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I don’t trust princes…

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Good evening my feline friends.

Speaking of cats, lucky seems to be ill or something, she’s thinning, balding, and no longer stronger than me.

Anyway, I recently completed a Get Into programme with the Princes Trust, which for the most part was interesting and probably useful. Don’t want to just say it was useful as an absolute, because it finished at about 13:00 today, (probably yesterday by the time I post this) so it’s not really had a chance to prove its worth, but I’m sure its time will come. The only real negative experiences came from being forced to stand up in front of a horde (crowd? Audience?) and the curtailing of my creativity by those who don’t appreciate humour in serious presentations. Which is understandable, although choose to feign offence at the way this was ‘explained’ to me.

Anyway, negativity aside I had four weeks of unpaid work, driving for 80 minutes a day, learning new software, and a ridiculous amount of cake-baking. Well, not ridiculous really, you can never have enough cake, I may have made 96 of the things in under a week but more cake can’t be a bad thing. And I learned how to pipe icing, which to be totally honest wasn’t directly related to the Princes Trust in any way, but they sort of coincided so I’ll ignore the obviously fallacious nature of the assumption the two are related. I’ll see which pictures I took survived and throw them in here somewhere…

As much as I hate to praise things, at least things that aren’t me, I do have to say it was generally good. Well, I don’t have to say that, but honesty is a thing when humour’s not involved, so yeah…

On that note, I mentioned the curtailing of creativity, because I like alliteration, and because in the final presentation/celebration/whatever we have to do a little speech thing, and talk about how the programme was. In the interest of not being antagonistic, or a dick, I wrote a nice one on the Thursday (I say wrote, it was transcribed by someone whose writing is more script than scrawl, relatively speaking at least) that more or less said the stuff they wanted to hear without straying far from the truth. Of course, this being me I also had the more… me-ish version, which in my opinion is decidedly more interesting. Not as refined as I’d have liked, I meant to work on it Thursday night but I got distracted by Warframe so that didn’t happen. Instead it was rushed on Friday morning, as with everything I write it’s a combination of blunt honesty, crude humour, mildly offensive remarks, and comic exaggeration and omission all jumbled together to make a poorly constructed mess of words that amuses me. The hope was that it’d also amuse my peers, ‘cause I try to be entertaining from time to time. Then of course someone had to go and try to take it seriously, but let’s not get into that. Anyway, the following is my speech, more or less as I wrote it this morning, except in Calibri right now, for you probably whatever font my blog uses, but I don’t actually remember what that is… There are also a few tweaks to wording, the odd little addition, most of which are things I thought of on Thursday but didn’t think of again so soon after sleeping. Really addles you brain, that whole unconsciousness thing. Final disclaimer, ‘cause apparently I feel the need to repeat myself a lot, this is mostly insincere, comical cynicism designed to amuse myself and those who think similarly to me, so don’t take it as an attack, or admission of anything, very little of it is wholly true.


Good evening, my name is Will Salt, I’m 20 years old, probably, and I come from Swannington; which I say because it sounds better than Coalville. I have spent the last four weeks (well, three and a half really) working with the IT Development team at Lakeside house. While there I have learned how to use Qlick-View and how to pipe icing. Unfortunately as during those four weeks the IT department neglected to provide me with any log-in credentials I’ve been unable to do much actual work.

I joined this programme primarily to gain work experience, but also to try to gain confidence or ability in social interaction. As you may be able to tell from the fact I’m not reading this out, that didn’t go too well. So while in theory this course/programme looked useful, in reality it turned out to be less than exceptional (through chance, not design) but still an interesting experience.

I hope that my less-than-honest claims of what this course did for me will help me find employment, although in reality I think it’s just allowed me to stay away from the jobcentre for four weeks. That and given me the opportunity to do some baking and pipe icing.

However all negativity aside, I would like to thank the IT Development tea, for an interesting few weeks, and my fellow princes trust plebs for entertaining me on our college days; especially the banter of Leah and James that amused me enough to bother with the second day of the programme. And of course thanks to whichever half-wit dared to read a speech written by me, you’ve allowed me to laugh at myself without looking quite as narcissistic as I might had I spoken the words myself, and congratulations on interpreting this unintelligible scrawl.

Have fun, ta-ta.


That’s actually a lot more, tame shell we say, than the original I had in my head. Remind me to format that properly before I post it…

Sort of entertaining right? Maybe, I don’t know, it amused me anyway. Not sure why I’m assuming you’re disagreeing with me on that, because you probably don’t exist. Seriously, I look at the viewer statistics for this thing, most of the hits are from people looking for pictures of trees, saucers or, invisible cookies. And a lot looking for information about Toby Turner for some reason… Why you’d go to a sight called ‘Willski’s Ramblings’ for that is beyond me… anyway, back on topic, no one reads this. If you are reading it, I don’t like you anymore; you’re making a liar of me. 😀

Anyway, after that I had to write a new one, which would fit within their guidelines of acceptable content, for which I’d like to thank Nina for transcribing my inane utterances and forming some sort of coherent speech out of them (and maybe to apologise, my irritation at being taken seriously may have left me less than polite. Scratch that, I don’t apologise) and of course for then reading that speech out for me, as me in front of a large-ish group, hardly capable of talking.

Now I’m being sort of nice, for me at least, that’s weird…

And, people took pictures, in which I look murderous according to Gingee.


My fellow Princces-Trust-ers, among others.

My fellow Princces-Trust-ers, among others.

Don’t like being photographed, couldn’t they have hired someone to weave a tapestry or something? It’d have been more interesting.

Anyway, in conclusion (not that anyone has asked) would I recommend other unemployed young people try the Princes Trust Get Into programme? Well, no, I don’t usually recommend anything, reality is too subjective, but I wouldn’t recommend they don’t bother with it either which coming from me is probably as good as you can hope for.

I’ll follow this with my cupcake recipe ‘cause I said I would. On the basis of an off-hand comment or joke I’ve made a lot of cakes lately, given the relative lack of effort needed to post a recipe it’d seem rude not to.

Aside from that, the midget’s coming back.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

-Love Willski.


Well those pictures have come  in in the wrong order… Ehh, too lazy to fix it.

Multi-flavoured cakes

Multi-flavoured cakes


Cupcakes! Piping Icing attempt 1 – Questionable success


Times, and directions

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Good evening.

It’s another Wednesday, we seem to get a lot of those. I almost feel like I see one every week… but maybe I’m just going mad.

Anyway, as is becoming the norm for Wednesdays I’m in college. And usual I get here slightly earlier then I needed to. Today, about 10:30 when we don’t start until 11:20. Emski criticized me for that, apparently it’s too early. She didn’t approve of me getting here at 09:45 on Fridays either, just because we don’t start until 14:00.

Now I’m here. Came in early ’cause I ran out of stuff to do this morning, finished a few DVDs, listened to everything I have by scaffold. Didn’t want to move on to new DVDs, or new artist in case I got distracted and forgot to come in at all. What else was I supposed to do?

On a lighter note, someone pulled up next to me when I was walking here, and asked for directions to Tescos, which obviously I can’t provide because I have a total lack of geographical knowledge, and don’t know how to get there myself. Fortunately for me they were even less well informed about local locations than I, so I sent then to Morrison’s instead.

Didn’t tell them of course, I guess they probably figured it out when they got there.

Hey, look at that. I got post. A Turisas lanyard, and a note telling me that due to at technical error, they failed to ship it with my last (and only) order. Well, that’s nice of them, I didn’t even know I was supposed to get one. I know I didn’t pay for one or anything, is it some sort of promotional thing? I could check, but to be honest I’m not that interested.

And on that note of disinterest, I’m going to post this thing.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Broken Legs, milkshakes, eye gouging, the miraculous healing properties of Salt Water, and attempted emailing.

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Good evening.

What do you know of Saltwater?

For example, did you know, along with its tendency to dehydrate, cause horrible pain to open wounds, and cause vomiting, it has miraculous regenerative properties!

Take the recent case of Warmaster Horus, who’s eye was gouged out, the current plan is to bathe it in salt water, after which he should make a full recovery!

Okay, that was mostly to annoy my mother. Most of the kittens eye is still in its’ head. Mother says it’s just an infection. Judging from the messed-up-ness of the eye, the pessimist in me is assuming when one of the less kitten friendly cats tried to chase him away, they got his eye with a claw. But he seems happy and healthy, aside from the eye…

Personally I’d take him to a vet, but with the life expectancy of out cats near that road, I’m not sure whether it’s work it. It’s like painting the outside of your bunker before the nuclear war.

Only less destructive on a global scale.

I think we’ll just rename him Magnus. Now to paint him red…

I’ve been talking to people on Sodahead again, and I don’t mean to be offensive (I’m going to be, but it’s my main intent), Americans are stupid I’ve been speaking to two or three of them about the population of the earth, and they’ve been saying that we can’t possibly know it more than about 200 years ago, so I gave examples of the Doomsday book, the records in ancient Rome, and some others I can’t remember right now. They took this as me saying that the only countries in the world are England, Rome, and I think Greece…

It’s kind of annoying trying to explain to them what an example is.

I’m not saying all Americans are idiots, just the ones I’ve found.

And I’ve been trying to get Ben to tell me the structure of Stephensons College staff email addresses, but he refuses to, so that’s annoying.

Anyway, after some googling, I’ve finally managed to find it. Unfortunately the email I sent him was typed by me, so most people would disapprove.

Nothing overly me-ish in there, but it still ends in ‘love willski’.and starts with Good Evening. But that’s what I did when I spoke to him.

I abducted Tom today, and had a McDonalds milkshake. Taste nice, feel a bit weird… and that cat looks dead! Not one of mine, on youtube. It’s not.

So, as many of you know, GAME recently died, so I re-pre-ordered all my pre-orders. No I’ve discovered that they’re still there, just not visible…

Hmm, that’ll raise a lot of questions. (A youtube video again, as you’ve probably realised I watch those while typing these.)

Is he trespassing again? Certainly cryptic. Well, at least very vague.

Google mail has odd options… ‘ Invite Mail Delivery Subsystem to chat’

Oh, by the way, that means email I sent didn’t get received, it was ‘rejected by the recipient domain.’ Which is annoying. I’ll try a few dozen permutations of that email address.

Blah, I may have to phone in the morning. And I don’t want to do that. I hate phones.they’re useful, many newer mobile phones have other useful features too, like cameras, and internet connectivity. But I hate phoning people. Mother doesn’t seem to understand quite how much I hate it. For one thing it’s so impolite. An email someone can read whenever they like, and respond in their own time. A phone however, as Stephen Fry said is like saying ‘Talk to me now! Talk to me now! Talk to me now!’

Father told me something odd, err… yesterday now.

So I may have told you that last Friday Jeff left early because he fell over. Well, apparently Friday morning, or was it Thursday? He got round to having it X-rayed, and discovered it was broken. That’s a bit odd isn’t it?

I’m pretty un-observant, but I think I’d notice if I broke a bone… hehe, all jocular mockery aside, hope you get better. Assuming you read this… do you? I’m not sure… I may email you as well. After I’ve slept, don’t let me forget.

Still haven’t managed to get much more than 4 hours sleep since Tuesday. On Tuesday, woke up early for Dentist. Wednesday, Stephensons college interview, Thursday to make a pointless phone call (I HATE PHONES!!!) and Friday, because Emski didn’t want to be the only conscious person in the house with a bunch of strange window-replacing people. I say strange, it’s just a descriptor to fill in space, I didn’t actually pay much attention to them…

Anyway, before I get distracted again, off to bed.

Thanks for reading, have an acceptable-exemplary weekend, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Tuesday 9th, and Thursday 18th. Some stuff from a while ago, DnD, and other things…

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Good evening.

Happy Tuesday! Mines not… I’m playing [PROTOTYPE], and I’ve got to the fight with Elizabeth Greene. And my Cheese omelette had ham in.

But I completed [PROTOTYPE] on normal +. Yeah!

And I’ve finally set up facebook event. Including invitations to people who don’t use their facebook… and ben didn’t suggest anyone to invite… uncooperative swine.

In other not news, apparently I’d have had the opportunity to go see harry potter today. Mother says Wendy phoned at about 10:30 today, to ask us if we wanted to go… but I was asleep, and ben’s ignorant, so no one answered the phone.

Are they still good? I only saw up to the 5th… I think… which ones does Emski have? Hehe. Never got round to reading the 7th book.

I’ve been editing photos. I’d post them here, but I imagine Emski would beat me… and that’s never fun.

I’ll do it soon.

Anyway, not enough for me to want to post this, so I’ll continue tomorrow.

Right… I’m latching this onto the end of my last post.

Which I started on Tuesday. You probably just read that… anyway, it’s now Thursday 00:12. The following week. Hehe, Emo Toby. Where was I? nowhere I think. What have I done? Hehe, toby’s showing his floor and desk he painted… painting floors? Err…

I shouldn’t watch things when writing these…

So, I’ve annoyed Tom again, by commenting on his behaviour. He doesn’t like that. Wonder why… and of course, Friday I went to visit an Ian, Saturday I came back. Played Dungeons & Dragons. Wish I could use the proper font for that… doubt wordpress has it… or internet browsers…

Anyway… yeah, fun couple of hours, shame Ian’s an idiot. Hehe, he didn’t balance the encounters properly. 5 characters, one with d4 HD, and 4 with d8 HD and low end armour, against zombies, first encounter with them being 4. All having d12 HD, and at least one of them being on 2HD. He did weird things with their health later… we ended up fighting about 8 of them, most only having 1-4 hp… which was weird. They still managed to cripple Tom, we left him lying there on negative hp bleeding to death, while the rest of us ran away.

Although my favourite part was afterwards, when he asked us what we thought of it. (He was just experimenting with the start of it a campaign.)

I pointed out that in our first encounter, I was a ranger, with 9 hp, I was dropped to about 3 or something… by the second encounter, the first with Zombies, I was on -5. I’d been stabilised, so a move action a turn, I just couldn’t fight. Or run… Tom was dropped in basically one blow. Put him on negative hp. And the rest of us slowly escaped while being clobbered by Zombies. He got out later. Apparently the zombies all disappeared once we went out the door…

So we went back to camp. (We’d been conscripted by the military for some none-descript reason.) While we were there, Simi was executed for running my through with a long sword. Was it a long sword? I suppose that’s not the important part. Then I hit the commanding officer with a Scythe, and ‘some guards [came] into the room, and killed [me]’. I was in combat, strictly speaking you’re supposed to role for those, but hey, I’d have lost anyway. So I was replaced with a Half orc Barbarian of my making, and Simi was replaced with a nearly identical character… he made basically the same character twice, one was a ranger, the other was a druid. He played the former first, and the latter last. Which I suppose makes sense… only because I listed them in that order though… but that was nice, gave us a secondary healer. We went back, my barbarian did quite well, but barely killed anything… the corridors were 5 ft. wide, so only one square… only one of us could be in combat at a time. So they put the half orc at the front. So that worked. Except, we fought what was in effect a flesh Gollum, I nearly killed it, practically singlehandedly, well, aside from Simi dropping some water on it, and Tom shot it… Nathan might have used a magic missile. Yeah, not singlehanded, but he did most of the damage because no one else could reach. Then of course, because he was the only one the construct could reach, he got incapacitated just before killing it. Levelled up though.

These two encounters may have been the other way round…

Other one, whenever it was, we went into a room with something like 8 zombies and Skelies, simi went first and got surrounded. So half orc pick up elf, and put it down out of combat. Did of course put him fighting the undead. At that point Emma rebuked some of them. So a few I didn’t have to fight, and of course, once I feed up some space, other people could come in. still managed to nearly die, so we managed to kill them, because Ian can’t role over 14 on a d20… well, he can, he did, evident by my not-death.

After that we went into one of Ians fantasies. There was a levitating naked old man, with lots of Reanimated corpses watching. He’s gonna hit me if he sees that.

Hehe, Toby’s weird… just said ‘I love peein’ on my computer, nothing wrong with it’. I say just, it was December 24th 3008.

Erm, so, yeah, me and ben stayed outside, then the people who went in rand away, so I went ahead of them (Barbarian in light armour, half orc, so 30ft. base land speed, +10ft for the barbarian fast movement, 40ft. 80ft. a turn, as I couldn’t run down the corridors. Simi, and Nathan 30ft. so 60 ft a turn, Emma had medium armour, so was slowed down to 20ft, and could only do 40ft. a turn.

Bleh, I’m starting to feel tired… well, atleast I’m not going to be one of those people who couldn’t sleep the night before getting exam results… though I may oversleep, I’m supposed to be there at 09:00… it’s 00:48…

Where was i? aah yes, so we were in a crypt. The door closed when we started trying to escape, so when the rest of them caught up I was trying to break it open. (then the naked guys hand appeared with a dagger, stabbed my twice, put me on 0hp, so I can’t perform strenuous actions…)

The others managed to finish off the door, and we ran away, at which point Ian decided we’d given up.

Afterward he made a few odd comments. He said we’d have been fine if we’d had a cleric who could heal. Okay, at level one, with the right domains, and a realistic wisdom modifier, that’s a maximum of 3 cure light wounds, and 4 cure minor wounds. Cure light wounds heads 1d8+1/caster level. With healing domain, and good domain that may have been 1d8+3, if cure spells are good… think they are. So a maximum of 33hp. The 5 cure minor wounds take that to 37.

That wouldn’t have helped really. And we’re assuming the cleric didn’t use any of his spells for anything else. As it was our cleric was evil… could have healed/repaired the undead we were fighting… (cure spells use positive energy, heals organics, destroys undead. Inflict do the opposite) I tried to trick her into doing that.

They didn’t co-operate. Well, they did, until they realised what I was doing… then Ian wouldn’t let me… (Emma still didn’t understand.)

So yeah, aside from bad choice of enimies that was fun. But ofcourse, we finished at about 04:00 in the morning, so I ended up walking home at just after 6. Normally fine, except I had a bag with something like err… what’s a stone? 14lb… well, I think it’s about 10lb of cookies and DnD books.

I’m 8.8st. which is approx. 123lb. that might be off then.. thought I was 126… maybe my maths is wrong…

Anyway, it’s 01:04. So I think I’m going to, err… yeah, I’m not going to go to sleep. At 02:00 Law & Order starts, so even if I watched the first of the two episodes yesterday, I’ll watch it again. Yeah, what else will I do until the second one starts.

So, I’m going to post this, and tomorrow, well, later today, I’ll put together a summary of my birthday do thing, perhaps with an explanation of why I hate the term ‘party’, along with things like what food will be provided, times, and maps. Not my address or anything, don’t trust the internet.

So yeah, anyway, thanks for reading. Those of you who it applies to, well, most of them, hope you get good results tomorrow, although there’s no point praying now, the results were done weeks ago.


Love Willski.

Floppy Disks, thoughts, evolution, Toby, planing, time wastage, and other things…

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Good Evening.

It’s 26.5°C in here. Was 26.6°C 2 hours ago… and 26.3°C 8 hours ago…

Similar temperature last night, so I didn’t sleep much, which gave me plenty of time to think… a few things…

For example, what I’ll get parents for their Birthdays (in November). Last few I’ve got mother series of House on DVD, but she’s weird, and doesn’t want the ones she’s seen on TV already… so I may have to buy those some time. I like watching House, more fun then CSI, or Law and Order where you can try to guess who the killer is. In House, what disease is it?

I’ve spent the last few days watching Toby’s videos on BlogTV, 327 there, watching from 327-1, I’m currently on 244. So that’s fun. Where was i?

Ahh yes, I think the next season of house I need to buy Mother is 7. 7, nice number. Liked by Bungie, the number of seasons there was of Buffy, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Nightmare on Elm Street Films, (Excluding crossovers, and remakes) the favoured number of the Chaos God Nurgle and Bungie.

Oh and apparently “7, nice number.” Doesn’t constitute a sentence.

And of course, thinking about Human Evolution. Of course we evolve, we’re evolving at the moment, maybe not naturally in all respects. We of course evolve resistance to diseases, especially in places where healthcare isn’t as readily available.

Then you have regional evolution. The sherpas in Nepal, or wherever they are, I’ll check.

Yup, Nepal.

Anyway, they’ve acquired additional blood vessels, about twice as many capillaries as other groups to help tolerate the high altitude, and low oxygen. Then since human history began average human height’s changed drastically. We’ve gone from average of about 4 -5 feet, to most Russians being over 6 feet, according to Simi. I’m too lazy to check…

Hmm, Toby’s weirder then I thought… that was what? October 18th 2008.

When I say that, I don’t mean I’m too lazy to fly to Russia, and start measuring them in the street. That’d be fun. Especially if I had a Passport… But Googling something? That’s far too much effort for this. Also, I was in bed half asleep when I was thinking about this, my computer was turned off so no internet, but international travel? That’s easy.

For those of you who weren’t present at Dinner here last night, which resulted in me spending six hours, forty minutes at the table with parents, and siblings. We began casual discussion regarding a ‘birthday do’ for me and Simi. So I’ll make an event on facebook sometime soon. It’d probably be Friday 26th August (My birthday. And Simis’, remarkably) for those of you it concerns. But I’ll get to that later.

Where was i? can’t remember.

So, what else. There was more of my half sleeping thinks, but they occurred between about 03:00 and 06:00, that was 14 hours ago… my memory doesn’t go that far.

Near future, Driving lesson tomorrow, at something like 13:15… Torchwood tomorrow too. Certainly the more interesting of the two, if less useful. I tend to watch the entire series up to that point on iPlayer for those things. So, tomorrow if I don’t get distracted by Toby, I’ll be watching 3 hours of Torchwood. Get’s fun near then end of the series.

And I’m hoping Toby finishes this story before this episode ends… it’s something I’ve wanted to know for a while and he keeps getting distracted…

Oh goody, he didn’t miss it between recordings :).

Anyway, firefox is slow. Possibly because I have 35 Tabs open. What are they?

Facebook messages
Flickr Tobuscus
blogtv Tobuscus
Fustify’s Youtube
TOBUSCUS LIVE AT VIDCON 2011 (Audience Version) –Youtube
Stanger Things
Coloured Lamp Oil- google Search
What are Hurricane Lamps
Lamp&  Candle Oil @ Ancient Wisdom – Wholesale Gifts
Candles on the Web Lamp Oil & Accessories
Lamp Oil
Candles with Protected Flame
About oil candles
Contact us – Simply Soaps
TV Guide
Cultures online
Skyrim UESP
Skyrim General Discussion Bethesda Softworks forums
Sherpa’s Wikipedia

Now I’m thirsty. And you didn’t need to know that list… but you probably didn’t need to know anything else I’ve said…

I need to get a Zebra. For Emski… a real live one. (Not the album, a description of a Zebra.)

Yeah! Oil Lamps!

I’m actually doing something soon. But I’ll discuss that afterwards.

So, yeah. Just starting video 240. I was watching Dexter before I found these… kinda messed that up.

102 new tweets.

And I’m hungry… nothing overly interesting to eat last time I checked… also no coke. Not the real stuff of course, ‘vive! Cola’.

Hmm, an angelic kettle…

For some reason mother always buys the diet cola, which has practically no taste. Recently she bought some of the cola zero. Even less taste there. For some reason she refuses to but the original type stuff. More sugar, it’ll rot your teeth. Not it won’t, I don’t leave them to soak in a drink overnight. Saliva? Maybe.

Hmm, behind the scenes AI phone…

People can’t spell… and Toby bursts into song a lot…

Hide, you’re fat. Are you pregnant again? Strange cat…

Mmm. Twix’s Hate them, didn’t stop me eating 3 of them though. Very hungry… I should eat more… not more twix’s, twixes? Twixs’? I don’t know… but yeah, more meals.

Making saltwater in powder toy. Instead of just placing saltwater, I have walls round the edge, a wall across neat the bottom that only allows solids, at the very bottom portal in, a bit of portal out at the top. A few dots separated enough to stop them interfering with each other. Put water in the top, on the solid only wall. Fill the gap lined with portal in with salt, with then falls through the water, some of it dissolves, and the salt which doesn’t falls through the wall, back into the portal, and so on. Till all the salts dissolved, or all the water has salt in… yeah. That’s about as interesting as it sounds, but I’ve been doing it for about nine and a half hours.

I want to back up my computer (Well, hard drive) on floppy disks… that’d be fun. How much do they cost?

To amazon!

About 3-4 quid for 10. 1.44mb on each, currently using 371.5 GB.

398,865,043,456 bytes. So, err… 1.44MB, approx. 1440 KB, 188,700 bytes.

398,865,043,456÷188,700= 2113752.2175729. let’s round that up to 2113753, then to 2113760 as I’d be buying them in tens. Oh, this is assuming I can perfectly fill every single one, no free space (and they’re formatted, and no additional formatting is needed for this) by the way. At £3 for 10, that’s £634,128 worth of floppy disks! Excellent.

You can get a 500GB external hard drive for £30. Err… I think that’s the better option.

Bleh, choked on toothpaste… not a good feeling.

Anyway, I’m done now. Thanks for reading, and I hope this was more enjoyable then my last post.


Love Willski.

Good Evening. Just some rants. and other things.

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Good evening.

You may have noticed, I haven’t posted for quite some time. Not since my criticising some parts of Torchwood. Since then I’ve watched series 1-3 of Torchwood. Yeah, I could have complained about that a lot… and I’m now half way through series 4 of Doctor Who. The new doctor who, of course, never got a chance to see the first lot. So, I’m currently on Midnight. About to see that fun little life form on the surface. Not that you ever really see it. I like these more psychological episodes, along with Blink, and to a lesser extent, the two regarding Libraries.

There’s someone outside.

Apparently capable of tearing the cockpit of a ‘crusader’ vehicle, tank, thing…

Okay, Hobbes, the one in this episode of Doctor Who, not the ne from V, doesn’t seem to understand that you can get different types of life, some of which may not be affected by radiation that affects other species.

Ooh, it’s communicating! That’s nice.

Anyway, other things. I’ve decided what to order Benski and Emski for their Birthdays, need to buy that sometime soon…

Did you know, that apparently despite doing the paperwork to officially leave KE VII I still got EMA for what, 3-4 weeks.

I’ve got a Blue pen. I say blue, it’s purple, but they aren’t mutually exclusive. The casing is Purple, it writes in blue. Got it last Christmas from my parents, a pack of different coloured pens. But they’re all blue.

And she’s repeating what people say. That’s nice, I wonder how many mistakes they made when filming.

Those back-up systems take a Damn long time to come online, and this part would be even more fun to film if they couldn’t edit audio in again later. When they’re both talking at the same time. She’s slightly faster, of course.

Jethro? That’s an old man’s name. okay, you can blame NCIS for me thing that.

Now poetry, We must not look at Goblin Men.

Can’t be bothered to transcribe the whole thing.

Is Jethro Merlin? I’ll try to remember to check the Actors.

Hehe, they seem to accurately represent the inherent paranoia of humans. And what’s that called? Social disassociation? Okay, I think I made that up. When people will do stuff as part of a crowd, that they wouldn’t do on their own.

Funny that the doctor doesn’t explain things that would help, makes the episode more interesting, if also more annoying.

And now she’s ahead. And anyone who fell for that is an idiot. Although I must admit, whoever played Sky is a good actor.

I’m wearing a Tobuscus shirt. I was going to wear another one, but I can’t find it, where’s it gone?

Personally I’d like to see more of the aftermath of this episode. But no, they just all look distressed and exhausted, then it cuts to when they get rescued.

I watched series 3 in a day. Well, in about 11:30 hours, I could have watched The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions in that time. This one, its 00:11, and I’ve got 3 episodes to go. I’ll finish it tomorrow. Well, no, today I suppose.

I was writing with that purple blue pen a lot today, there’s some odd stuff there. Depending how much I can read, I may attempt to Transcribe it, but it wouldn’t make much sense.

How come people always sing bad sons when doing Karaoke?

So, do these pens work? They seem to. Very good, and it’s purple! Of course, the writing isn’t, but the case is nice enough.

I’m watching Doctor Who. The Doctor & Donna are visiting the Ood.

Ooh! Firefox still has Umbrella Persona.

Sontarans soon. May check youtube, email etc. first.


Jack is Weird. And a bit stupid. With surprisingly bad sound. Tobys’ is better with an iPhone. He’s not Tobias, unles he’s been lying to us for, what is it, 3 ½ years? Anyway, ‘Tobias’ just reminds me of a Red-Tailed Hawk. Well, not initially, and only permanently for 12 books thanks to the Ellimist.

Much prefer Cory and Kates vlogs. They actually include stuff they do every day.

He’s in space. Or rather he was 4 days ago.

Kate’s weird. Loki’s cute, and not a horse.

Dmitri is fun. But his videos are very loud. Donna Noble has left the library, Donna Noble has been saved.

Yeah, I cut some stuff out of that. Had the lyrics to Thunderchild in there as well, along with some more stuff about styles of vlogging, some stuff I can’t read and some potential file directories for Donna to have been save too. Including ones for drive I. (that’s my disk drive.)

What? She’s on a DVD.

Okay, I don’t know why I assumed people would object to that in some way…

Oh, and that stud uses the spelling and grammar from when I was writing, so please forgive any mistakes. Although quite a bit was autocorrected :/. That takes the fun out of it.

Aww, how sweet. Tobys’ Wikipedia page has been deleted 8 times. Hehe, I’d have thought he’d have earned one by now. Although, I suppose he doesn’t do much outside of youtube, exceptthe VMAs for MTV, some internet journalism, staring in a film… wait, that sort of stuff usually gets people Wikipedia pages.

Okay, I spent the last hour reading about Youtubers, now my eyes hurt.

Okay, I’m going to bed now… I’ll probably be up till 04:00 watching Law & Order: SVU anyway, but trying to get some sleeps important isn’t it?

Hehe, thanks for reading, I’ll try to post more regularly again, I just find It hard to get the motivation to write when nothing interesting is happening, apparently I can still write quite a bit once I get started. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Torchwood, other TV things, and incoming chicken.

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Good evening.

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything, still for the reason of nothing having happened.

But last night I watched Torchwood: Miracle Day, which made me want to play Black and White because of ‘miracle’… but aside from that it annoyed me.


For starters the many who survives the execution at the start is injected with a green fluid. It should be clear. And he undergoes what appears to be a rather shoddily depicted seizure. Lethal injections in America are performed with Paralytics.

The mobile phone ringing? It’s kept in a bag, in a draw. So apparently it has infinite charge?

There’s some problems with this. I also don’t like what’s shown in regards to Captain Jacks, let’s say, ability.

If he became a fixed point in space and time, so he has to exist, in that condition, why can he now be injured, and judging from the description of the next episode, is the only person who can die. ‘jack realizes he is the most vulnerable man on Earth’.

I was under the impression that the TARDIS was more powerful than just about anything else, and it would require something else capable of manipulating time & Space to that extent to change that. That’s an uncommon ability.

They were probably going for some kind of role reversal thing… I’ll miss those comic moments where people think he’s died…

Okay, that whole ‘you can’t do this, you have a child now’ is going to really piss me off.

There should be a lot more religious witterings, ‘oh it’s an act of god, he’s saving us all from death’. That’d be simultaneously funny and annoying… anyhow, enough of that for now.


Hehe, Emski’s trying to download it, and it’s being slow. That’s kind of my fault, I’m downloading Fallout 3 GoTY through Impulse. Interestingly, this transaction worked. The last one still hasn’t, gamestop/impulse still don’t recognise that I’ve bought them, aside from trying to charge me for them. Kind of annoying really.

Aww, that’s annoying, the download rates dropped from 3.3 Mb, to jumping between 0.2 and 1.2.

Want to watch the earlier series again… may borrow them off Emski some time. Soon…

So, who else hates micky flanagan? I’ve stopped watching mock the week because of him. It seems, there was that joke about a turning in the first or second episode, which wasn’t funny, so he just finds a way to reuse it at any opportunity possible, so yeah, an excellent TV show, ruined by one man.

Okay, I may have oddly strong views on that.

Anyway, I have roast chicken to eat soon, so thanks for reading.

I say ‘soon’, 35 minutes (from when I typed that, not when I posted), but I’ve run out of stuff to say, and I want a reasonable ending. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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