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stuff, and stuff. among other things.

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Good evening.

Toby’s getting deadeded while trying to show off in Portal 2. That’s entertainment.

(The That’s entertainment’ is a reference to Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Who can tell me which episode?)

Fun reference, it basically changed the wording from ‘entertaining’, to ‘that’s entertainment’, which all seems a bit pointless when you think about it. But then again, my entire life seems pointless, and inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

Well, I’m sure that paragraph, sentence… whatever, indicated high self-esteem.

So, I spent nearly 4 hours attempting Pillar LASO, and got close. Then Tom got abducted by his family, and had to leave. GLaD that’s a weekly challenge, I think we’ll try that some time tomorrow.

Had fun with that though, got mildly annoyed by his disappearance, so punched myself in the face, not the best plan, I’ll admit, but I popped a spot, and now it’s kind of bubbling blood… which is a bit weird…

But I haven’t got the challenge for 25,000 points, possible because tom kept disappearing for moderate periods of time, and I spent a lot of that time killing him. -1105 points each time, or something like that. On the plus side I’m not lt. Colonel. I used the abbreviation because I can’t remember how to spell lieutenant.

Bleh, just yawned, that felt weird.

I had a Driving lesson today, yay! Doing manoeuvres, that doesn’t look like the right spelling, what does Microsoft office have to say on the matter? So Bay parking, that’s fun. I managed to hit about 5 cars, fortunately, they were imaginary.

Don’t like the idea of damaging cars, they’re usually aesthetically pleasing… Like MJOLNIR armour. Not that they look like MJOLNIR armour, except maybe KITTs predecessor/replacement in the recent Knight Rider.

Err, but I’ve run out stuff to say, so, yeah, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


Reach, non-existant puppies, and armour.

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Good evening

You rotten swine you, you have deaded me!

Blue Bottle… The goon show.

So, as you may have guessed, I’m, or rather, I was, listening to the Goon Show.since writing that, I’ve played Reach, had dinner, played Reach, had a shower, and played some more reach.

What a fun life I lead.

But, due to the last playing reach, it’s 4 hours later, and I’m still wearing a bath robe… sure you wanted to know that… I lose track of time… it’s a fu game. Father says it looks to easy because no one’s shooting me. Well, that’s because I dodge, and hide, and wait for Ben and Tom to kill everything. That’s fun. Played a firefight limited game, and ended up winning on points because I hid, and sniped a few people with a DMR I stole of one of Benskis’ corpses.

Well, that’s a very traditional visit from Benski, he came in, said a few things about Purple (the Colour) and Halo Reach (The game), then left singing ‘God Gave us Life’ by Half Man Half Biscuit.

Woo! Reach profile updated, In my opinion my current armour looks awesome, sure there’s a lot of higher level stuff, and I own some of that, but It just doesn’t look as nice.

God gave us life

God gave us life

God gave us life

God gave us life

So that we could take sweets off strange men
In big cars and get driven to the woods to stroke
non – existent puppies

Fun song.

But yeah, didn’t do much else, attempted Pillar LASO, But everyone else gave up. Went in forge for a while. And I have a driving lesson tomorrow.

So, yeah, that’s it really…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

One Man Star Wars Trilogy, Crisps, and other things.

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Good evening.

So, I’ve returned from watching One Man Star Wars Trilogy. As you know, I’m prone to using hyperbole, and superlatives, but it was somewhat awesome.

Hehe, Family Guy Christmas song :P.

But yeah, as you may have seen on facebook I’m wanting to quote it, but I can’t remember many… but I do have one complaint.

As you may have noticed, I do that a lot. It was far too warm in there, and far too many people… now I feel like I need a shower. Bleh, most uncommon for me.

So, if you get a chance to see that, I’d highly recommend it.

He’s Canadian, which practically guarantees it’s going to be good. And he was infringing copyright law, so it’s fun!

But now I’m hungry, and it’s to late to shower… not that people will be trying to sleep, no one here tends to do that for at least 2-3 hours after getting home. We did have some interesting conversations.

For example, in Derby, why is there a bus stop every 3 yards? It seems completely unnecessary. I’d willingly walk half a mile to a bus stop. And pointing out every single one pisses of Emski. She slapped me, a lot.

Eating as a family, i.e. all of household present eating together, why do so few people do that? It’s just weird. I mean, why don’t people do that? Perhaps it’s just because I find my family so amusing.

Back in a minute, getting edibles., to eat…

I’m not Drunk, I just have a speech impediment, and a stomach virus, and an inner ear infection.

Yeah, family guy is good.

The food wasn’t. McCoys crisp things. Bleh. Salt and Malt Vinegar.

So, yeah in conclusion, Salt and vinegar crisps are bad, Canadians re-telling star wars is good, copyright infringement is fun, and I’m thirsty.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Wilski.

I’m back! Not that i left… Still doing nothing.

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Good evening.

Those of you who read this, and are lucky enough to be able to count, may have realised I haven’t posted one of these for a few days. Not since Thursday. This is for the simple reason, nothing happened. Sure, I had last official day at King Ed, but I’m going in a lot after half term, so it doesn’t feel like it. But aside from that, spending several hours Friday night/Saturday morning playing The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II: The Rise of the Witch King, but what can I really write about that? Don’t play the campaign, so I can’t criticise its’ inaccuracy, all I can think of is that I won. Every game, with negligible difficulty. Easier the Supreme Commander against a pair of adaptive AIs. Ooh, now I want to do that… what map? Frostmil Ruins? I’ll probably get nuked to Oblivion. i suppose if i fight Aeon, i could get shot with Oblivion Cannons… what has those? T2 Point Defense, some boats… their Battleship…

At present, my mother is watching Star Wars for the first time. She’s nearly 50, and she’s not sure if she’s seen it before.

Okay, she says she may have seen the first on in cinema.

So, I’m off somewhere tonight to see some thing… that’s vague… supposed to be leaving at 18:30… I didn’t wake up till 13:30, but I was awake till after 05:00. Don’t know why, I just couldn’t sleep.

So the only real thing I have to talk about today hasn’t happened yet, that’s fun. Might go race one of the dogs, fight a fish or go for a walk… something interesting.

Normally it would be fight a dog, but I don’t like have the same thing twice… not that fighting and racing are the same, just not two thins with dogs…

Umm, yeah, that’ll do. I think these are posting on Facebook again, so hope you people are having fun.

Thanks for reading, those of you in the British educational system, have an interesting half term, who reads this and is? Tom… Simi… yeah, that’s about it that I know for sure… perhaps Gingie…


Love Willski.

Aplogies, this is a test.

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I apologise for any inconvenience this causes, but i’m just testing something with wordpress. well, not with them, but, err, on them… that sounds weird…

thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Cherry Bakewells, it’s ending soon, and other things…

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Good evening.

If you are one of my facebook friends, or live in my house, you may know about this… but I hate Cherries. Yet eat quite a lot of cherry bake wells, when they’re available. Is that weird?

On a more serious note, I have a chemistry exam tomorrow. On the AS stuff, probably because it’s an AS retake… so that’s fun. I haven’t revised it properly since I took the exam first time round, which is a bit bad… meh, it’s not like I paid twenty odd quid to re sit it. Wait… yes I did… I’m an idiot…

Hehe, yeah, I’m watching Jesus Christ Superstar. That’s a cheery film. And there’s other peoples clothes in my wardrobe. Weird…

So, my last official day at King Edward VII Science and Sports College tomorrow, see why I usually abbreviate it to KE VII? Which for the most part will be the last time I see most of my friendlings, except in exams. And perhaps when I go back in during exam leave, which I’ll be doing quite a lot… I’ve covered that already though. This could be interesting, because I don’t know how I’ll respond to that. I’m not exactly the sort who thrives on social interaction, so how do you think I’ll cope without it? Post a comment. Or ignore this request…

Luke’s here, and mother isn’t complaining, it’s a miracle!


A miracle has to defy natural law, or something… I suppose it’s possible she’s become a mute or something…

So, I’ve started another paragraph with ‘so’, and I’ve topped up my phone. Yay! 400 free texts. How many will I use? No doubt none.  Wll, I suppose I could start harassing Craig again, that was always fun.

Simon can’t count… that’s most certainly not a crowd of 5fifty thousand.

So, I’ve got chemistry exam tomorrow, then no exams until 13th of June. That being the A2 June exam. I like to think I’ll spend some of that time revising, wouldn’t that be nice? Hehe. But now it’s 21:16, and I want to finish the fellowship of the Ring by dawn, so I’ll be going now. Thanks for reading, my feline, and otherwise friends. Good luck those of you doing Chemsitry, or any other exam tomorrow. I’ve had a rant on wishing people good luck before haven’t I….


Love Willski.

Reach, bad spelling, biology fun-ness…

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Good evening.

First off, I want to apologise for my odd rant last night, and point out that this morning, after mother read the post, I got some washing with socks in!

But today, I went on Reach got some challenges, did a tiny bit of boosting, via Flawless Cowboy, because I was bored, and decided I deserve more credits for completing Vinter contingency with a bunch of Skulls on.

Vinter? Winter Contingency.

I left my biology homework at home, which was fun… when Miss Williams asked where it was, and I said on my desk, she said something like ‘but I suppose you’ve done it all’. Not in those words. Got annoyed when I replied ‘nope, barely started it.’ Which was fun.

Err, yeah, Chemistry we were teaching each other again. That never goes well, b ut this time I had more than one equation to go on, it was Fuel Cells, and storage of Hydrogen for me.


Katers: You’re lactose intolerant Cory

Cory: Yeah, well I’m eating Cheese

Hehe, he’s a pillock. Entertaining though. (if you follow this link, it’s quite far through, 10 minutes maybe… can’t see the video anymore… and the cats are fighting…)

But yeah, I’ve run out of stuff to say.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love willski.

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