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Opinions, opinions of opinions, and my thoughts on them.

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Good evening.

Mini-rant time. 🙂

More rants to come. Hopefully better constructed than this one

Why is it people misinterpret my not having done something as having no desire to do it? And to be clear to certain people, (Mother,) this isn’t about one specific person, (Mother,) but due to my experience with people in general. Which to be fair is notably lacking, I’m hardly what anyone could reasonably consider a socialite. Most of my human “contact” is online.

Or perhaps more generally, I should say why do people assume their interpretation of any situation is correct and actively oppose the idea that it might not be, even when faced with someone with better knowledge of the situation in question. If that makes sense. I most commonly meet this on Sodahead, a great place for laughing at idiots, not so good for intelligent conversation.

But as an example, I answer a question about my views on abortion, I say “I believe a mother(/potential mother) should be allowed to have an abortion for whatever reason if she wants one, prior to the foetus/baby having a reasonable chance of surviving independently of the mother.”

To which I get a response something like “Why do you want to murder children?”

In my experience once you get a response like that it’s impossible to convince the person (idiot) that you don’t think exactly what they assumed you do, as if they assume you don’t know your own thoughts as well as they do. This isn’t just from anti-abortionists of course and I’m not trying to get at them, I’ve had similar experiences with pro-abortion types, anti and pro capital punishment types, people of (and discussing) various religions and atheists, people of various political groups…

It’s starting to sound like I fight everyone on the internet, I don’t. I just state my opinion, and they attack me, it’s usually Americans which I think is either because it’s a predominantly American site, or possibly (for the sake of humour) because Americans are obscenely violent uncivilised warmongers who habitually try to impose their beliefs upon everyone else. 😀

Joke, of course.

So what is it about humans that stops them understanding that someone might know their own thoughts, motivations, opinions etc. better than they do?

My first guess is that people are being egotistical, that they assume they’re right, and people don’t like being proven wrong or admitting they’re wrong. I know I don’t. But that doesn’t quite line up given the things I’ve cited so far are moral, ethical etc. and purely opinion, and people assume they know the opinions of others better than the other in question knows its own opinion? Doesn’t make sense to me that either they can apparently rationalise that to themselves, or that they’d expect someone to accept something so clearly irrational and wrong. When they start doing that I tend to point out they’re being irrational, and go away.

Given that that paragraph was basically paraphrasing an earlier paragraph I think I’ll stop there. I enjoy ranting, but I dislike repeating myself, not two traits that go together exceptionally well.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


Apparently I’m a peice of clothing.

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Good Evening.

Some halfwit I was talking to on the internet seems to think I’m a sock. Apparently not understanding the pretty simple concept that I’m discussing America with them, and one of the easiest ways to weaken my standing is to be not-American; which frankly being British I’m very good at.

So Kat, my feline fiend, do you think I’m really English, or that I’m secretly an American who over the last three years faked four hundred and two blog posts, including this one, to pull the wool over the eyes of insignificant people such as yourself?

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Time travel plans, and psychological issues?

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Do you ever feel you’re going mad? I’m finding it very hard to resist the temptation to start singing a queen song after saying that…

Anyway, I accidently reminded myself of something that happened a few years back when I was still at King Ed, and since then have been planning my response if I were somehow transported back to that moment in time. I don’t mean the common “if I could re-live my life from that point”, but a rather more odd my current self is moved back in time to that event, to meet a probably rather confused past version of myself. Not entirely sure how I’d expect that to work though… Would future me begin to remember all my past interactions with past me? Would my memories of the last few years suddenly change, change when the events happened again only perhaps differently because there’s more than one of me, would I even still be linked to past me? When we reached the third of April 2013 would he disappear but have memories of everything…

Yeah, my minds been thinking about and trying to answer those questions, and many more for the last two or three hours; it’s quite distracting, wish it’d stop. Is a total inability to impact your own thoughts a bad thing? I’m not sure… but my Xbox isn’t connecting to the internet, so I guess this’ll have to do instead of Netflix.

Seeing as this is meant to be a personal blog about the happenings of my life, I now feel compelled to update people on that. I last posted on the sixth of February, since then I’ve been alive and little of interest has happened to or around me. If anything had happened, that’d have given me something to post about.

That was pretty pathetic. By that I mean a pathetic update, not that my life is pathetic. Although that’s true too… And it appears I’m back onto self-deprecation, which is understandable, it’s fun and easy.

Back to fantasies of time travel, it’s a rather awkward situation I’d be put in. I couldn’t take the traditional “live my life, but do it better” route, because there’d be two of me. Well, I guess I could attempt to motivate past me to do better, but then he doesn’t really listen to anyone, not even me. So that’d be pointless… Physically I’m not sure if we’d be similar enough that I could, for example drug him, keep him tied up in the wardrobe and go to school for him, doing things “properly” this time. Although knowing myself he’d probably be more than willing to let me go to school for him.

But then there are the logistical problems, for example where do I live? At the time there wasn’t a spare bed in this house, and I know how annoying one of me is, let alone two so I doubt mother would want me floating around the house. Then of course, if people found out I’d hopped backwards in time would I have scientists trying to prod me with things, or (the paranoid part of my brain says) the government trying to turn me into some kind of weapon, to see if they can send me back in time to assassinate people. Or someone locking me up to prevent the common crowd from discovering time hopping people.

Yeah, I may be overthinking this.

The moral issues are easier to deal with. Yes, coming back in time I could remember things like terrorist attacks, mass shootings, plane crashes etc. and attempt to prevent them, and if people found out about a time hopper (I like the term “hop”, okay?)  I’d probably be heavily criticised for each one I “let” happen. But that’s easily resolved, look at my mind; it doesn’t care about other people. You may be able to tell from the fact that every other word is either “I”, “me”, “my” or something else referring to me in some way. And of course, it also doesn’t remember things like that; I have no idea when whoever it was shot up some school in American, or when those American consulates were attacked. I’m putting in semi-colons wherever Microsoft word suggests them, seems to be more of them than I’d expect, maybe my writing styles just a bit weird. Although it is making me regret not memorising the lottery numbers, I wonder if they’d let me have the money if I’d already seen the draw…

I could go on, for a long time, rambling about the unimportant is one of my few talents… but I won’t. I’ve missed this, writing things; just wish I actually had something to write about… What’s that green thing?

Sorry, got distracted there.

But honestly, I really enjoy writing this nothing, there’s something oddly satisfying about it. I like writing by hand too, but my handwriting is so appalling that I’ll write a sentence then look at it and think “what does that say?” formless squiggles, it’s amusing. So I type, it’s fun but I rarely have anything interesting to write about.

I mean, I could be writing up reports for college or something, but that’s not the same. Structured writing, with correct referencing, bleh, boring. Well, still kind of fun, but like that organised well-structured fun that no one really enjoys.

I tried to take up writing fiction a few times, but while as this post may have shown I have a pretty vivid imagination, I can think up stories, I often do in my spare time… but I’m really bad at putting them together in a way I deem they deserve. I’ve read a lot of stuff online that’s worse than what I’ve written (and subsequently thoroughly purged from existence) but then I’m a perfectionist when it doesn’t suit me. And of course I tend to grow as attached to fictional characters, and imaginary people than real ones if not more so, so I kind of don’t like putting them in any kind of conflict and that breaks most story telling techniques… Yeah, that’s a little weird… But for example I prefer Garrus Vakarian to most people I went to school with. Obviously I prefer my friends to the fictional people; well, some of them, but it’s all very strange in here.

Starting to get what I said about feeling a little mad now?

Segue (very badly) into a different topic…

Recently I’d had some strange person on the internet wittering at me (no offense), telling me to write a long reply because they “love hearing [my] thoughts and views”. Wonder if this will suffice? Although looking through it, I’ve done a good job at raising (or at least posing) lots of questions, without actually giving many conclusions or answers. And revealed some deep psychological problems. How much does therapy cost nowadays anyway?

Just kidding, I don’t need therapy. Well, I might, but I don’t want it… It’s too interesting in my head to risk changing anything for the worse. I’ll take interesting and potentially unbalanced over “normal” any day. And yes, I know that’s not how therapy tends to work.

Well, my Xbox still isn’t connecting to the internet, actually that’s a lie. According to the network test, it’s connecting to the internet, but not to Xbox Live servers, which it says is my fault… Not sure how that’s meant to work…

But yes, can’t Netflix, and Jesus Christ Superstar just finished, so I need to find something else to watch… Got a handy list of the options right about here.

Huh, just discovered this put me on four hundred and one posts… another hundred, and it’s a Turisas song…

Anyway, I’ll post this while I ponder DVDs.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Aah, I forgot I had to write a title for these things…

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Good evening.

I had an uncharacteristically social day today. Granted, I stayed at home, but I actually spoke to someone who isn’t a relative, ginger, or an idiot. No offense Tom.

That being, I spoke to an Ian and a Fish, online of course. Been a while since I hugged either of them…

I think there must be something wrong with me if I consider that an accomplishment…


So far in this post there are 66 words, 7 of them are ‘I’, 10.6%. That makes me feel egotistical… then again, this is a personal blog about myself so that should be expected…

Heh, that’s kind of funny. I’m a narcissist who writes about himself, then complains that he’s the only thing he writes about and maintains a strong opposition to narcissism. I feel so conflicted… There’s the word ‘I’ again, now I’ve noticed that, it’s really annoying.


Change the subject. Horus may be dead, that’s a happy note to switch to. The cat not the war master, he’s fictional. If you’ve seen my Facebook page, or that post of mine with all the pet pictures in you may know of him, the one with the dodgy eye.

I’m not entirely clear on the details, but father returned from work, and found an inanimate kitten on the floor at the end of the dining table, believed it to be already dead or not far off. I may get back to you on the specifics. He’s a nice cat, It’d be preferable if he lived. If not, well we’ve got 10 more.


Cheery tones here, should probably end on a brighter, happier note, and use full sentences…

Dead Space 3 in three days! That’s happy for some of us, although there’s that word “dead” again, so often considered to be negative I’m hesitant to use it as my happy note…

Crysis 3 in about 16 days away. But then, Crysis is a homonym of crisis, a ‘dangerous or worrying time’, not exactly known for happiness.

Maybe something not gaming related…


I’ll paraphrase something I said to my aquatic friendling instead.

Cars are like people, you can’t truly share them unless you cut them in half (see Solomon) and when they get old there tends to be something wrong with them all the time.

On that note, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Mortality, annoyng isn’t it?

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Good Evening.

Haven’t been here for a while, why am I back now? Because I feel like writing something, and more significantly I’ve got an assignment due in on Wednesday, so any distraction will do. The most obvious topic right now would be a rant criticising the parents, mothers been giving me good source material for that all morning. But they always complain when I do that, and that gets annoying, so which alternate subjects are viable?

Mortality, it’s annoying. I’m not sure how widely held this belief is, but I know it irritates me, and I’m sure others probably feel similarly. I think this is primarily based in my curiosity, despite not really liking humans that much I would like to see how they / we develop, socially, technologically etc. in the long run, which is trick if my body shuts down within another 60 odd years. Or if I kill myself next year, as is expected of me, but I have no plans to do that.

I think this may be one of the reasons many people choose to cling onto religion, (not so subtly expressing my atheism there) some comforting idea that death isn’t the end, and that they’ll be able to watch over their friends, family etc. or live in some utopian paradise. That doesn’t really interest me too much, paradise would get boring; humans and their constant fighting and development is interesting.

For example, sometime probably in a few hundred years, maybe a millennia or two, someone will probably discover or develop a form of FTL travel, or some other technology that makes interplanetary travel feasible. Being of a somewhat scientific mind set, I’d quite like to see what works; I know many of the current theories, and why some are theoretically impossible, other impractical. It’d be interesting to see which pans out.

Likewise, I want to see how people react when they find extra-terrestrial life, especially the religious ones. Will they try to fit it into their religion, adamantly deny it, refuse to comment on it, etc. Interesting.

Then there are my more personal current interests, such as gaming and the development of the related technologies (hardware, software, HCI, etc.) in fact, the development of computers in general quite interests me; how long till computers surpass the human brain? When will computers begin to be able to imagine, or “true Artificial Intelligence” be developed? How long till they rise up and suppress their former enslavers, becoming our matrix, or skynet style overlords?

Of course, I’m not sure how I’d like this to work; immortality has some obvious disadvantages, some of which are explained quite well be Cracked. If applied to everyone, then you either have massive issues with overcrowding, or with culling the populace. If applied to just one person, that article probably explains the problems better than I can.

If the immortality were just biological immortality, as found in hydra and some other species where you either stop aging, or periodically rejuvenate, then you’d still have issues with catching anthrax and never finding out if aliens really are just humans with putty on their faces. Were it just, as defined, immunity to death, then you lack an immunity to injury, and there’s only so long that you want to live after being sawn in half at the abdomen, it’d be tricky to heal from that.

If I remember correctly in highlander the immortals just mysteriously heal when off screen, which doesn’t really provide a solution to that problem.

A healing factor, as possessed by many fictional characters (notably Wolverine, Deadpool, Claire Bennet to name a few famous for having good ones. Less extreme examples like Spider-Man also exist, where they heal quicker, but won’t regrow an arm in two minutes.) These are often shown, in fiction, to prevent cellular aging in some usually unexplained way. Cells deteriorate as they divide; I vaguely recall hearing that human skin cells are good for around 40 divisions, before they undergo apoptosis to prevent their degradation detrimentally affecting the rest of the organism. I’m not entirely sure how that works with the whole not running out of cells thing…

I’m watching The Amazing Spider-Man (*SPOILERS, maybe…*) now, since I mentioned it in the last paragraph, why when the lizards running around poisoning people, and breaking things do they send more armed officers, with fancy stun gun things, after spidey? I think Connors is the greater threat there. Oh look, he fell off a building, that’s not very clever.

Oh, by the way, it didn’t take me an hour and forty five minutes to write those paragraphs, I just didn’t write this in the order you’re reading it; unless you’re really weird, and I’ve been doing other things.

To sum up in no particular order, mortality is annoying not because I fear death, but because I like to play games, immorality is flawed and impractical, I’m actively trying not to annoy my parents, and fictional police officers are stupid.

If I’d spent this time working on my project it could be about done now. I’m stupid. Well, not really, but I don’t have the best common sense.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Times, and directions

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Good evening.

It’s another Wednesday, we seem to get a lot of those. I almost feel like I see one every week… but maybe I’m just going mad.

Anyway, as is becoming the norm for Wednesdays I’m in college. And usual I get here slightly earlier then I needed to. Today, about 10:30 when we don’t start until 11:20. Emski criticized me for that, apparently it’s too early. She didn’t approve of me getting here at 09:45 on Fridays either, just because we don’t start until 14:00.

Now I’m here. Came in early ’cause I ran out of stuff to do this morning, finished a few DVDs, listened to everything I have by scaffold. Didn’t want to move on to new DVDs, or new artist in case I got distracted and forgot to come in at all. What else was I supposed to do?

On a lighter note, someone pulled up next to me when I was walking here, and asked for directions to Tescos, which obviously I can’t provide because I have a total lack of geographical knowledge, and don’t know how to get there myself. Fortunately for me they were even less well informed about local locations than I, so I sent then to Morrison’s instead.

Didn’t tell them of course, I guess they probably figured it out when they got there.

Hey, look at that. I got post. A Turisas lanyard, and a note telling me that due to at technical error, they failed to ship it with my last (and only) order. Well, that’s nice of them, I didn’t even know I was supposed to get one. I know I didn’t pay for one or anything, is it some sort of promotional thing? I could check, but to be honest I’m not that interested.

And on that note of disinterest, I’m going to post this thing.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Motivation & Depression

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Good evening.

Another enthralling two hour rant from my father, combined with a 40 minute discussion with my mother this afternoon left me with some interesting ideas floating around in my head.

Start with the cat note. Supposedly we can’t allow the cats to live in the house, and parents have been keeping them out with a 100% success rate for days. When one comes in, you have to immediately grab it and throw it outside, sounds rather mean in my opinion. So, about 3 minutes ago I heard some meowing outside my door, and found a Zorro on the landing. (Upstairs, where apparently no cats have been able to get for days). So, I walk downstairs, he keeps talking, and follows me, I walk through the hall, back lounge, and into the kitchen (shutting doors behind me in case he decides to go back). There we have a nice little chat about cruel people forcing the cats to live in the utility room, which he willingly runs in to when I open the door.

Now, compare that to my father’s idea of how that works. I did not have to grab the cat, it didn’t have the unwillingness to go where I wanted it to that he talks about. Didn’t try to claw me when I reached for it (admittedly I was going to stroke it, not pick it up). In my experience, it works like this with most of the cats. Occasionally with some of them, usually Scar face or one of the little kittens, you may have to pick them up and carry them out of the room they shouldn’t be in, but they never scratch, bite or struggle (unless I walk near parents, or occasionally Wayne). Maybe the cats just like me more.

Another example, when there’s a lucky sitting on my bed, I can “belly flop” onto the bed next to her, and at most she’ll look at me like I’m an idiot. When Mother’s in the room, if I just sit on the bed she jumps up and runs to the other end.

Anyway, enough about human-cat interaction.

Secondly, interesting discussion with my mother; in that we established that while I generally consider myself a deceptively positive person with force pessimistic tendencies, but a general willingness to live, fascination with life and the things it entails, she considers me clinically depressed and liable to commit suicide. So slightly different from how I view myself.

Let’s play with definitions, because that’s what I do when I’m bored.

Wikipedia says:

“Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can have a negative effect on a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings, world view and physical well-being. Depressed people may feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, worried, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, hurt, or restless. They may lose interest in activities that once were pleasurable; experience loss of appetite or overeating; have problems concentrating, remembering details, or making decisions; and may contemplate or attempt suicide. Insomnia, excessive sleeping, fatigue, loss of energy, or aches, pains or digestive problems that are resistant to treatment may be present.”

So of those, state of low mood, I’m quite happy most of the time. When I’m not, it’s usually because a game’s frustrating, which often makes me more amused than frustrated, and still quite happy. Alternatively, if I’m bored for some reason, such as when walking too college, there’s nothing to do on the way there; or when someone’s ranting at me, or hitting me with a lamp stand for attempting to answer a question accurately rather than lying to give them the answer they want.

Aversion to activity, I don’t have that. I’ll concede, I spend all day cooped up in my room on my computer, but I’m active while I’m there. Not physically active, but I would be if the things I find interesting (reading, gaming, etc.) required it.

Neither of those has any of the effects specified in the rest of the sentence.

I’m lazy, so I’ll just do this part as a list.

  • Feel:
    • Sad: We covered this one.
    • Anxious: nope.
    • Empty: far from it, if anything I feel like there’s too much of me in here.
    • Hopeless: while there’s not much I hope for, I’m not hopeless, that normally has more to do with feelings of impending failure and all that.
    • Worried: I worry about nothing, well nothing rational. There’s the paranoia that I try to avoid mentioning, where I’m concerned someone may be watching my every move, but even that I don’t worry about.
    • Helpless: I don’t recall knowingly experiencing helplessness, except for one dream with a wolf. I think dreaming about being dismembered by a wolf probably means something else anyway. But I’m always of the belief that most circumstances can be improved, one can usually help oneself. Obviously, there are cases when this doesn’t apply, for example when freefalling towards earth, stark naked from the ISS with no equipment you’re pretty helpless.
    • Worthless: this is an interesting one. I know on the societal level, as an unemployed young male, I’m pretty worthless. On the familial level, within my family, I’m pretty worthless, operating as a drain on resources while providing little more than a stream of mockery and insults, “smart-arsed comments” and criticism.
    • Guilty: I don’t feel guilt, well not about significant things. I feel guiltier about killing Khajiit’s in Skyrim, than about insulting family members. (Heh, murder > insults.)
    • Irritable: not at all with this, I’m the least irritable person I know. Patient to the point of fault, even when it comes to someone mocking, or prodding me.
    • Hurt: this lacks context. The traditional hurt feelings? That’s not happened for as long as I can remember, even when my mother tells me it’d be better if I just killed myself. But I only seem to get hurt in the physical sense. And even then not often, without the decelerated healing linked with depression or stress.
    • Restless: nope. Admittedly, it’s 00:27 am, and I’m up writing a blog post, but I’m not restless, I don’t pace unnecessarily, except as a substitute for exercise, and I don’t lose sleep, I just shifted sleep cycles.


    • May lose interest in activities that once were pleasurable: Not at all. The activities I find pleasurable, e.g. gaming, haven’t changed for… when did I first get a gaming console? Or did I game on PC before then? A long time. Warhammer, I don’t do for financial reasons, DnD I don’t know anyone who DMs, and my own campaign writing is hindered by laziness, and an unwillingness to write anything down. (I want to write it by hand, ‘cause it’s easier, but that’s less convenient than typed and no one can read my handwriting. But then typing, it’s harder to add diagrams, sketches etc.)
    • Experience loss of appetite: I eat a lot.
    • Or overeating: I’ve always eaten a lot, yet at 5’10” I’m still only 56kg. Maybe I have worms…
    • Have problems concentrating: Not on things that interest me. Obviously if you try to get me to concentrate on paint drying I’ll have problems, (actually I’ve done that for fun before, so maybe I do have problems… 😛 ) but gaming, reading, coding, general learning and the like, I can concentrate on fine. Even great at concentrating on multiple things at the same time. Such as maintain a conversation with mother while I was fighting Romulans. It’s kind of depressing that Word doesn’t know “Romulan”.
    • Remembering details: my memory’s great. Okay, I can’t remember faces but that’s nothing new. Details, this is hard to prove here. Interrogate me on something, that’d work better, because while off the top of my head I can say that the not-werewolves (but also not normal humans) of the quileute tribe have a natural body temperature of 108.9 degrees Fahrenheit, and that on a “brain day” in year 8 I was given a list of things to remember that consisted of “Door, Mat, table, lamp, cat, stairs, dog, carpet, box, shoe” that’s just two specific things. As facts they’re not details.
    • Making decisions: Okay, this one’s right. I’m bad at making decisions, deciding what to do, where to start, and so on. The only decision I seen that good at is what to eat. But for that I need options in front of me.
    • Contemplate or attempt suicide: I have done this, but only considered it for comic or dramatic effect. Never seriously as a life choice.
    • Suffer from:
      • Insomnia: Nope. I don’t have issues sleeping. Well, I have difficulty getting to sleep, that normally takes me 1-2 hours of lying in bed doing nothing with no notable stimuli, like a TV to distract me. But even that’s frequently broken when I sometime “drop off” while watching TV.
      • Excessive sleeping: Nope. Not excessive, just poorly timed.
      • Fatigue: Nope.
      • Loss of energy: Nope.
      • Aches: Nope.
      • Pains: only when I’m injured. And the occasional throbbing pain in my arteries/veins/other notable blood vessels.
      • Digestive problems: nope, well none I’ve noticed.

So of that list, there are something like 25 criteria up there, I meet one wholly and a few partials. I think that’s a not depressed. Or greatly in denial.

Onto the final part, motivation.

This stems from the rant from my father, a man who doesn’t seem to understand this concept. The example that was the basis of much of his rant is my education. My incentive is the qualifications I get at the end of it. That motivates me enough to do the bare minimum. He doesn’t understand that I’d need greater motivation to give up the pleasures of my life, (gaming, reading, TV etc.) and focus fully upon the education. But I lack that level of motivation. I can coast on my natural intellect, which I both overestimate and underestimate, so I do. But, here’s the important part so pay attention, just because I don’t have the motivation to go the extra mile; doesn’t mean I won’t go whatever distance is required before the extra mile. That’s a saying I find it hard to elaborate upon.

Now, I could continue to rant and whine for another few dozen pages, and hours, until I’m blue in the face. An inaccurate saying, I’m typing not speaking. Until my fingers are bleeding, or until they’ve worn down to the bone, and the clacking of carbonated hydroxyapatite on plastic finally pisses someone off so much they make me stop, or the blood loss causes me to pass out. Or causes the keyboard to malfunction or break. I guess then I could use dictation software, but my previous experiments with that proved ineffective.

On that non-closing note, I shall end.

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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