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I don’t trust princes…

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Good evening my feline friends.

Speaking of cats, lucky seems to be ill or something, she’s thinning, balding, and no longer stronger than me.

Anyway, I recently completed a Get Into programme with the Princes Trust, which for the most part was interesting and probably useful. Don’t want to just say it was useful as an absolute, because it finished at about 13:00 today, (probably yesterday by the time I post this) so it’s not really had a chance to prove its worth, but I’m sure its time will come. The only real negative experiences came from being forced to stand up in front of a horde (crowd? Audience?) and the curtailing of my creativity by those who don’t appreciate humour in serious presentations. Which is understandable, although choose to feign offence at the way this was ‘explained’ to me.

Anyway, negativity aside I had four weeks of unpaid work, driving for 80 minutes a day, learning new software, and a ridiculous amount of cake-baking. Well, not ridiculous really, you can never have enough cake, I may have made 96 of the things in under a week but more cake can’t be a bad thing. And I learned how to pipe icing, which to be totally honest wasn’t directly related to the Princes Trust in any way, but they sort of coincided so I’ll ignore the obviously fallacious nature of the assumption the two are related. I’ll see which pictures I took survived and throw them in here somewhere…

As much as I hate to praise things, at least things that aren’t me, I do have to say it was generally good. Well, I don’t have to say that, but honesty is a thing when humour’s not involved, so yeah…

On that note, I mentioned the curtailing of creativity, because I like alliteration, and because in the final presentation/celebration/whatever we have to do a little speech thing, and talk about how the programme was. In the interest of not being antagonistic, or a dick, I wrote a nice one on the Thursday (I say wrote, it was transcribed by someone whose writing is more script than scrawl, relatively speaking at least) that more or less said the stuff they wanted to hear without straying far from the truth. Of course, this being me I also had the more… me-ish version, which in my opinion is decidedly more interesting. Not as refined as I’d have liked, I meant to work on it Thursday night but I got distracted by Warframe so that didn’t happen. Instead it was rushed on Friday morning, as with everything I write it’s a combination of blunt honesty, crude humour, mildly offensive remarks, and comic exaggeration and omission all jumbled together to make a poorly constructed mess of words that amuses me. The hope was that it’d also amuse my peers, ‘cause I try to be entertaining from time to time. Then of course someone had to go and try to take it seriously, but let’s not get into that. Anyway, the following is my speech, more or less as I wrote it this morning, except in Calibri right now, for you probably whatever font my blog uses, but I don’t actually remember what that is… There are also a few tweaks to wording, the odd little addition, most of which are things I thought of on Thursday but didn’t think of again so soon after sleeping. Really addles you brain, that whole unconsciousness thing. Final disclaimer, ‘cause apparently I feel the need to repeat myself a lot, this is mostly insincere, comical cynicism designed to amuse myself and those who think similarly to me, so don’t take it as an attack, or admission of anything, very little of it is wholly true.


Good evening, my name is Will Salt, I’m 20 years old, probably, and I come from Swannington; which I say because it sounds better than Coalville. I have spent the last four weeks (well, three and a half really) working with the IT Development team at Lakeside house. While there I have learned how to use Qlick-View and how to pipe icing. Unfortunately as during those four weeks the IT department neglected to provide me with any log-in credentials I’ve been unable to do much actual work.

I joined this programme primarily to gain work experience, but also to try to gain confidence or ability in social interaction. As you may be able to tell from the fact I’m not reading this out, that didn’t go too well. So while in theory this course/programme looked useful, in reality it turned out to be less than exceptional (through chance, not design) but still an interesting experience.

I hope that my less-than-honest claims of what this course did for me will help me find employment, although in reality I think it’s just allowed me to stay away from the jobcentre for four weeks. That and given me the opportunity to do some baking and pipe icing.

However all negativity aside, I would like to thank the IT Development tea, for an interesting few weeks, and my fellow princes trust plebs for entertaining me on our college days; especially the banter of Leah and James that amused me enough to bother with the second day of the programme. And of course thanks to whichever half-wit dared to read a speech written by me, you’ve allowed me to laugh at myself without looking quite as narcissistic as I might had I spoken the words myself, and congratulations on interpreting this unintelligible scrawl.

Have fun, ta-ta.


That’s actually a lot more, tame shell we say, than the original I had in my head. Remind me to format that properly before I post it…

Sort of entertaining right? Maybe, I don’t know, it amused me anyway. Not sure why I’m assuming you’re disagreeing with me on that, because you probably don’t exist. Seriously, I look at the viewer statistics for this thing, most of the hits are from people looking for pictures of trees, saucers or, invisible cookies. And a lot looking for information about Toby Turner for some reason… Why you’d go to a sight called ‘Willski’s Ramblings’ for that is beyond me… anyway, back on topic, no one reads this. If you are reading it, I don’t like you anymore; you’re making a liar of me. 😀

Anyway, after that I had to write a new one, which would fit within their guidelines of acceptable content, for which I’d like to thank Nina for transcribing my inane utterances and forming some sort of coherent speech out of them (and maybe to apologise, my irritation at being taken seriously may have left me less than polite. Scratch that, I don’t apologise) and of course for then reading that speech out for me, as me in front of a large-ish group, hardly capable of talking.

Now I’m being sort of nice, for me at least, that’s weird…

And, people took pictures, in which I look murderous according to Gingee.


My fellow Princces-Trust-ers, among others.

My fellow Princces-Trust-ers, among others.

Don’t like being photographed, couldn’t they have hired someone to weave a tapestry or something? It’d have been more interesting.

Anyway, in conclusion (not that anyone has asked) would I recommend other unemployed young people try the Princes Trust Get Into programme? Well, no, I don’t usually recommend anything, reality is too subjective, but I wouldn’t recommend they don’t bother with it either which coming from me is probably as good as you can hope for.

I’ll follow this with my cupcake recipe ‘cause I said I would. On the basis of an off-hand comment or joke I’ve made a lot of cakes lately, given the relative lack of effort needed to post a recipe it’d seem rude not to.

Aside from that, the midget’s coming back.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

-Love Willski.


Well those pictures have come  in in the wrong order… Ehh, too lazy to fix it.

Multi-flavoured cakes

Multi-flavoured cakes


Cupcakes! Piping Icing attempt 1 – Questionable success


Aah, I forgot I had to write a title for these things…

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Good evening.

I had an uncharacteristically social day today. Granted, I stayed at home, but I actually spoke to someone who isn’t a relative, ginger, or an idiot. No offense Tom.

That being, I spoke to an Ian and a Fish, online of course. Been a while since I hugged either of them…

I think there must be something wrong with me if I consider that an accomplishment…


So far in this post there are 66 words, 7 of them are ‘I’, 10.6%. That makes me feel egotistical… then again, this is a personal blog about myself so that should be expected…

Heh, that’s kind of funny. I’m a narcissist who writes about himself, then complains that he’s the only thing he writes about and maintains a strong opposition to narcissism. I feel so conflicted… There’s the word ‘I’ again, now I’ve noticed that, it’s really annoying.


Change the subject. Horus may be dead, that’s a happy note to switch to. The cat not the war master, he’s fictional. If you’ve seen my Facebook page, or that post of mine with all the pet pictures in you may know of him, the one with the dodgy eye.

I’m not entirely clear on the details, but father returned from work, and found an inanimate kitten on the floor at the end of the dining table, believed it to be already dead or not far off. I may get back to you on the specifics. He’s a nice cat, It’d be preferable if he lived. If not, well we’ve got 10 more.


Cheery tones here, should probably end on a brighter, happier note, and use full sentences…

Dead Space 3 in three days! That’s happy for some of us, although there’s that word “dead” again, so often considered to be negative I’m hesitant to use it as my happy note…

Crysis 3 in about 16 days away. But then, Crysis is a homonym of crisis, a ‘dangerous or worrying time’, not exactly known for happiness.

Maybe something not gaming related…


I’ll paraphrase something I said to my aquatic friendling instead.

Cars are like people, you can’t truly share them unless you cut them in half (see Solomon) and when they get old there tends to be something wrong with them all the time.

On that note, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Enrolling of enrollyness.

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Good Evening.

As you may have guessed from the title of this, I enrolled today. Basically to confirm I’m attending the second year of the course, and get me fully on the system. Here’s a basic timetable of how that works.

  • 12:25     Leave the house
  • 12:30     Staff who enrol students go for lunch
  • 12:33     Arrive at college, and proceed to enrolling point
  • 12:35     Start talking to Tyler
  • 13:23     Allow Tyler to go to his lesson/Tyler leaves to go to his lesson
  • 13:30     Enrolment staff return, I observe queue from a safe distance
  • 14:00     Queue to enrol empties
  • 14:05     Currently enrolling student finish and leave the area. I approach slowly
  • 14:06     Discover I need a “returners form”
  • 14:10     Acquire lanyard, and sort out student finance and forms
  • 14:15     Enrolled on system by mothers friend
  • 14:20     Leave College
  • 14:26     Arrive home, and have breakfast

So, quite a simple process perhaps made more complicated by me. Fun though. Had a nice talk about the Lord of the Rings; does anyone remember if Haldir dies in the books? We couldn’t…

Just so anyone who reads this knows what to expect. Or probably what not to… They’re pretty unlikely circumstances…

Anyway, dear reader, have you heard the song “In the House – In a Heartbeat” by John Murphy? I say song, it’s more of a piece of music. Because I have it stuck in my head, which I’m usually fine with, don’t mind having songs running through my mind. But I do prefer it when they have words. Something I can process fully, just music I can’t; at least not how I’d like to. My minds idea for that (or perhaps ideal) would be to know the components and the sheet music as I know the lyrics. It seems unlikely I’ll ever be able to do that given my near total lack of interest, or focus.

Grr… I “like” a youtube video, and it refreshes the page and throws an advert at me. Now I have to watch Toby talking for 2 ½ minutes before getting to where I was. Ehh, that’s not so bad. I could just skip to catch up I guess… Anyway I obviously have nothing to say, and it’s 01:43 now, so I’m gonna go and sleep.

Sims 3 Supernatural is released tomorrow, which I’m excited about because I’m a child, not an actual child of course, not legally anyway. Mentally is questionable… 😛

Anyway, thanks for wasting your time reading this, Ta-ta my fiends. (Not a typo.)

Love Willski.

Yet another return of me.

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Good Evening dearest readers.

I feel I’m being optimistic with the plural there. In fact, “Reader” alone would probably be an overestimation.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything for a while, and my plan today is to change that. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of anything to say before I started writing this, so there’s a pretty good chance this won’t go well.

It is September third, 2012. My birthday was just over a week ago,(I’m 19 now, I think…) which was an interesting experience. In the sense that it was actually interesting, not like when I usually say something interesting. “I accidently put my arm in a wood chipper, which was interesting. Turns out Clark Kent’s the only one that can survive that unscathed.”

Not like that. Besides, he’s fictional, he doesn’t count. It was a genuinely interesting, if odd, day/night. We played games, watched tangled, shot each other with Nerf Guns, had cake, watched The Lord of the Rings, Extended Editions, Well the first two. They’re really long films, and ginger-type people apparently have to go home at around 09:00 AM. I may have to abduct him to watch the last one… That is assuming he wants to watch it.

Heh, I keep referring to “we” and “he”, without saying who they are. A clue, one of them is my brother, another is my ginger (apparently I own him), and the other is very inconsistent. He ranges from bovine, through equine, ursine, avian to Turian, and none of those are accurate. He’s also frequently some variety of rodent, except that he isn’t, if that makes sense.

It being the third, I have 16 days until my college course starts up again. I’m interested to find out if I’m actually still on it. I kind of hope I am, because I could do with the student finance type money, to buy parents and siblings birthday and Christmas type things, to buy myself game and film type things, and maybe to buy something educational. Hopefully they’ll have me, although I did neglect to hand a few things in by the final deadline. Hopefully they’ll just reissue them for me next year, (by next year I mean in 16 days) which they may not like… They’re picky about things like “doing the work” at that place, really they’re getting paid whether I do it or not so I don’t think they should care. Doubt they see it like that, they’d probably say “It’s because we care about our students”. What they mean is “It’s because your failing makes us look bad, and you’re just an implement for us to improve our appearance. Not in a selfish way of course, you still may get a qualification, it’s more of a symbiotic relationship, only it’s not.” Which was slightly more long winded than I initially intended it to be… And Microsoft word is really insistent I should have a question mark after that ellipsis.

I’ve added another page to this site, it includes a list of games, films, tv series etc. that I own copies of. I know, I promised you other pages first, and I’ve failed to deliver them, but that’s because I’m lazy, and none of you exist to motivate me to do things. If you do, tell me and I’ll get right on it.

You’ll also have to tell me what I was supposed to do, ‘cause I’ve kind of forgotten.

You know, (you don’t know, you will soon though assuming you keep reading) I’m the only person I know who does that, or that for that matter. The latter being the pointless clarification in brackets breaking up and elongating sentences to the point that they’re indecipherable, the former being using apostrophes like that. For example, if I try to type “evening”, but I miss the “g” in the end, I’ll go back and add an apostrophe, because that’s what it would’ve sounded like had I been saying it. As you may know, I tend to write how I speak, only without my tendency to be incoherent, hence writing ‘cause. I’m lazy, I save time not saying that syllable.

Of course my handwriting is less intelligible than my speech, I can’t read it, nor can anyone I know, so some may say that’s a closer reflection than this typing.

It appears I’m back to criticising myself, and providing a running commentary on what I’m writing. I hope that makes this at least interesting to read, because the actual content of this is irrelevant to just about everyone. I know that for a fact, I’m not delusional; at least not about the importance of my ramblings here, or lack thereof.

Interpret that however you like, it may be what I meant.

Someone finally asked me “Wie kannst du mich sehen?”, in reference to my “Ich kann dich sehen!”. My response was somewhat accurate “Durch den Einsatz von Magie, Täuschung und Lüge.“

In English that’s something like “I can see you”, “How can you see me?”, “Through the use of magic, deception and lies.”

Which is wholly accurate, I see you using magic. And I’m lying/deceiving you by claiming to have magic powers, and being able to see you. Most of you, a few of you I can see. Sometimes.

And now my dictionary’s changed to Germany, so I’m not getting any autocorrects from Microsoft word, that’s interesting. Well the only “mistake” was a none-capitalised “English”, and it thinks a one word sentence is a fragment. Which I guess is understandable.

Do you ever find there’s an annoying flashing blue light in the corner of your vision? The LED in that memory stick far brighter than it needs to be. Good memory stick though. It’s USB 3.0, a trait I’ve never exploited. I have USB 3.0 ports on my computer, but they’re on the back, which is kind of inconvenient. Oh the pointless things I own.

Anyway, I feel I’ve gone from having nothing to say, to running out of nothing to say, so I shall bid you good night, and fare well.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Good Evening. (Not the first post here to have that name.)

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(This is quite old by the time I actually got round to posting it. I also can’t remember what it says, and I’m too lazy to do my final read-through and remove all that shit I probably shouldn’t have written – or at least shouldn’t post.)

Good evening.

I keep getting criticised for not posting anything here. Mostly by a panda who now seems to feature in just about every one of my posts…

Personally I think it’s because I have nothing to say, and I’d rather not post anything then something no ones going to read. Not that anyone actually comes here to read what I have to say, it’s all people searching for Salad Plates, or information on Toby Turner. That’ll teach me to mention youtubers, or crockery.

I suppose to appease those looking for the latter; I could add another page to that effect, but not now. I have other things to do right now. I’m in an incredibly loud and crowded cluster, where I should be working on an assignment for Colin, instead I’m writing this.

Out of a desire not to come across as a whiny teenager, I shall avoid mentioning the events of yesterday, but that doesn’t really leave me with much to talk about. Basically just Mass effect 3, as that’s the only other thing I’ve done since Friday. (Aside from sleeping and eating.) Healthy diet I guess, yesterday for tea, dinner? I don’t know, main meal of the day in the evening. What would you call it? But for whatever it’s called I had meat. Beef to be precise. The alternative was beef and mashed potatoes., or beef and bread. Both of which I find about as appealing as beef and tiramisu, that popular dish we’re all so fond of.

Is it clear I had nothing to say yet? Looking back I think my most interesting post was an interview with a Leeski, I guess I could try more interviews. Who’d be available, a panda? He’s not exactly interesting, but then neither is Leeski.

Prompted by a conversation with the aforementioned panda, staggered releases. Different context though. The example I shall start with is Mass Effect 3. In North America, released on 06/03/2012, (Well, 03/06/2012 because they don’t know how to write the date,) In Europe it was 09/03/2012. Why the 3 day difference? I’d understand a delay to Japan, or even mainland Europe if they had to provide alternate audio to none-English speaking countries. But Bioware in a way were nice. Last year with The Lord of the Rings, War in the north. US release date was 01/11/2012 (11/01/2012 for you Americans), European release was 03/11/2012 iirc, UK release wasn’t until the 25th. (or 21st, I don’t remember…) But that’s an – so far as I’m aware – unexplained delay of 20 days over when it could have been released.

Now, were I an imbecile, I may theorise that the reason is just to annoy customers, fortunately, I’m not infected, nor am I a rodent. My guess would be some sort of legal thing, giving a copyright time to be processed, or something. But no evidence given that’s the case.

I guess it’s not as bad as quite a few Nintendo games that are Japan-exclusive, and there were things like battlefield 3 where – according to my brother – all none-American buyers got free upgrades, and bonus content that was unavailable in America. But way round is far less common (mostly due to the number of games produced in the locations).

Seems illogical from a marketing viewpoint. Just annoys us people who have to wait longer. I ended up ignoring all social networking from the sixth until the tenth (My ME3 got here a day late) to make sure I didn’t get any spoilers. Wasn’t helped by Gingee who seemed to want to read everything he could find out about the game, and then tell everyone in sight. Mildly annoying, GLaD I didn’t have to be near him…

I did a great job at not sounding like a whiney teenager didn’t I?

And now Microsoft word wants to change that to: “I did a great job at not sounding like a whiney teenager didn’t me?”

I may be wrong, but I think that’s not right. That made sense…

Okay, that was written on Friday the16th o something, is that right? Was that a Friday? Not sure… a Friday near the 16th anyway. It’s Wednesday the 21st now. I didn’t post this, because I had it on my memory stick that I never used at home… Well, not never; just not since Friday. Similar concepts… Eternity, and Friday at college.

Since then, I’ve played Mass Effect 3, Star Trek Online, and that’s about it I’m writing this while trying to think of an appropriate method of educating users on how to use a system that requires them to tick a few appropriate boxes, and click a button or two. How can I do that without being patronising? Am I concerned with that? Not really. That makes it simpler. How about starting it with:

“If you need this guide you’re an ******* idiot (something less polite perhaps?). Never the less, I shall endeavour to assist you in your incompetence, although is ticking boxes clearly labelled with text and pictures is beyond you, I imagine you’ll also be incapable of reading, or at least understanding this.”

Or would that be bad?

Ben blew up the microwave.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Something i found lying around.

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Good Evening.

I found this lying around unposted.

Good Evening.

Right now, I’m at college. I got here at 08:44, I don’t have to be here until 09:15. I feel like I get here a bit earlier then I need to…

On a semi-related side note, I’m also typing on one of their keyboards. It’s unnecessarily heavy, they seem to have put a block of metal in it for some reason… not the point. On the back someone has written “working” in permanent marker. That seems a bit silly, what about when it stops working? It’s broken but labelled permanently as operational? Or is it working in a different context? On weekends might I expect to find this keyboard stacking shelves in Morrison’s? If so can I have it’s job, I’m sure having arms makes me better qualified.

You may have noticed I’m feeling lightly childish today.

I saw something rather unusual this morning. A brain damaged kitten, insensitively nicknamed “Spaggy”, fighting several sheets of bubble wrap.

The bubble wrap won.

As you may know, today is the 9th of November, although knowing me I wont post this until about 23:00 so you probably wont be reading this until the 10th. So it’s 2 days until Skyrim, I’m going to be really annoying till then aren’t I… at the moment most of my brain is occupied with Skyrim, well most of it that’s doing anything really noticeable… ignoring sensory perception, motor control etc. so most things that happen near me I try to link to Skyrim, which I guess is better then linking everything to youtubers…

But Skyrim’s released on Friday, and I’m at college on Fridays… so I’m not going to go home at lunch, because if either copy is there, I probably won’t come back in. I don’t like missing edumacation, but I like The Elder Scrolls franchise eve more. On the off chance that someone who reads this actually posts a comment, and is getting Skyrim, what are your plans for 11.11.11? and now I think I’ve used the term “Skyrim” too much in this post.

Panda’s late… he should have been here 44 seconds ago, and he’s only just arrived.

The Ethical chicken gets the tomato.

So, it’s now 11:41, and I’m meant to be writing about research methodologies or something… it’s not the most interesting thing in the world…

And I kind of neglected this, so it’s now 08:54, on Friday the 11th of November. So, happy birthday mother! And my apologies for inevitably abandoning you this evening to play Skyrim. Or, working on assumed post times, apologies for abandoning you last night to play skyrim.

On a potentially amusing side note, it’s 11.11.11 now, and the post normally arrives at about 11.

So hopefully my Skyrim (for PC, Xbox copy is coming by courier) will arrive at 11:11:11 11.11.11; or perhaps with one less one…

Doesn’t really matter, I probably wont get back until 14:00-15:00…

Just think mortals, this is probably the only 11.11.11 most of you will see. I doubt many of you will live until 11.11.2111. More fun will be in about 9,100 years when it’s 11.11.11111.

Hehe, optimistic people talking about “black Friday”, saying stuff like “there’s massive discounts, you’ll be able to get Modern Warfare 3 for 20 pence.”

No offence, but you’re idiots.

And now Stephenson College is stopping me going on the website for the courier that’s delivering me Skyrim CE, because it’s games. No it’s not, it’s a courier.

 Well, that’s boring.

Ta-ta, thanks for reading.

-Love Willski.

oh, and i’m not going to buy starcraft Gary.

I HATE ECHOES!!! and other things.

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Good evening.

I’m sad now… and that doesn’t happen all too often.

I was playing Halo Wars with Gingee, Tom & Simi. As those of you who’ve read what I’ve said before may know, I generally play Xbox games multiplayers for social aspects, i.e. the conversations I have with people while playing them, only real reason I play Halo Wars most of the time, I have far better RTSs. Well, anyway, talking to people wasn’t working to well this time, because of bens Turtle Beach Headset. Marvellous headset, can’t really fault them, but the fact that everything I said I heard echoed back about a second later (coming from Simi judging from the little sound waves appearing next to his name) and that the same thing was happening for Gingee and Tom, (so I heard everything they said twice) kind of made conversation impossible. Couldn’t understand a thing anyone except ben was saying. (And his were usually negative things about me, which he’ll deny but let’s not get into that. It’s not important.)

So I’ve stopped playing Halo Wars, all I have to do now is type a blog post, and watch Sean Klitzners thanking 10,000 subscribers to find out when Emski appears in it. I’m 08:56:36 into it at the moment.

Bleh, need a drink…

So, how are you today?

Done anything interesting?

Hmm, Simi just can in and said ‘Gingee wants to chase Cole with a chainsaw’ then left again.

Isn’t it customary to have more of a conversation, or at least wait for a reply.

Just added ‘bleh’ to the dictionary, because I got bored of it being underlined.

Anyway, on a more entertaining and lavatory based side note, mother broke the handle for our toilet. The one in their en suite still works, and presumably the one downstairs. (downstairs being closest to her, and en suite being hers) but she still decided to break ours… that’s mean… so father fixed it. Instead of a handle, there’s n lid on the cistern, and a coat hanger attached to something inside.

Now to watch Fallout Nuka Break episode 2, because I forgot about it until now.

Still watching those extras.

Back to sean… 09:40:35.

So, doctor who. That seems worse than it used to be. Still good, but It’s not as good. Remember the good old episodes? Tooth and Claw, Dalek, The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances, Bad Wolf & The Parting of Ways, Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit, Army of Ghosts & Doomsday, New Earth, Sith and Jones, Gridlock, Utopia, The Sound of Drums & Last of the Time Lords, Midnight, Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead. The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End, The Waters of Mars… yeah I think that’s most of my favourites.

Hehe, I had to get a list of episodes to get all their names, the majority of those were Russel T Davies episodes.

I suppose that happens with everything. Torchwoods’s getting worse… (Miracle Day’s better than Children of the Earth, but it certainly got worse with each series aside from that.)

Sames true of most of Buffy…(I’d put them best to worst, 3,2,1,

Just passed 10 hours.

Aww, how sweet. Simi posted:

Will quits games of Halo Wars if you attack him.

So I’ve replied:

I didn’t quite when i was attacked; I left because I couldn’t stand the echo.

I had no objection to the game setup; if I had i wouldn’t have started it.

Although to be honest I expect him to delete that. And yes I corrected/modified the grammar for this version. Capitalized the ‘I’s, and allowed Microsoft word to switch the commas to Semi-colons.

And that’s annoying. YouTube’s stopped updating my subscription-ey-homepage-ey thing.

Hehe, Emski shares her birthday with 2 or 3 people currently attending KE VII, and some of Katers17s friends. (A long with a lot of other people…)

So most of today and yesterday I’ve had mother saying ‘don’t go on games, do your bridging assessment’. Which just makes me think about games… I lose interest about 5 words in and miss the rest… oddly though, the only gaming I’ve done is the halo wars today, and 3 games of space marine multiplayer before that.

Tom should buy Warhammer 40,000 space marine…

So it’s 22:24 and I have nothing to say.

Hehe, that ‘it’s’ has a green underline that turns it into ‘its’. Then it acquires a blue one that turns it back.

Only 27 minutes left.

I’ve found a religious nut on sodahead, so I’m convincing him there is no god. Is that mean?

Anyway, I was about to post this.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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