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Reach, and working is boring!

Posted in Halo Reach, thoughts, XBOX 360 on 29/04/2011 by willsalt

Good evening.

So, Halo is fun. Played about 6 matchmaking games, came in top 2, with Benski, in half of them. And the others were crazy kings, and slayers… although did come first in a big team slayer, because half of them lagged out. And the ones that didn’t were crap.

Hmm, Philip DeFranco is mocking the hats.

On a slightly, or rather significantly, more negative note, I didn’t do much ICT work, a lot more then yesterday.

Yeah, posting this, ‘cause I’ve got 5 minutes…

May add more.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

yesterdays, and today, very few words…

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Good evening.

So, it’s only 14:19, and I’ve only been awake for 2 ½ hours, but I’ve had a surprisingly busy day. To start off with, I opened mothers post. Then Emski got summoned by a cabal of sorcerers. Err, I mean her majesty’s’ court or something. Basically the same thing, only completely different…

Once again I’m watching Jesus Christ Superstar… don’t criticise me, it’s good! (Still the 2000 version, great performances, not 1970 something… 8?)

Ooh, bourbons!

And I had Pie! Steak pie, with about 3 grams of meat, and lots of gravy with the consistency of mucous. Courtesy of Emski.

All righty, I wrote everything before here on 27/04/2011, and presumably everything after on 28/04/2011. hehe, I didn’t think it was enough to post yesterday, so I went for one word instead. My logic is fallible. Is that a word? I’m not sure; I’m writing this in notepad. Well, I’m quite sure it is, hence using it…

I made a chocolate milkshake, by shaking chocolate milk. That didn’t really work… but I’m watching Red vs Blue. Yay? Not really, it means I’m not working… and that’s bad… on the plus side, Avast just updated… apparently… also hurt my ears…

Hehe, as I have no money, I asked mother to buy me Ink cartridges and paper, did she do that? If not then there’s a moderate chance they won’t arrive by Tuesday, and that’s bad. Hehe, on that note, I’m going to go curl up in bed and cry.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

(The crying thing was a joke, by the way.)


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Skyrim Literal Trailer – Tobuscus.

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Good evening.

Since I’ve had a ridiculous ammount of search results for this, considering he only posted in on youtube 4 hours ago, and i don’t like to disappoint people.

Skyrim Literal Trailer, by Toby Turner (Tobuscus)

For those who like links.

and those who like strange video-embedded-ness…

Hope this helped some of you, although why you were directed here, I’ll never understand. well, I’ve mentioned Skyrim a lot, and Toby a lot, so, err… I guess I do understand. hehe.

Anyway, it’s 00:02, so back to Jesus Christ Superstar for me. Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Really? this took an hour to post.

Driving, and other things…

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Good eveenin. That’s not right… I’ll try again.

Good evening.

Much better. 🙂

So, I just had a driving lesson, nom-able. No, not quite, couldn’t eat it, I doubt driving instructor would approve if I started biting the car. So, actual driving lesson, just in case you care, I drove around for a while, didn’t hit anything, did some junctions, didn’t hit anything, but did stall first time, possibly because I was half asleep…

Watching youtube videos, err… they’re strange, lazy people… (‘Katers’, and Cory…)

Then ben did some driving, and ran in to a bunch of pedestrians, several of them died, there was blood everywhere… very messy…

No, that didn’t happen…

On a slightly more negative note, I’ve been thinking again, which is never good. I’ve noticed that Wednesday to Tuesday is 7 days, which means I still have a week of not having to go to school ness, not counting the rest of today, and Wednesday morning. So that’s plenty of time to finish off ICT course work, so I don’t have to do it today. See? Bad logic! Shouldn’t think like that! Grr!

Stop it!

I’m sad now… well, annoyed at myself…

So, I’m going to finish this video, then go on Never Winter Nights 2, and experiment with druids… aah yes, I’m playing an hour and a half into the game (assuming I don’t die, and I will, because it’s a Drow, so there’s +2 level adjustment) to see the response of one NPC.

Hehe, cute rabbit.

(That’s a link if you didn’t notice, feel free to ignore it.)

So, I’m off to waste my time, hehe, started singing What’s the buzz/strange thing, mystifying, there… Specifically the second part… anyway, waste my time, on Neverwinter Nights 2… not ‘waste [my] time, on women of her kind.’ That’s Judas, talking to Jesus. Hehe, as usual Jesus Christ Superstar is in my disk drive.

Don’t ‘shush’ GLaDOS! Swine!

Anyway, Ta-ta, for now. Thanks for reading. Those are in the wrong order aren’t they… keep getting things wrong… I’ll try again… thanks for reading, ta-ta. Much better 🙂

Love Willski.

(Oh, and I’ve added a Jesus Christ Superstar category, yay? Might not add those to Pre-existing posts though… that would take a while…)

And, my apologies for not posting yesterday, I lost track ot time, and then it was 01:30,  and I was fighting thugs using Spears and Eldritch Blasts.

Relatives, Easter, Mini eggs, cows, and other things…

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Guten Abend meine wunderbare Leser.

Yeah, direct literal translations!

So, it’s Easter Sunday, and I’m not Christian, so why are we celebrating? I suppose parents’ just wanted an excuse to get drunk… imbeciles…

Now, they’re sitting out there, with Grandparents (mothers’ side) perhaps maternal grandparents? Do people say that? I’m not sure… but they’re talking about ears. Who has the biggest ears, which has the most oversized ear lobes, who’s got creases in their ears? It’s very weird. We’ve also ascertained that i can blame Jeff for my nose and ears… weird…

According to father, when I’m writing this, I use good English, vocabulary, diction, something, i can’t remember what word he used… come to think of it, i can’t remember much of the last week… perhaps because I slept for about a third of it, (well, less…) and didn’t really do anything…

Okay, Grammar check wants to change ‘who’s to ‘which’s’ and then complains the latter isn’t a word…

I’m writing this at my desk, as usual, and because it’s easter, mother got me some mini eggs. That are sitting on my desk, or rather were… I’ve been eating about 1 a line, and in Microsoft word, I’m on line 16, excluding deletions, and then eating them while watching you tube videos… they don’t exactly last long, even when I’m too full to eat Emskis’ cake… good cake, you should make more of them.

What was I saying, before cake, and grammar? Aah yes, it’s right up there, I can just look up a few lines, rather than have thirty odd words of this babble. If he did read this, I doubt (I went and spoke to father about GFP for a while here) he’d approve of the consistent topics, and apparent obsession with foreign people. He’s racist, but it’s okay, because he’s old. Is it appropriate to say ‘and he’ll be dead soon’? I’m not sure… probably best not to…

And I use a lot of not-real words.

Apparently no youtubers I’m subscribed to have uploaded a video in the last 7 hours. That’s boring. So I’m waiting for Skyrim Literal Trailer, on Tuesday apparently…

Gary’s not going to be happy, I still haven’t downloaded Starcraft 2 trial. Because if I do, I’m not going to do any work, not that I do anyway… I manage to find something less useful to do… It’s annoying…

Hehe, no To or Cus.

Err, so I’m watching Toby’s Vlogs in sort of reverse order now… ‘cause I’m bored…

Hehe, this Mini Egg looks like a Holstein.

Without the legs… or head… or tail… or any cow-like qualities really, aside from colours… and in real light it’s to brown… okay, it didn’t look like a cow really, at all… except a pale brown and white one… although cows are usually more patch-ey, and less spotty… hmm…

I’m wearing a Tobuscus shirt at the moment… it’s fun. But I’m not walking (or heelying) past Johnny Knoxville, which I suppose is a good thing… ‘cause he’s in America, and it’s warm there… but the, it’s warm here… too warm, was 28.1 degrees this morning… grr… cooler now, now I’m not trying to sleep, it’s 22.3 kind of tolerable, personally I’d prefer 18.

Okay, it was about an hour late, i had to convince my computer to recogise the Micro SD adaptor thing… and got distracted by relatives. Yeah, remind me to add a picture here before posting.

I have some very weird photos on my phone, you may recall, I don’t know if I told you, when my phone stamped itself onto my torso, I’ve got a picture of that, I’ve got lots of Stalker-ish photos of people from school, I’ve run out of mini eggs, there’s 6 of my clock… speaking of, well, typing about, clocks, the watch I was going to buy costs something like 30p more than I have… annoying…

624 words. Fun. 631 including this line.

I want to read! I still haven’t got round to it again, since I got past the forewords, and notes and stuff… and my hand’s not bleeding anymore… I decided to tickle a cat, Lucky, so he, she, it, whatever, we’re not sure, mauled my hand, just blood, everywhere, in a small cut, about a millimetre long, on my hand, for about 30 seconds… boring…

I’ve forgotten what I was saying…

I’m not sure… I have a plan, I’m going to simultaneously read Lord of the rings bookses, and watch the filmses. That won’t work.

Err, yeah, thanks for reading, no attempt for a smooth-ish transition to the end, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Neverwinter Nights, again, and boring stuff…

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I played Neverwinter Nights 2 again today… yay. that was fun.

and started resising/modifying/updating some of my ICT project report.

yay… that was less fun…

DnD 3,5 books have got expensive, it’s something like £60 for Complete Arcane now… grr… i don’t have money… or a spellchecker this time…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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