Post 200!

Good Evening.

I’ve reached a somewhat irrelevant milestone! 200 posts. yay! who cares?

As I said, I’m currently doing ICT work, although the layout on my screen is a bit odd…

On the left 60ish% of the screen, you should see my ICT work, and the properties box on the bottom right, behind that you can see the Microsoft word window I’m writing this in, currently occupied by my last one… And on the top right is Turisas performing at Download in 2007. Weird…

Don’t know how that picture will come out…

For some reason that music helps me concentrate, a bit weird, isn’t it?

So, ICT work, that’s annoying me. Can’t remember how to do some of the relatively necessary things, like get forms to disappear and reappear… something about make vidible true/false… but yeah, I’ll sort that out some other time… lots of queries and combo boxes to make for now. That’ll keep me occupied for a good few hours.

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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