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Aah, I forgot I had to write a title for these things…

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Good evening.

I had an uncharacteristically social day today. Granted, I stayed at home, but I actually spoke to someone who isn’t a relative, ginger, or an idiot. No offense Tom.

That being, I spoke to an Ian and a Fish, online of course. Been a while since I hugged either of them…

I think there must be something wrong with me if I consider that an accomplishment…


So far in this post there are 66 words, 7 of them are ‘I’, 10.6%. That makes me feel egotistical… then again, this is a personal blog about myself so that should be expected…

Heh, that’s kind of funny. I’m a narcissist who writes about himself, then complains that he’s the only thing he writes about and maintains a strong opposition to narcissism. I feel so conflicted… There’s the word ‘I’ again, now I’ve noticed that, it’s really annoying.


Change the subject. Horus may be dead, that’s a happy note to switch to. The cat not the war master, he’s fictional. If you’ve seen my Facebook page, or that post of mine with all the pet pictures in you may know of him, the one with the dodgy eye.

I’m not entirely clear on the details, but father returned from work, and found an inanimate kitten on the floor at the end of the dining table, believed it to be already dead or not far off. I may get back to you on the specifics. He’s a nice cat, It’d be preferable if he lived. If not, well we’ve got 10 more.


Cheery tones here, should probably end on a brighter, happier note, and use full sentences…

Dead Space 3 in three days! That’s happy for some of us, although there’s that word “dead” again, so often considered to be negative I’m hesitant to use it as my happy note…

Crysis 3 in about 16 days away. But then, Crysis is a homonym of crisis, a ‘dangerous or worrying time’, not exactly known for happiness.

Maybe something not gaming related…


I’ll paraphrase something I said to my aquatic friendling instead.

Cars are like people, you can’t truly share them unless you cut them in half (see Solomon) and when they get old there tends to be something wrong with them all the time.

On that note, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Good Evening. (Not the first post here to have that name.)

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(This is quite old by the time I actually got round to posting it. I also can’t remember what it says, and I’m too lazy to do my final read-through and remove all that shit I probably shouldn’t have written – or at least shouldn’t post.)

Good evening.

I keep getting criticised for not posting anything here. Mostly by a panda who now seems to feature in just about every one of my posts…

Personally I think it’s because I have nothing to say, and I’d rather not post anything then something no ones going to read. Not that anyone actually comes here to read what I have to say, it’s all people searching for Salad Plates, or information on Toby Turner. That’ll teach me to mention youtubers, or crockery.

I suppose to appease those looking for the latter; I could add another page to that effect, but not now. I have other things to do right now. I’m in an incredibly loud and crowded cluster, where I should be working on an assignment for Colin, instead I’m writing this.

Out of a desire not to come across as a whiny teenager, I shall avoid mentioning the events of yesterday, but that doesn’t really leave me with much to talk about. Basically just Mass effect 3, as that’s the only other thing I’ve done since Friday. (Aside from sleeping and eating.) Healthy diet I guess, yesterday for tea, dinner? I don’t know, main meal of the day in the evening. What would you call it? But for whatever it’s called I had meat. Beef to be precise. The alternative was beef and mashed potatoes., or beef and bread. Both of which I find about as appealing as beef and tiramisu, that popular dish we’re all so fond of.

Is it clear I had nothing to say yet? Looking back I think my most interesting post was an interview with a Leeski, I guess I could try more interviews. Who’d be available, a panda? He’s not exactly interesting, but then neither is Leeski.

Prompted by a conversation with the aforementioned panda, staggered releases. Different context though. The example I shall start with is Mass Effect 3. In North America, released on 06/03/2012, (Well, 03/06/2012 because they don’t know how to write the date,) In Europe it was 09/03/2012. Why the 3 day difference? I’d understand a delay to Japan, or even mainland Europe if they had to provide alternate audio to none-English speaking countries. But Bioware in a way were nice. Last year with The Lord of the Rings, War in the north. US release date was 01/11/2012 (11/01/2012 for you Americans), European release was 03/11/2012 iirc, UK release wasn’t until the 25th. (or 21st, I don’t remember…) But that’s an – so far as I’m aware – unexplained delay of 20 days over when it could have been released.

Now, were I an imbecile, I may theorise that the reason is just to annoy customers, fortunately, I’m not infected, nor am I a rodent. My guess would be some sort of legal thing, giving a copyright time to be processed, or something. But no evidence given that’s the case.

I guess it’s not as bad as quite a few Nintendo games that are Japan-exclusive, and there were things like battlefield 3 where – according to my brother – all none-American buyers got free upgrades, and bonus content that was unavailable in America. But way round is far less common (mostly due to the number of games produced in the locations).

Seems illogical from a marketing viewpoint. Just annoys us people who have to wait longer. I ended up ignoring all social networking from the sixth until the tenth (My ME3 got here a day late) to make sure I didn’t get any spoilers. Wasn’t helped by Gingee who seemed to want to read everything he could find out about the game, and then tell everyone in sight. Mildly annoying, GLaD I didn’t have to be near him…

I did a great job at not sounding like a whiney teenager didn’t I?

And now Microsoft word wants to change that to: “I did a great job at not sounding like a whiney teenager didn’t me?”

I may be wrong, but I think that’s not right. That made sense…

Okay, that was written on Friday the16th o something, is that right? Was that a Friday? Not sure… a Friday near the 16th anyway. It’s Wednesday the 21st now. I didn’t post this, because I had it on my memory stick that I never used at home… Well, not never; just not since Friday. Similar concepts… Eternity, and Friday at college.

Since then, I’ve played Mass Effect 3, Star Trek Online, and that’s about it I’m writing this while trying to think of an appropriate method of educating users on how to use a system that requires them to tick a few appropriate boxes, and click a button or two. How can I do that without being patronising? Am I concerned with that? Not really. That makes it simpler. How about starting it with:

“If you need this guide you’re an ******* idiot (something less polite perhaps?). Never the less, I shall endeavour to assist you in your incompetence, although is ticking boxes clearly labelled with text and pictures is beyond you, I imagine you’ll also be incapable of reading, or at least understanding this.”

Or would that be bad?

Ben blew up the microwave.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Not working, because of Star Trek Online

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Good Evening.

Happy Wednesday, or not… As was correctly pointed out to me by a panda I have 9 days remaining to complete a college assignment. Over the last 4 days I haven’t really done anything except eat, sleep and play Star Trek Online. So I’m clearly making excellent progress.

I really need to stop doing that… spending all my free time playing games rather then working. Perhaps it’d help if I stopped thinking of it as “free time”, and more like “none-timetabled work time”… Of course, think of a better name.

On an unusual positive, it’s due on 09/03/2012, the European release date of Mass Effect 3, which in a way is a good thing. If I leave it to the night before I shouldn’t have ME3 to contend with – assuming Game get the delivery right. Skyrim was on time, but Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a day early… and I can’t think of anything else I pre-ordered from Game… I’m also overusing ellipses again…

I tend to go for Amazon, or Play. They aren’t so insistent on charging full price.

But back to work, I’ve been in here working for 35 minutes now, and my college day is officially about to start.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Sleep doesn’t come easily

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Good Evening.

It really doesn’t, this morning, at about 02:30 I turned of TV, lights etc. stopped reading with the intent of going to sleep. As is now the norm for me, a little over 3 hours later when father was leaving for work (about quarter to six) I was thinking something like “Why am I still awake?”

As any of you avid readers of my blog will have noticed, I haven’t posted anything since my nonsensical note to Gary on January 19th. Prior to that my last “real” post was November 23rd, last year. So I’d like to say, my apologies for not posting much recently, the only excuses I have are:

  1. I’m incredibly lazy.
  2. Every hit on my blog is someone searching for either information about toby turner, or “salad plate”. Knowing that none of my visitors are here to read what I write isn’t a great motivator.

As it is, I believe the only reason I’m actually writing now is that I have an assignment to do by tomorrow, and as is the norm for me I’ve left it until the last day to do it. Not a great idea, because right now I’m thinking about axolotls listening to ABBA, and writing this, rather than writing VB… in this instance, the latter’s more important.

Every time I open the kitchen door, Archie falls into the lounge.

So, as the intelligent among you will know, on the 14th Bioware released a demo of Mass Effect 3. Seeing as I’d bought Battlefield 3 exclusively for the early access to the multiplayer (which later they gave you for free on facebook… that’d have saved me £40 if I’d known…) I decided to give it a go. Well, that and the fact that the mass effect franchise is my second favourite gaming franchise out there after The Elder Scrolls.

I know I’m prone to hyperbole when writing, but it’s awesome. I’ll concede there are a few things I don’t like, for example unlocks being random. The fact I don’t have a Turian yet. The fact that the 10 – 15 hours I’ve put into it have no effect on the final released game. But those few annoyances aside, it’s very good.

The combat feels a lot better than Mass Effect 2, in some nondescript kind of way…

But I’m terrible at reviewing things, so I’m going to stop there.

Happy Wednesday!

So, I’ve got to go through the assignment brief, and write the reports, that require software I don’t have, (downloading trials as we speak) and ascertain which segments were aimed for this assignment, unit 42, and which are just leftovers as he overwrote another assignment. On the plus side, it contains Axolotls.

Grr. Don’t you hate it when you buy a DVD, and they still expect you to sit through adverts?

Anyway, I’m going to stop this now so it stops distracting me.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Tedium sucks, money, and things…

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Good Evening.

It’s Sunday. I didn’t know that, I thought it was Saturday. I should probably pay more attention…

So I’m under orders from my mother to wake up early tomorrow to await a phone call from Personnel Plus to work at Clarke Rubicon. Yay! Tedious manual labour.

Now, I don’t mean to sound egotistical, self-righteous, pompous, arrogant, whatever, even if a lot of those are probably accurate… but I’m of moderate to above average intelligence. And tedious manual labour isn’t exactly mentally stimulating. If it were in a circumstance where I could think properly then it may be bearable, but the abundance of unnecessarily loud machinery prevents that. Now I understand the importance of employment, income, financial gain in this world. And I don’t expect some perfect high paying job to drop into my lap, I’ve never been that fortunate.

It’s times like these that I envy those lucky sods like Kathleen Elliot, Toby Turner, Cory Williams, Phillip DeFranco, Justine Ezarik that can, after several years struggling financially, can get by just doing something the enjoy like making videos for youtube.

But none of my hobbies would support that. Can’t make a living of playing games. Well, maybe if I could write about them… go to machinima or something… but I can’t do that.

This is a rather self-indulgent rant isn’t it? I think it’s main intent is to convey this message to my mother without having to actually talk to her…

Anyway, where was i?

Err… whatever… something more fun!

As you may know, I recently started a HND computing and systems development course at Stephenson College. As a result I qualify for Student finance. I recently received the first payment of that, totalling to just over £1,800. Combined with the meagre funds I already possessed that totalled to approximately £2,000. Now if I take out the cost of the games I’ve pre-ordered, paying board to my mother, and paying her back for my computer. along with things like a bag for college, a new Tobuscus shirt, and a few things I ordered myself. (Oh, and the £85 I spent on my parents this morning), that’s  £1,336.54 spent, assuming prices of pre-orders don’t change. So that’s £871.73 that I’ll have spent by now, assuming mother has cashed the cheque I gave her.

I did a great job at the ‘more fun’ didn’t i?

Hehe, Anthony Stewart Head in Sweeney Todd. Has an odd British accent. Close to the stereotype held by most americans. I think a lot of them got it from his performance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Good show that.

What’s on the current list then? Obviously things that I don’t have to pay for until after 19/01/2012 aren’t on this list.

  • Crysis 2 £19.99
  • Crysis – Maximum Edition             £12.41
  • Gears of War 2  £15.60
  • Gears of War – Classics Edition    £9.60
  • Dead Space 2     £12.50
  • Fallout 3 GotY    £12.50
  • Dead Space        £13.29
  • RAGE     £40.92
  • Bag & other things           £54.92
  • computer payment 1 & Board    £680.00
  • Parents birthday presents           £85.55
  • The Sims 3 Pets £26.93
  • Skyrim CE            £129.99
  • Skyrim PC            £29.92
  • Skyrim guide      £17.99
  • Assassins Creed Revelation Animus Edition          £68.99
  • Halo: CE Anniversary      £31.94
  • LotR WitN CE      £54.60
  • LotR WitN            £38.89

They’re in order paid for, for things after, or immediately before first payment… with current prices. I think I ended up paying £5 less for RAGE…

Okay, and I just spent about £40 on Kaspersky Internet Security for my new computer.

Can’t wait until January, because all my big payments, like the new computer, software, games, fall in the first payment. I’ll have much more that I’m not wasting on unnecessary shit. Although at that point I may be paying for my own driving lessons…

Anyway, enough serious thought for one day. It’s 23:48.

So, I have RAGE. Interesting game. It has a very nice introduction. Graphically it’s far better than I was expecting. Unfortunately, the start is a bit linear. I assume you get more freedom later. But animations are quite good, firearms, very weird styles… I think I’m going to need to play that a lot more to write something more substantial on the matter.

So, until then… which will be a while… thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Oh, and does anyone know how I can put .swf files of here without paying?

I HATE ECHOES!!! and other things.

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Good evening.

I’m sad now… and that doesn’t happen all too often.

I was playing Halo Wars with Gingee, Tom & Simi. As those of you who’ve read what I’ve said before may know, I generally play Xbox games multiplayers for social aspects, i.e. the conversations I have with people while playing them, only real reason I play Halo Wars most of the time, I have far better RTSs. Well, anyway, talking to people wasn’t working to well this time, because of bens Turtle Beach Headset. Marvellous headset, can’t really fault them, but the fact that everything I said I heard echoed back about a second later (coming from Simi judging from the little sound waves appearing next to his name) and that the same thing was happening for Gingee and Tom, (so I heard everything they said twice) kind of made conversation impossible. Couldn’t understand a thing anyone except ben was saying. (And his were usually negative things about me, which he’ll deny but let’s not get into that. It’s not important.)

So I’ve stopped playing Halo Wars, all I have to do now is type a blog post, and watch Sean Klitzners thanking 10,000 subscribers to find out when Emski appears in it. I’m 08:56:36 into it at the moment.

Bleh, need a drink…

So, how are you today?

Done anything interesting?

Hmm, Simi just can in and said ‘Gingee wants to chase Cole with a chainsaw’ then left again.

Isn’t it customary to have more of a conversation, or at least wait for a reply.

Just added ‘bleh’ to the dictionary, because I got bored of it being underlined.

Anyway, on a more entertaining and lavatory based side note, mother broke the handle for our toilet. The one in their en suite still works, and presumably the one downstairs. (downstairs being closest to her, and en suite being hers) but she still decided to break ours… that’s mean… so father fixed it. Instead of a handle, there’s n lid on the cistern, and a coat hanger attached to something inside.

Now to watch Fallout Nuka Break episode 2, because I forgot about it until now.

Still watching those extras.

Back to sean… 09:40:35.

So, doctor who. That seems worse than it used to be. Still good, but It’s not as good. Remember the good old episodes? Tooth and Claw, Dalek, The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances, Bad Wolf & The Parting of Ways, Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit, Army of Ghosts & Doomsday, New Earth, Sith and Jones, Gridlock, Utopia, The Sound of Drums & Last of the Time Lords, Midnight, Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead. The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End, The Waters of Mars… yeah I think that’s most of my favourites.

Hehe, I had to get a list of episodes to get all their names, the majority of those were Russel T Davies episodes.

I suppose that happens with everything. Torchwoods’s getting worse… (Miracle Day’s better than Children of the Earth, but it certainly got worse with each series aside from that.)

Sames true of most of Buffy…(I’d put them best to worst, 3,2,1,

Just passed 10 hours.

Aww, how sweet. Simi posted:

Will quits games of Halo Wars if you attack him.

So I’ve replied:

I didn’t quite when i was attacked; I left because I couldn’t stand the echo.

I had no objection to the game setup; if I had i wouldn’t have started it.

Although to be honest I expect him to delete that. And yes I corrected/modified the grammar for this version. Capitalized the ‘I’s, and allowed Microsoft word to switch the commas to Semi-colons.

And that’s annoying. YouTube’s stopped updating my subscription-ey-homepage-ey thing.

Hehe, Emski shares her birthday with 2 or 3 people currently attending KE VII, and some of Katers17s friends. (A long with a lot of other people…)

So most of today and yesterday I’ve had mother saying ‘don’t go on games, do your bridging assessment’. Which just makes me think about games… I lose interest about 5 words in and miss the rest… oddly though, the only gaming I’ve done is the halo wars today, and 3 games of space marine multiplayer before that.

Tom should buy Warhammer 40,000 space marine…

So it’s 22:24 and I have nothing to say.

Hehe, that ‘it’s’ has a green underline that turns it into ‘its’. Then it acquires a blue one that turns it back.

Only 27 minutes left.

I’ve found a religious nut on sodahead, so I’m convincing him there is no god. Is that mean?

Anyway, I was about to post this.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

The dates are off, because I mised midnight by nearly 2 hours… 1 hr 57 minutes…

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Good Evening.

Is it wrong I end all my emails, including those to places like Stephenson’s college, with ‘Love Willski’?

As you may have noticed, I didn’t post anything on the 9th. I also didn’t post anything on a lot of other days, but I had a reason for this one. On the ninth, warhammer 40k Space Marine was released, so I completed the sorty mode/campaign, sorty? The closest word I can think of to that is sortie… well, I suppose the stiry, story mode is one of those… anyway, I’ve got to learn to type again… this is getting annoying. Only on normal, because I’m that lazy, and went in the multiplayer, which is actually fun! Didn’t expect that…


So, at present I think I’m level 20… hehe, I find it fun, doesn’t mean I’m good at it.

And I keep getting distracted because the word ‘sortie’ reminds me of Modern major General so that’s running through my head… repeatedly… and ii don’t know the words… most infuriating… well… not really, perhaps frustrating… annoying… I don’t know… some word.

Hmm, something just fell over by/against my door, I think it was an Archie going to sleep… Well, lying down… he does that there a lot… even when it’s open… strange dog… lots of ellipsis’s…

And now to look for jobs on the internet. me-thinks.

So, permanent semi-realistic ones…

Bar staff… I might meet someone I know… could apply I suppose.

Boots Customer assistant. I know someone who did work there, and went to university, I suppose that could be his job…

Casualty simulator. Do I get to bleed?

Cleaner, sounds fun!

Cook, well, I can’t…

These are fun. Jobs within 5 miles was one of my search parameters. A moderate portion of the results, Location: Europe. Well, I suppose that is within 5 miles… also within 100 miles, and I don’t think I could walk that.

Panel Wirer? What’s that? Meh, it’s in Leicester, I can’t move that far easily

Plant Welder? Oh, is that welding in a plant, not welding plants… that’d make more sense…

Costa Coffee store manager? Well I do like the smell of Coffee, but I can’t manage…

This one’s vague. Team member. Coalville, Leicestershire.

Wind Turbine Sales manager in, wait for it… not really waiting, it’s just the next line…


Why does everyone think Glasgow is within 5 miles of here? ‘Cause I’m sure it’s more like two hundred and forty five, as the Nazgûl flies…

Not even the first to say that, Asda did the same thing.

Anyway, I just spent about 2-3 hours on Sup Com 2 with a panda… now it’s 01:51… so i’m going to bed… and i just hit my computer with a chair… that’s mean…

Hehe, sorry, watching “Movie Night” again…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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