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Soap, and my thoughts on it.

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Good evening.

Today, well tonight, I’d like to discuss a very serious matter with you. Soap; specifically the different methods of dispensing it, and the antibacterial effects of different types of it.

For the sake of this article, let’s assume you accidently leant in a petri dish of deadly Ebola.

You have the traditional bar of soap. Assuming it’s a solid bar with no case, then you’d think  that any bacteria left on it would be killed by either the dryness, the alkalinity, (or possibly acidity, but I don’t recall a soap that advertised itself as acidic) or an antibacterial agent. That’s not the case. Bacteria on the bar will evolve right before your eyes. Well, not really right before your eyes, unless you’re holding the soap in front of your face; and even then you wouldn’t see them. But some bacteria transferred to the soap may be able to survive there, whether through tolerance of alkalinity or other antibacterial agents, or through a process such as anthrax’s spores, which tend to survive whatever you do to them.

While the soap and water may allow you to wash the Ebola off your hands, you still have issues when someone else uses the soap. The Ebola that was able to survive there has now reproduced, and now your spouse is coughing up blood, and bleeding from every orifice you can think of.

Of course, it’ll be pretty rare to come across a bacterium that can thrive on soap, partially because there’s no food there, mostly because bacteria can’t evolve to PH as rapidly as they can to drugs. All their biological processes have optimum ranges of temperature, PH, substrate concentrations etc. that they need to operate properly, slow a few of these down and most bacteria will die. But for the ones that can live there, I think we can agree that bars of soap are bad.

So then you have soap dispensers. We’ll start with the simple pump action ones. (That’s not a shotgun that fires soap at people).

They’re quite simple, you put your hand under the nozzle, press the pump and soap comes out. Usually liquid soap, getting the bars through the tube is awkward. This has advantages, the liquid soaps can more effectively cover the entire hand, and killing everything they can everywhere. Obviously you have issues with the resistant remnants still growing on the hand, but they’re not left on the soap, that’s safe in the soap reservoir. Sounds good?

But if you look back, press the pump. That’s an un-cleaned hand, you wash them and go away, then what does the bacterium do? Well it’s sitting on a used pump it’s subjected to a small dose of the soap, there’s going to be some there, whether from splashing, people going back for seconds, or just having flowed  from the nozzle. Well if you can recall basic below-GCSE science, then you’ll know that’s how immunisation works, so these bacteria evolve or adapt to the soap and breed as best they can.

So when little Jim comes along to wash his hands, presses the pump, his hands get a nice dose of anti-bacterial resistant Ebola, and then you’ve got the bleeding and dying again.

Well this problem is solved by the automatic soap dispenser. You know the ones, usually refillable, have some form of motion or heat sensor, which detects a hand beneath it and dispenses soap for you. Cuts out the problems with the pump, but opens up a new issue, (well an old issue that I’ve avoided mentioning until now because I wanted something new in this paragraph,) can you guess what it is? The tap, or the faucet to you Americans. You still have to turn the tap on to wash the soap off. If you turn the tap on before getting the soap, you give it a full dose of bacteria, which you immediately pick up again after you’ve washed the soap off. You turn it on after soaping up, well you’ve put soap and bacteria on there, and eventually you’ll get the immunising  process working, and you’ve got Ebola for anyone who’s washed their hands, gone for a glass of water, or to brush their teeth, unless they do that in the shower. Sounds pretty odd to me but I’ve been told by several people (well, Americans) that brushing your teeth in the shower if normal, and that everyone does it.

So those aside, there are the antibacterial hand creams (or something like that) that my Grandmother was fond of, until she forgot about them. A bottle of soapy stuff that kills the bacteria on your hands, and the cream evaporates, or soaks into your hand or something. You avoid the tap problem all together. But then there’s still the bottle. The bottle doesn’t get the same antibacterial treatment, so you handle that you pick it all up again.

So finally, you have a combination of the previous two. The latter in an automatic dispenser, you may have seen those lining walls in NHS hospitals. (Although not all of them were automatic, and I don’t know about their presence in non-NHS hospitals.) Seems perfect? If yes, your idea of perfection is pretty odd. Come on, you go for a hand cream dispenser over Jeri Ryan, or Omega Particles? If yes, you’re an idiot.

I could probably find flaws in those three too, but then this post would go on forever and I kind of want to sleep at some point, so let’s assume this topic is resolved, if just to save my sanity. Or atleast what little of it is left.

I hope you found this informative, and that I haven’t turned you into germaphobes/Mysophobics. (Mysophobia, the pathological fear of contamination and germs.) Or that I have, if that’s a better state of being, you decide. But don’t tell me, because I don’t care what you think. Why? Because you don’t exist. Seriously, no one reads these things. I don’t know why I even write them.

I guess by extension you get Mysophilia, attraction to or sexual arousal from contamination, germs. Well, dirty or soiled objects/material/people according to Wikipedia.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


P.S. Don’t catch Ebola.

Enrolling of enrollyness.

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Good Evening.

As you may have guessed from the title of this, I enrolled today. Basically to confirm I’m attending the second year of the course, and get me fully on the system. Here’s a basic timetable of how that works.

  • 12:25     Leave the house
  • 12:30     Staff who enrol students go for lunch
  • 12:33     Arrive at college, and proceed to enrolling point
  • 12:35     Start talking to Tyler
  • 13:23     Allow Tyler to go to his lesson/Tyler leaves to go to his lesson
  • 13:30     Enrolment staff return, I observe queue from a safe distance
  • 14:00     Queue to enrol empties
  • 14:05     Currently enrolling student finish and leave the area. I approach slowly
  • 14:06     Discover I need a “returners form”
  • 14:10     Acquire lanyard, and sort out student finance and forms
  • 14:15     Enrolled on system by mothers friend
  • 14:20     Leave College
  • 14:26     Arrive home, and have breakfast

So, quite a simple process perhaps made more complicated by me. Fun though. Had a nice talk about the Lord of the Rings; does anyone remember if Haldir dies in the books? We couldn’t…

Just so anyone who reads this knows what to expect. Or probably what not to… They’re pretty unlikely circumstances…

Anyway, dear reader, have you heard the song “In the House – In a Heartbeat” by John Murphy? I say song, it’s more of a piece of music. Because I have it stuck in my head, which I’m usually fine with, don’t mind having songs running through my mind. But I do prefer it when they have words. Something I can process fully, just music I can’t; at least not how I’d like to. My minds idea for that (or perhaps ideal) would be to know the components and the sheet music as I know the lyrics. It seems unlikely I’ll ever be able to do that given my near total lack of interest, or focus.

Grr… I “like” a youtube video, and it refreshes the page and throws an advert at me. Now I have to watch Toby talking for 2 ½ minutes before getting to where I was. Ehh, that’s not so bad. I could just skip to catch up I guess… Anyway I obviously have nothing to say, and it’s 01:43 now, so I’m gonna go and sleep.

Sims 3 Supernatural is released tomorrow, which I’m excited about because I’m a child, not an actual child of course, not legally anyway. Mentally is questionable… 😛

Anyway, thanks for wasting your time reading this, Ta-ta my fiends. (Not a typo.)

Love Willski.

Yet another return of me.

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Good Evening dearest readers.

I feel I’m being optimistic with the plural there. In fact, “Reader” alone would probably be an overestimation.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything for a while, and my plan today is to change that. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of anything to say before I started writing this, so there’s a pretty good chance this won’t go well.

It is September third, 2012. My birthday was just over a week ago,(I’m 19 now, I think…) which was an interesting experience. In the sense that it was actually interesting, not like when I usually say something interesting. “I accidently put my arm in a wood chipper, which was interesting. Turns out Clark Kent’s the only one that can survive that unscathed.”

Not like that. Besides, he’s fictional, he doesn’t count. It was a genuinely interesting, if odd, day/night. We played games, watched tangled, shot each other with Nerf Guns, had cake, watched The Lord of the Rings, Extended Editions, Well the first two. They’re really long films, and ginger-type people apparently have to go home at around 09:00 AM. I may have to abduct him to watch the last one… That is assuming he wants to watch it.

Heh, I keep referring to “we” and “he”, without saying who they are. A clue, one of them is my brother, another is my ginger (apparently I own him), and the other is very inconsistent. He ranges from bovine, through equine, ursine, avian to Turian, and none of those are accurate. He’s also frequently some variety of rodent, except that he isn’t, if that makes sense.

It being the third, I have 16 days until my college course starts up again. I’m interested to find out if I’m actually still on it. I kind of hope I am, because I could do with the student finance type money, to buy parents and siblings birthday and Christmas type things, to buy myself game and film type things, and maybe to buy something educational. Hopefully they’ll have me, although I did neglect to hand a few things in by the final deadline. Hopefully they’ll just reissue them for me next year, (by next year I mean in 16 days) which they may not like… They’re picky about things like “doing the work” at that place, really they’re getting paid whether I do it or not so I don’t think they should care. Doubt they see it like that, they’d probably say “It’s because we care about our students”. What they mean is “It’s because your failing makes us look bad, and you’re just an implement for us to improve our appearance. Not in a selfish way of course, you still may get a qualification, it’s more of a symbiotic relationship, only it’s not.” Which was slightly more long winded than I initially intended it to be… And Microsoft word is really insistent I should have a question mark after that ellipsis.

I’ve added another page to this site, it includes a list of games, films, tv series etc. that I own copies of. I know, I promised you other pages first, and I’ve failed to deliver them, but that’s because I’m lazy, and none of you exist to motivate me to do things. If you do, tell me and I’ll get right on it.

You’ll also have to tell me what I was supposed to do, ‘cause I’ve kind of forgotten.

You know, (you don’t know, you will soon though assuming you keep reading) I’m the only person I know who does that, or that for that matter. The latter being the pointless clarification in brackets breaking up and elongating sentences to the point that they’re indecipherable, the former being using apostrophes like that. For example, if I try to type “evening”, but I miss the “g” in the end, I’ll go back and add an apostrophe, because that’s what it would’ve sounded like had I been saying it. As you may know, I tend to write how I speak, only without my tendency to be incoherent, hence writing ‘cause. I’m lazy, I save time not saying that syllable.

Of course my handwriting is less intelligible than my speech, I can’t read it, nor can anyone I know, so some may say that’s a closer reflection than this typing.

It appears I’m back to criticising myself, and providing a running commentary on what I’m writing. I hope that makes this at least interesting to read, because the actual content of this is irrelevant to just about everyone. I know that for a fact, I’m not delusional; at least not about the importance of my ramblings here, or lack thereof.

Interpret that however you like, it may be what I meant.

Someone finally asked me “Wie kannst du mich sehen?”, in reference to my “Ich kann dich sehen!”. My response was somewhat accurate “Durch den Einsatz von Magie, Täuschung und Lüge.“

In English that’s something like “I can see you”, “How can you see me?”, “Through the use of magic, deception and lies.”

Which is wholly accurate, I see you using magic. And I’m lying/deceiving you by claiming to have magic powers, and being able to see you. Most of you, a few of you I can see. Sometimes.

And now my dictionary’s changed to Germany, so I’m not getting any autocorrects from Microsoft word, that’s interesting. Well the only “mistake” was a none-capitalised “English”, and it thinks a one word sentence is a fragment. Which I guess is understandable.

Do you ever find there’s an annoying flashing blue light in the corner of your vision? The LED in that memory stick far brighter than it needs to be. Good memory stick though. It’s USB 3.0, a trait I’ve never exploited. I have USB 3.0 ports on my computer, but they’re on the back, which is kind of inconvenient. Oh the pointless things I own.

Anyway, I feel I’ve gone from having nothing to say, to running out of nothing to say, so I shall bid you good night, and fare well.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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