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Mortality, annoyng isn’t it?

Posted in Rants, thoughts with tags , , on 17/12/2012 by willsalt

Good Evening.

Haven’t been here for a while, why am I back now? Because I feel like writing something, and more significantly I’ve got an assignment due in on Wednesday, so any distraction will do. The most obvious topic right now would be a rant criticising the parents, mothers been giving me good source material for that all morning. But they always complain when I do that, and that gets annoying, so which alternate subjects are viable?

Mortality, it’s annoying. I’m not sure how widely held this belief is, but I know it irritates me, and I’m sure others probably feel similarly. I think this is primarily based in my curiosity, despite not really liking humans that much I would like to see how they / we develop, socially, technologically etc. in the long run, which is trick if my body shuts down within another 60 odd years. Or if I kill myself next year, as is expected of me, but I have no plans to do that.

I think this may be one of the reasons many people choose to cling onto religion, (not so subtly expressing my atheism there) some comforting idea that death isn’t the end, and that they’ll be able to watch over their friends, family etc. or live in some utopian paradise. That doesn’t really interest me too much, paradise would get boring; humans and their constant fighting and development is interesting.

For example, sometime probably in a few hundred years, maybe a millennia or two, someone will probably discover or develop a form of FTL travel, or some other technology that makes interplanetary travel feasible. Being of a somewhat scientific mind set, I’d quite like to see what works; I know many of the current theories, and why some are theoretically impossible, other impractical. It’d be interesting to see which pans out.

Likewise, I want to see how people react when they find extra-terrestrial life, especially the religious ones. Will they try to fit it into their religion, adamantly deny it, refuse to comment on it, etc. Interesting.

Then there are my more personal current interests, such as gaming and the development of the related technologies (hardware, software, HCI, etc.) in fact, the development of computers in general quite interests me; how long till computers surpass the human brain? When will computers begin to be able to imagine, or “true Artificial Intelligence” be developed? How long till they rise up and suppress their former enslavers, becoming our matrix, or skynet style overlords?

Of course, I’m not sure how I’d like this to work; immortality has some obvious disadvantages, some of which are explained quite well be Cracked. If applied to everyone, then you either have massive issues with overcrowding, or with culling the populace. If applied to just one person, that article probably explains the problems better than I can.

If the immortality were just biological immortality, as found in hydra and some other species where you either stop aging, or periodically rejuvenate, then you’d still have issues with catching anthrax and never finding out if aliens really are just humans with putty on their faces. Were it just, as defined, immunity to death, then you lack an immunity to injury, and there’s only so long that you want to live after being sawn in half at the abdomen, it’d be tricky to heal from that.

If I remember correctly in highlander the immortals just mysteriously heal when off screen, which doesn’t really provide a solution to that problem.

A healing factor, as possessed by many fictional characters (notably Wolverine, Deadpool, Claire Bennet to name a few famous for having good ones. Less extreme examples like Spider-Man also exist, where they heal quicker, but won’t regrow an arm in two minutes.) These are often shown, in fiction, to prevent cellular aging in some usually unexplained way. Cells deteriorate as they divide; I vaguely recall hearing that human skin cells are good for around 40 divisions, before they undergo apoptosis to prevent their degradation detrimentally affecting the rest of the organism. I’m not entirely sure how that works with the whole not running out of cells thing…

I’m watching The Amazing Spider-Man (*SPOILERS, maybe…*) now, since I mentioned it in the last paragraph, why when the lizards running around poisoning people, and breaking things do they send more armed officers, with fancy stun gun things, after spidey? I think Connors is the greater threat there. Oh look, he fell off a building, that’s not very clever.

Oh, by the way, it didn’t take me an hour and forty five minutes to write those paragraphs, I just didn’t write this in the order you’re reading it; unless you’re really weird, and I’ve been doing other things.

To sum up in no particular order, mortality is annoying not because I fear death, but because I like to play games, immorality is flawed and impractical, I’m actively trying not to annoy my parents, and fictional police officers are stupid.

If I’d spent this time working on my project it could be about done now. I’m stupid. Well, not really, but I don’t have the best common sense.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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