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Good Evening. (Not the first post here to have that name.)

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(This is quite old by the time I actually got round to posting it. I also can’t remember what it says, and I’m too lazy to do my final read-through and remove all that shit I probably shouldn’t have written – or at least shouldn’t post.)

Good evening.

I keep getting criticised for not posting anything here. Mostly by a panda who now seems to feature in just about every one of my posts…

Personally I think it’s because I have nothing to say, and I’d rather not post anything then something no ones going to read. Not that anyone actually comes here to read what I have to say, it’s all people searching for Salad Plates, or information on Toby Turner. That’ll teach me to mention youtubers, or crockery.

I suppose to appease those looking for the latter; I could add another page to that effect, but not now. I have other things to do right now. I’m in an incredibly loud and crowded cluster, where I should be working on an assignment for Colin, instead I’m writing this.

Out of a desire not to come across as a whiny teenager, I shall avoid mentioning the events of yesterday, but that doesn’t really leave me with much to talk about. Basically just Mass effect 3, as that’s the only other thing I’ve done since Friday. (Aside from sleeping and eating.) Healthy diet I guess, yesterday for tea, dinner? I don’t know, main meal of the day in the evening. What would you call it? But for whatever it’s called I had meat. Beef to be precise. The alternative was beef and mashed potatoes., or beef and bread. Both of which I find about as appealing as beef and tiramisu, that popular dish we’re all so fond of.

Is it clear I had nothing to say yet? Looking back I think my most interesting post was an interview with a Leeski, I guess I could try more interviews. Who’d be available, a panda? He’s not exactly interesting, but then neither is Leeski.

Prompted by a conversation with the aforementioned panda, staggered releases. Different context though. The example I shall start with is Mass Effect 3. In North America, released on 06/03/2012, (Well, 03/06/2012 because they don’t know how to write the date,) In Europe it was 09/03/2012. Why the 3 day difference? I’d understand a delay to Japan, or even mainland Europe if they had to provide alternate audio to none-English speaking countries. But Bioware in a way were nice. Last year with The Lord of the Rings, War in the north. US release date was 01/11/2012 (11/01/2012 for you Americans), European release was 03/11/2012 iirc, UK release wasn’t until the 25th. (or 21st, I don’t remember…) But that’s an – so far as I’m aware – unexplained delay of 20 days over when it could have been released.

Now, were I an imbecile, I may theorise that the reason is just to annoy customers, fortunately, I’m not infected, nor am I a rodent. My guess would be some sort of legal thing, giving a copyright time to be processed, or something. But no evidence given that’s the case.

I guess it’s not as bad as quite a few Nintendo games that are Japan-exclusive, and there were things like battlefield 3 where – according to my brother – all none-American buyers got free upgrades, and bonus content that was unavailable in America. But way round is far less common (mostly due to the number of games produced in the locations).

Seems illogical from a marketing viewpoint. Just annoys us people who have to wait longer. I ended up ignoring all social networking from the sixth until the tenth (My ME3 got here a day late) to make sure I didn’t get any spoilers. Wasn’t helped by Gingee who seemed to want to read everything he could find out about the game, and then tell everyone in sight. Mildly annoying, GLaD I didn’t have to be near him…

I did a great job at not sounding like a whiney teenager didn’t I?

And now Microsoft word wants to change that to: “I did a great job at not sounding like a whiney teenager didn’t me?”

I may be wrong, but I think that’s not right. That made sense…

Okay, that was written on Friday the16th o something, is that right? Was that a Friday? Not sure… a Friday near the 16th anyway. It’s Wednesday the 21st now. I didn’t post this, because I had it on my memory stick that I never used at home… Well, not never; just not since Friday. Similar concepts… Eternity, and Friday at college.

Since then, I’ve played Mass Effect 3, Star Trek Online, and that’s about it I’m writing this while trying to think of an appropriate method of educating users on how to use a system that requires them to tick a few appropriate boxes, and click a button or two. How can I do that without being patronising? Am I concerned with that? Not really. That makes it simpler. How about starting it with:

“If you need this guide you’re an ******* idiot (something less polite perhaps?). Never the less, I shall endeavour to assist you in your incompetence, although is ticking boxes clearly labelled with text and pictures is beyond you, I imagine you’ll also be incapable of reading, or at least understanding this.”

Or would that be bad?

Ben blew up the microwave.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


Something i found lying around.

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Good Evening.

I found this lying around unposted.

Good Evening.

Right now, I’m at college. I got here at 08:44, I don’t have to be here until 09:15. I feel like I get here a bit earlier then I need to…

On a semi-related side note, I’m also typing on one of their keyboards. It’s unnecessarily heavy, they seem to have put a block of metal in it for some reason… not the point. On the back someone has written “working” in permanent marker. That seems a bit silly, what about when it stops working? It’s broken but labelled permanently as operational? Or is it working in a different context? On weekends might I expect to find this keyboard stacking shelves in Morrison’s? If so can I have it’s job, I’m sure having arms makes me better qualified.

You may have noticed I’m feeling lightly childish today.

I saw something rather unusual this morning. A brain damaged kitten, insensitively nicknamed “Spaggy”, fighting several sheets of bubble wrap.

The bubble wrap won.

As you may know, today is the 9th of November, although knowing me I wont post this until about 23:00 so you probably wont be reading this until the 10th. So it’s 2 days until Skyrim, I’m going to be really annoying till then aren’t I… at the moment most of my brain is occupied with Skyrim, well most of it that’s doing anything really noticeable… ignoring sensory perception, motor control etc. so most things that happen near me I try to link to Skyrim, which I guess is better then linking everything to youtubers…

But Skyrim’s released on Friday, and I’m at college on Fridays… so I’m not going to go home at lunch, because if either copy is there, I probably won’t come back in. I don’t like missing edumacation, but I like The Elder Scrolls franchise eve more. On the off chance that someone who reads this actually posts a comment, and is getting Skyrim, what are your plans for 11.11.11? and now I think I’ve used the term “Skyrim” too much in this post.

Panda’s late… he should have been here 44 seconds ago, and he’s only just arrived.

The Ethical chicken gets the tomato.

So, it’s now 11:41, and I’m meant to be writing about research methodologies or something… it’s not the most interesting thing in the world…

And I kind of neglected this, so it’s now 08:54, on Friday the 11th of November. So, happy birthday mother! And my apologies for inevitably abandoning you this evening to play Skyrim. Or, working on assumed post times, apologies for abandoning you last night to play skyrim.

On a potentially amusing side note, it’s 11.11.11 now, and the post normally arrives at about 11.

So hopefully my Skyrim (for PC, Xbox copy is coming by courier) will arrive at 11:11:11 11.11.11; or perhaps with one less one…

Doesn’t really matter, I probably wont get back until 14:00-15:00…

Just think mortals, this is probably the only 11.11.11 most of you will see. I doubt many of you will live until 11.11.2111. More fun will be in about 9,100 years when it’s 11.11.11111.

Hehe, optimistic people talking about “black Friday”, saying stuff like “there’s massive discounts, you’ll be able to get Modern Warfare 3 for 20 pence.”

No offence, but you’re idiots.

And now Stephenson College is stopping me going on the website for the courier that’s delivering me Skyrim CE, because it’s games. No it’s not, it’s a courier.

 Well, that’s boring.

Ta-ta, thanks for reading.

-Love Willski.

oh, and i’m not going to buy starcraft Gary.

The dates are off, because I mised midnight by nearly 2 hours… 1 hr 57 minutes…

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Good Evening.

Is it wrong I end all my emails, including those to places like Stephenson’s college, with ‘Love Willski’?

As you may have noticed, I didn’t post anything on the 9th. I also didn’t post anything on a lot of other days, but I had a reason for this one. On the ninth, warhammer 40k Space Marine was released, so I completed the sorty mode/campaign, sorty? The closest word I can think of to that is sortie… well, I suppose the stiry, story mode is one of those… anyway, I’ve got to learn to type again… this is getting annoying. Only on normal, because I’m that lazy, and went in the multiplayer, which is actually fun! Didn’t expect that…


So, at present I think I’m level 20… hehe, I find it fun, doesn’t mean I’m good at it.

And I keep getting distracted because the word ‘sortie’ reminds me of Modern major General so that’s running through my head… repeatedly… and ii don’t know the words… most infuriating… well… not really, perhaps frustrating… annoying… I don’t know… some word.

Hmm, something just fell over by/against my door, I think it was an Archie going to sleep… Well, lying down… he does that there a lot… even when it’s open… strange dog… lots of ellipsis’s…

And now to look for jobs on the internet. me-thinks.

So, permanent semi-realistic ones…

Bar staff… I might meet someone I know… could apply I suppose.

Boots Customer assistant. I know someone who did work there, and went to university, I suppose that could be his job…

Casualty simulator. Do I get to bleed?

Cleaner, sounds fun!

Cook, well, I can’t…

These are fun. Jobs within 5 miles was one of my search parameters. A moderate portion of the results, Location: Europe. Well, I suppose that is within 5 miles… also within 100 miles, and I don’t think I could walk that.

Panel Wirer? What’s that? Meh, it’s in Leicester, I can’t move that far easily

Plant Welder? Oh, is that welding in a plant, not welding plants… that’d make more sense…

Costa Coffee store manager? Well I do like the smell of Coffee, but I can’t manage…

This one’s vague. Team member. Coalville, Leicestershire.

Wind Turbine Sales manager in, wait for it… not really waiting, it’s just the next line…


Why does everyone think Glasgow is within 5 miles of here? ‘Cause I’m sure it’s more like two hundred and forty five, as the Nazgûl flies…

Not even the first to say that, Asda did the same thing.

Anyway, I just spent about 2-3 hours on Sup Com 2 with a panda… now it’s 01:51… so i’m going to bed… and i just hit my computer with a chair… that’s mean…

Hehe, sorry, watching “Movie Night” again…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

interesting shirts, OBUSC, and lamps.

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Guten abend.

So, I’m once again in the Study area of the sixth form centre… haven’t done one of these in here for a while have I… I’ve had quite a good morning to far, woke up at six, turned alarms off, went to sleep for an hour, played Powder toy version 47.1 beta, tis awesome!

Craig tried to get me to teach him German, I’m not the best choice for that considering how little I know… but I’m still planning on buying a teach yourself German thing, they cost money! It’s weird.

At present I’m wearing a TOBUSCUS t-shirt, which may or may not have had something to do with Jemma (think I spelled that right, she’s opposed to ‘G’s)  repeatedly saying ‘Bless your face, outro of darkness then redness then whiteness.’ Of course with this jacket, it’s more of an ‘OBUSC’ shirt…

So, that was fun…

Err, yeah, I think that’s all I had to ssay, I’ll go eavesdrop and see if any interesting topics crop up…

As you may have noticed, I keep forgetting to add titles to my posts before, err, posting them. Which is mildly frustrating… and I have no money, also not good… I gave it to Benski, so he could buy stuff… I’ll try to remember to add a link to something relevant there…

Right, Tyler’s looking at pictures of lamps, he has very unusual fetishes. Gary is doing something chemistry-ish… people behind me (Charlie, Freya, and Becky) are having a very odd conversation, they seem to change topic every two minutes, cars at the moment…

Yeah, that’s weird… I think I’ll leave them to it.

Thanks for reading, have a good day, if you like, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

LotR BfME II, tRotWK. International waste of time, err… day, and other things…

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Good Evening my Avian Fiends.

What would that be, Avoral? Vrocks? No, they’re Guardinals and Demons, respectively.

So, I was playing The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle Earth II, The Rise of the Witch King… that was fun and a long name… (Bad Norbert!) I played Elves, against Goblins… that’s very easy once you’ve got all heroes to level 5-10, (inc. Treebeard and Galadriel) and over a dozen eagle… (exc. Summoned…) yeah. That didn’t last long, I only managed to drag it out to 1 hour 1 minute some seconds…

Have you ever noticed what weird shapes human muscles are? Not that it’s easy to tell on me, with none really leaving any notable visible impact whatsoever… seriously, I tense my arm, nothing… it’s kinda weird…

So, today was ‘International day’ at KE VII. (King Edward VII, a Specialist Science and Sports college.) that was terrible. Instead of chemistry, or biology, whatever it was I’d have had first, I had to listen to some Cambrian, from Cumbria, duh… hate that word… talk about renewable energy. (hehe, when I typed ‘talk’, Toby said ‘talk’ (in Bioshock Infinite Literal Trailer.)) Or more accurately, rant about how much he hates wind farms. Second lesson, instead of a free with all my lovely, and mysteriously ‘ill’, friendlings. And by ‘ill’, of course I mean skiving. They even planned it in advance. On that note, my plan of getting food poisoning didn’t work… what was I talking about? Aah yes, instead of that, I got to piss off someone from that weird CND thing… that was great… but boring, they got the eyes all wrong. I’m gonna put the cat out, back in a minute.


3rd lesson; only did that ‘cause I like the little ‘rd’. instead of a chemistry lesson, I had The Empires Game. In which I tried to lose! No one would guess me, I ended up controlling over half of Africa only counting the relevant ones) before someone finally got my subtle hints. For example, saying to the opposition, (2 left at the time,) that they were allotted in alphabetical order, I was last. And Zimbabwe was the last country. That was annoying…

4th, I got to be part of a head, get photographed a bunch of times, they obviously don’t know I don’t resolve on photos. Right word? I’m not sure… either way it’s a factually inaccurate joke. After that I spent 40 minutes trying to sleep while there was some presentation, and ‘pop music’ being projected on the wall…

Bullet with Butterfly winds, interesting song…

Lunch, that was great, annoyed Ian’s by photographing them, well, him… and Emma’s by throwing things at them. Emma, by the way, has to be one of the stupidest semi-intelligent people I know. She stole my phone to watch videos of Craig and Ian, and at the end of lunch I asked for it back, she refused to give it to me, so I said, ‘okay, easier…’ then drifted off into thoughts… and immediately left. She then shouted after me ‘aren’t you forgetting something?’ gesturing towards my phone she’d refused to give to me moments before. She didn’t see the link there… grr…

Anyway, 5th lesson was something… don’t know what it was called. We had to build a tower out of Marshmallows and Spaghetti. Not the easiest task. As there were only 10 of us, we were split into 2 teams of 5. Becky, Jack, Laura something, unnamed other and I on one, a bunch of yobbish youths on the other. Due to placement of people, they could only see one of our towers, and at about 10 minutes to go, theirs was about 1.5X the height of ours. We then affixed the second tower, my wonderful little creation, to the top of the first tower, over doubling its height. Yeah, they kind of didn’t like that, so started trying to knock our tower down with marshmallow munitions. Cheating little bastards. So yeah, we won that, we had the taller tower, and it was free standing. Theirs fell down when it wasn’t attached to them. in about 2 seconds it went from 87(?)cm to less than 40 (approx..).

Then, of course, it was finally over. YAY!

If this blog implies I had fun today at any point before 13:20, you’re seriously mistaken.

What else was there? I was fighting Archie today, he’s a fun little Setter… the swine wouldn’t stop chasing me…

Rusty Cage, that’s a weird song…

Not as weird as this though… ‘Turn Around, Look at Me – The Letterman.’ Not written by them… great song, sing it when you’re following strangers. Loud enough for them to hear, of course, if I keep adding clauses will that green line go away?

Yay! It worked!

I had to clear some space on my memory stick, for phone, today…

Louis Armstrong – What a wonderful World, great song!

Woah, gone through a lot there, in the last 800 and something words…

Anyway, I have 9 days ahead of me, with no structured plans of what to do. (except visiting grandparents…) so expect missed blogs.

But if any of you want to visit, feel free. And I’d be happy to provide mothers alcohol. For you, not me. I don’t drink, anything, except blood… joke. But not alcohol, except the stuff in the food… which if Mother cooks it is enough to drop a horse…


Bob Dylan, The Times they are A-Changin’. Great song.

Anyhow, on that note, I shall leave you to your fate. Or sleep, or whatever…

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Time to hug Panda :)

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Good Evening.

I’m going to hug a panda. Gary.

Hmm, that was unusually difficult. resistant swine, I’ll try again.

HUZZA! he wasn’t overly pleased about that…

Anyhow… I hugged Ianski as well, and Beckski… Who’s left in here? Leeski, Tylerski… Not Craig, or Stevenski, because they’re lazy… and went home… So, off to get those two, (Leeski, and Tylerski of course.)

got them.

Okay, I think that’s all I had to say…

Paid for UCAS, sent it to ‘Referee’… 

So, Thanks for reading, Ta-ta

Love Willski.

Odd, Craig has returned… That means i have to attack someone else…

Yay! Got them all again. 😛

Anyhow, thanks for reading, again, Tata, again…

Love Willski, again…

Cookie hostages, Nameskis, SNOW!

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Good Eveningski

It was snowing again. Yay! We got sent home from KEVII at about 14:00 today; I got home at about 14:55, (walking from 14:15 till 14:45, car after that.) I had a free last, so I pretty much just lost 20 minutes of chemistry, and had to walk for a while rather than sitting in a moderately comfortable chair for an hour…

Confused and annoyed Craig today, I questioned his fondness of Ianski, then moved away from his, and explained it by saying ‘Don’t mind me, I’m just homophobic.’ Once that processed in his tiny little mind he didn’t seem overly pleased.

Ianski doesn’t really work, does it…? Who does it work with? List time!

Craig lost his ski.

Willski yup.

More organisedski:


  • Mumski/Melski/Melanieski
  • Emski/Emilski
  • Benski
  • Tobyski
  • Wendyski
  • Daveski
  • Tomski
  • Dadski/Nickski
  • Leeski
  • Lukeski
  • Will Mk1 ski
  • Titchski and perhaps Daveski, if he likes being called Dave, if Davidski then no.

Sort ofskis:

  • Krisski/Kriski
  • Beckyski/Beckski
  • Garyski
  • Joshski
  • (Other) Joshski
  • Kierski
  • Jeffski
  • Domski

Not so muchskis:

  • Charlieski
  • Nicholasski
  • Jamesski/Jameski
  • Callumski
  • Connorski
  • Meakinski
  • Peterski
  • Abbieski
  • Liamski

Not in the slightestskis:

  • Nathanski
  • Emmaski
  • Freyaski
  • Stevenski
  • Tylerski

My cookies are being held hostage, by a matriarchal fiend! We shall burn her at the stake. On Thursday. That reminds me, Thursday Next, I’m still reading First among sequels, the 4th sequel, the next one’s not released until January so I’ll have to find something else to read till then, Halo: Fall of Reach, that’ll take about a 8 hours… I’ll have to buy more, but I can’t do that until after Christmas… :/

Okay, Books, Names, Gays/Craigs, he won’t like that, walking, WEATHER!

Snow is great, I love snow, I don’t like ‘grit’, it ruins it, you just get brown slushy stuff, that’s horrible to walk on… grr… I won’t rant about weather, I may be British, but I don’t conform to stereotypes.

That’s everything, seeing as nothing particularly interesting happened on Reach, or Mass Effect.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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