight’ with Barret is it? And after failing 5 times, I’ve temporarily given up. I’ve been running away, taking cover, and emptying every weapon I have into him… then I run out of Ammo… only have 18 sniper rifle rounds, about 50 10mm pistol, 30 something revolver, and I’ve been not bothering with the tranquiliser rifle. May try that tomorrow. But it kind of err… doesn’t work, I’d guess I’m not hitting much, but I keep nearly dying lining up shots… so I’m assuming I’m just completely incompetent.

I can hear some cats fighting… hmm…

So, it’s my birthday tomorrow, and Deus Ex is a birthday present from my mother. Why do all those terms sound so childish?

I’ll just catch up on Youtube and not think about it… David Mitchells soapbox now… done Toby’s Vlog, have a few SXEPhil’s to go, Katers17/Katersoneseven, and SMPFilms/DudeLikeHella have been oddly quite recently… oddly quite? ‘Quiet’!

Hehe, Phil’s weird… (lost the link for that…)

Bleh, my computer’s being weird. Possibly because it was running but doing nothing for 11 hours… don’t tell my parents that. But yeah, it can’t run youtube videos without lag…


Okay, I’m leaving that word there because Microsoft word is criticising it…

My TOBUSCUS shirt is still missing… on Saturday the 13th of august at around 09:00 I put it in the wash; haven’t seen it since.

My fish are watching me… it’s mildly disconcerting…

Anyway, I’m not sure if I should put on a hat, or go to sleep…

I’ll post this now… if I do the latter, doing this later could prove difficult.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Live Willski.

Live? Love!

Love Willski, that’s the one.

err… stuff. nondescript.

Posted in thoughts on 25/08/2011 by willsalt

Good Evening.

So, Microsoft word is currently the only application I’m running that’s responding Firefox crashes on startup and throws a complaint about at me, Google chrome I left without interacting with it for a while, and I think it feels neglected, BBC iPlayer Desktop is not responding. Windows live messenger is not responding, windows media player, not responding.

Ahh, the wonders of the technological age, we have all this amazingly complex and powerful technology, that costs us hundreds or thousands of pounds, and we get to watch it not work.

Is there anything better?

Well, a dog. They normally only stop working once. The same with cats, although they never do quite what you want them to…

Fish, they can work for surprisingly long times.

So, yes, sorry mother, I haven’t signed up for apprenticeships website yet.

What else, Thank you Val and Don for the birthday card, and cheque. Much appreciated.

Err… has anything else happened today? I ‘cooked’. If you can call boiling some pasta and grating cheese cooking… 150 grams for Simi, 350 for me. Healthy, I’m sure…

Twitter TobyTurner Toby Turner

New Tobuscus vid!! (LIVE Assassin’s Creed Revelations Literal!)…

3 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Awesome, both the video, and watching it in firefox, which still isn’t working, bear in mind I started writing this about 20 minutes ago…well, the Audio works, but nothing else. ‘tis fun.

I’m not sure how it’s fun, but I seem to find it oddly entertaining…

Okay, you tube, why do likes update in real time, but not views? Since I opened that page, it’s still 320 vies, but likes have gone from about 219, to 811. 814, 816,. 826. 828, 837, 843, 849. Okay, it only updates about every 5 seconds, but that’s a lot faster than views.

Anyway, me and Simi have been choosing music for Friday. So far we have the following.

  • The Varangian Way – Turisas
  • Stand up and Fight – Turisas
  • The Definitive Simon & Garfunkel – Simon & Garfunkel
  • Greatest hits – Queen
  • Greatest Hit, vol II – Queen
  • We Wish you a Metal Xmas and a Headbanging New Year – Various Artists.
  • (I want) Jeff Waynes Musical Version of the War of the Worlds – Jeff Wayne (but it doesn’t work on shuffle)
  • Christmas The Album – Various artists
  • Phobia – Breaking Benjamin
  • All – Iron Maiden (really? You have it all? Are you lying to me simi?)

Hehe, Dannie says she can’t come to birthday party, because she has to be home to let someone’s relative(s) in, and they can’t leave them in the shed until she gets back. I suggested leaving them a key under the mat. Or leave them standing by the door. If their shed wont suffice, perhaps a neighbours shed, or a nearby drain.

Apparently those options are realistically feasible, so I offered to send her something off the barbeque in the post. A burger with Ketchup, and onions, I’ll do my best.

Anyway, music list needs work.

Err… it’s 22:17. And the garden’s full of strange coloured lights, but the blue LEDs on the summerhouse are starting to fade…

Allrighty, not that that’s a word, but I’m now registered on, or is it the singular?

I’m annoying Tom again… and I’ve been on my computer for 12 hours, without opening Powder Toy, something must be wrong.

In fact, I seem to annoy Tom just by doing what I do naturally, and not just the insulting everyone for no apparent reason.

23:55 and the blue lights are gone… well; I can’t see any evidence of them being on from here…

Ben seems to get a bit annoyed when you sit in a chair talking to him while he’s in bed…anyhow… I’m out of stuff to say, and it’s Thursday now… so thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Tea Light?

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Good Evening.

So, Connexions appointment, that was fun. It was basically 10 minutes of him asking about what grades I got, and what I’ve tried to do since my university applications were rejected, about 5 minutes of talking about what apprenticeships are, and applying for them, and about 5 minutes of telling me when writing a CV I shouldn’t be modest, and to ‘sell myself’.


For sale.

One human male, 17 years, 11 months, 28 days, and 9 minutes old (as of 12:02, 23/08/2011 assuming I can do simple maths)

Hardly used, minor scaring on the lower abdominal region, and left forearm. Prone to inappropriate humour, laziness, and stealing cookies. Has impeccable attendance record, and can spout useless information for hours on end. Tends to be offensive to all he meets, either because he abhors humanity, or because he’s bored.

Has low food upkeep, due to inactivity. May require vast amounts of electricity.

£3.50 or nearest offer.

Hehe, err… yeah. Not sure why I did that.

Anyway, what to do today? Well, the page is still open so I suppose I could watch Teen Wolf again… although I’m starting to learn the script just from listening to it…

Err… Mother would say ‘get your CV done’, well, that’s on the list, but I need something else going on as well.

Anyway, got a birthday card from my grandmother and aunt. It says ‘from Grandma Salt & Helen. X’ did she forget her name?


I have an idea. Looking at the search results that get people to my blog today, I see:

how tall is toby turner    2

tobuscus german             2

how much money does tobuscus make 1

tobuscus define               1

leeski lost leg     1

notice a pattern there? So I’ve been contemplating making an FAQ. As none of the frequently asked questions concern me, naming a page as such seems inappropriate. So if I get some free time, I’ll make a page for those people. Although that in turn would increase such traffic… which is annoying. Maybe if I could get paid per view, even 0.001p/view would be nice…

Anyway, just noticed Microsoft word was larger than the screen, which is weird…

So it’s 1959. Now it’s 23:23. And since about 21:16 I’ve been wandering around the garden planning lighting, candles, fire etc. for Friday, which is fun. Current forecast is thundery showers, but if there wrong, there’ll be tea lights everywhere.

And LEDs.

So, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Tea light?

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