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Good Evening.

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Good Evening.

This is my third post with that as a name, without an extension commenting on the frequent use of the name anyway.

I posted two little rants earlier, I think one yesterday and one today, ‘cause I haven’t been here for a while, and I kind of miss complaining.

But that aside, hello to the probably none of you who read this, I wouldn’t want to overestimate my readership by assuming there’s at least one of you, I reckon that’d be optimistic. Quick recap, in the last couple of months, what have I been doing? Short answer, nothing. My college course officially ended near the end of last month, although I’ve still got a bit of work left to submit attendance is no longer required.

I regained my obsession with Teen Wolf, the MTV series of perhaps questionable quality that I like more than is rational, not the good one with Michael J Fox. Partially because season three is being broadcast in America. Not that that’s useful for me in England, I get to read people talking about how good it is, but not to watch it myself. Kind of frustrating. So I’m sitting here, listening to Voltaire’s Bitrektual, waiting for them to release it on DVD (which will probably June next year if they follow their previous patterns, although with no UK Broadcaster yet this year that may change, and probably not for the better) or for Ben to buy DS9 on DVD so I can steal that, and watch Trill prance around Terok Nor, being chased by Jem’Hadar.


Guess which three words in this post Microsoft Word (or, well, my Microsoft word) doesn’t know and I’ll give you an imaginary cookie.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


Yet another return of me.

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Good Evening dearest readers.

I feel I’m being optimistic with the plural there. In fact, “Reader” alone would probably be an overestimation.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything for a while, and my plan today is to change that. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of anything to say before I started writing this, so there’s a pretty good chance this won’t go well.

It is September third, 2012. My birthday was just over a week ago,(I’m 19 now, I think…) which was an interesting experience. In the sense that it was actually interesting, not like when I usually say something interesting. “I accidently put my arm in a wood chipper, which was interesting. Turns out Clark Kent’s the only one that can survive that unscathed.”

Not like that. Besides, he’s fictional, he doesn’t count. It was a genuinely interesting, if odd, day/night. We played games, watched tangled, shot each other with Nerf Guns, had cake, watched The Lord of the Rings, Extended Editions, Well the first two. They’re really long films, and ginger-type people apparently have to go home at around 09:00 AM. I may have to abduct him to watch the last one… That is assuming he wants to watch it.

Heh, I keep referring to “we” and “he”, without saying who they are. A clue, one of them is my brother, another is my ginger (apparently I own him), and the other is very inconsistent. He ranges from bovine, through equine, ursine, avian to Turian, and none of those are accurate. He’s also frequently some variety of rodent, except that he isn’t, if that makes sense.

It being the third, I have 16 days until my college course starts up again. I’m interested to find out if I’m actually still on it. I kind of hope I am, because I could do with the student finance type money, to buy parents and siblings birthday and Christmas type things, to buy myself game and film type things, and maybe to buy something educational. Hopefully they’ll have me, although I did neglect to hand a few things in by the final deadline. Hopefully they’ll just reissue them for me next year, (by next year I mean in 16 days) which they may not like… They’re picky about things like “doing the work” at that place, really they’re getting paid whether I do it or not so I don’t think they should care. Doubt they see it like that, they’d probably say “It’s because we care about our students”. What they mean is “It’s because your failing makes us look bad, and you’re just an implement for us to improve our appearance. Not in a selfish way of course, you still may get a qualification, it’s more of a symbiotic relationship, only it’s not.” Which was slightly more long winded than I initially intended it to be… And Microsoft word is really insistent I should have a question mark after that ellipsis.

I’ve added another page to this site, it includes a list of games, films, tv series etc. that I own copies of. I know, I promised you other pages first, and I’ve failed to deliver them, but that’s because I’m lazy, and none of you exist to motivate me to do things. If you do, tell me and I’ll get right on it.

You’ll also have to tell me what I was supposed to do, ‘cause I’ve kind of forgotten.

You know, (you don’t know, you will soon though assuming you keep reading) I’m the only person I know who does that, or that for that matter. The latter being the pointless clarification in brackets breaking up and elongating sentences to the point that they’re indecipherable, the former being using apostrophes like that. For example, if I try to type “evening”, but I miss the “g” in the end, I’ll go back and add an apostrophe, because that’s what it would’ve sounded like had I been saying it. As you may know, I tend to write how I speak, only without my tendency to be incoherent, hence writing ‘cause. I’m lazy, I save time not saying that syllable.

Of course my handwriting is less intelligible than my speech, I can’t read it, nor can anyone I know, so some may say that’s a closer reflection than this typing.

It appears I’m back to criticising myself, and providing a running commentary on what I’m writing. I hope that makes this at least interesting to read, because the actual content of this is irrelevant to just about everyone. I know that for a fact, I’m not delusional; at least not about the importance of my ramblings here, or lack thereof.

Interpret that however you like, it may be what I meant.

Someone finally asked me “Wie kannst du mich sehen?”, in reference to my “Ich kann dich sehen!”. My response was somewhat accurate “Durch den Einsatz von Magie, Täuschung und Lüge.“

In English that’s something like “I can see you”, “How can you see me?”, “Through the use of magic, deception and lies.”

Which is wholly accurate, I see you using magic. And I’m lying/deceiving you by claiming to have magic powers, and being able to see you. Most of you, a few of you I can see. Sometimes.

And now my dictionary’s changed to Germany, so I’m not getting any autocorrects from Microsoft word, that’s interesting. Well the only “mistake” was a none-capitalised “English”, and it thinks a one word sentence is a fragment. Which I guess is understandable.

Do you ever find there’s an annoying flashing blue light in the corner of your vision? The LED in that memory stick far brighter than it needs to be. Good memory stick though. It’s USB 3.0, a trait I’ve never exploited. I have USB 3.0 ports on my computer, but they’re on the back, which is kind of inconvenient. Oh the pointless things I own.

Anyway, I feel I’ve gone from having nothing to say, to running out of nothing to say, so I shall bid you good night, and fare well.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

A Winters Tale, a computer, and tedium…

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Good Evening.

I went to Clarke Rubicon today, and spent 8 hours poking boxes. Got the traditional health and safety speech… Don’t set things on fire… if something catches fire, don’t stand on it… kind of boring… so that was fun.

Hehe, Phil will fly to the united states of Europe… and meet people in Hyde Park… I really don’t care if I spelt that correctly… it may just be a place dedicated to a crazy alter ego…

Hehe, Koreans ate Phil’s bunny rabbit.

Something similar to what Simi did, except I’ve actually had this one ordered… As I think I told you, I’m getting a new computer to replace this old piece off… err… charming hardware… last time I insulted it, it died… sure that’s a coincidence, but I’m not taking any chances.

So, it is:

Case: The Coolmaster HAF 922

Processor (CPU). Intel® Core™ i5-2500 Quad Core (3.3GHz, 6MN Cacher) + HD Graphics. (By the way, this is what the website lists them as.)

Motherboard: ASUS® P8P67 LE: USB 3.0, SATA.0GB/s, CrossFireX™

Memory (RAM): 8GB SAMSUNG DDR3 13133MHx (2 X 4 GB)

Graphics Card: 1GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTS 450 – DVI,HDMI,VGA – 3D Vision Ready

Memory – 1st Hard Disk: 1TB WD CAVIAR BLACK WC21002FAEX, SATA 6 GB/s, 64MB CACHE (7200RPM)


24x DUAL LAYER DVD WRITER R/RW/RAM. (I’ll steal the blu-ray drive from this one… if I can…)

Memory card reader: INTERNAL 52 IN 1 CARD READER (XD, MS, CF, SD etc) + 1 x USB 2.0 PORT

Power supply: 450W Quiet 80 PLUS Dal Rail PSU + 120mmCase Fan

Some standard stuff  I’m too lazy to copy…

Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

Some keyboard and mouse… and a surge protector…

So please don’t steal it…

in short:

Processor: Intel i5 3.3GHz Quad Core
Hard Drive: 1TB
Graphics: 1GB NVidia GTS 450
Windows 7 Proffesional 64bit
Price: Too much

That was boring wasn’t it… and facebook’s annoying me. No, not facebook, the people on it.

Why is everyone, well… about 8 people at the moment, sending me requests in The Sims Social? Why even play The Sims Social? Personally I prefer The Sims 3, which isn’t exactly expensive, the graphics are better, and I think now it can even post stuff to facebook for you.

Aww, how cute. Father’s annoyed that I’ve wasted 59.25 pence of cookies.

Apparently we should follow and move like him…and take of our clothes… weird… still funny though…

I’ve had that on repeat for about an hour… is that weird? Probably…

Anyway, I’ve run out of stuff to do, and I think I’m tired, which is an odd feeling…

Thanks for reading, Tata.

(writing the ending to A Winter’s Tale, David Essex. Awesome song, and no, there’s nothing wrong with listening to Christmas music in September.)

Love Willski.

I HATE ECHOES!!! and other things.

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Good evening.

I’m sad now… and that doesn’t happen all too often.

I was playing Halo Wars with Gingee, Tom & Simi. As those of you who’ve read what I’ve said before may know, I generally play Xbox games multiplayers for social aspects, i.e. the conversations I have with people while playing them, only real reason I play Halo Wars most of the time, I have far better RTSs. Well, anyway, talking to people wasn’t working to well this time, because of bens Turtle Beach Headset. Marvellous headset, can’t really fault them, but the fact that everything I said I heard echoed back about a second later (coming from Simi judging from the little sound waves appearing next to his name) and that the same thing was happening for Gingee and Tom, (so I heard everything they said twice) kind of made conversation impossible. Couldn’t understand a thing anyone except ben was saying. (And his were usually negative things about me, which he’ll deny but let’s not get into that. It’s not important.)

So I’ve stopped playing Halo Wars, all I have to do now is type a blog post, and watch Sean Klitzners thanking 10,000 subscribers to find out when Emski appears in it. I’m 08:56:36 into it at the moment.

Bleh, need a drink…

So, how are you today?

Done anything interesting?

Hmm, Simi just can in and said ‘Gingee wants to chase Cole with a chainsaw’ then left again.

Isn’t it customary to have more of a conversation, or at least wait for a reply.

Just added ‘bleh’ to the dictionary, because I got bored of it being underlined.

Anyway, on a more entertaining and lavatory based side note, mother broke the handle for our toilet. The one in their en suite still works, and presumably the one downstairs. (downstairs being closest to her, and en suite being hers) but she still decided to break ours… that’s mean… so father fixed it. Instead of a handle, there’s n lid on the cistern, and a coat hanger attached to something inside.

Now to watch Fallout Nuka Break episode 2, because I forgot about it until now.

Still watching those extras.

Back to sean… 09:40:35.

So, doctor who. That seems worse than it used to be. Still good, but It’s not as good. Remember the good old episodes? Tooth and Claw, Dalek, The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances, Bad Wolf & The Parting of Ways, Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit, Army of Ghosts & Doomsday, New Earth, Sith and Jones, Gridlock, Utopia, The Sound of Drums & Last of the Time Lords, Midnight, Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead. The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End, The Waters of Mars… yeah I think that’s most of my favourites.

Hehe, I had to get a list of episodes to get all their names, the majority of those were Russel T Davies episodes.

I suppose that happens with everything. Torchwoods’s getting worse… (Miracle Day’s better than Children of the Earth, but it certainly got worse with each series aside from that.)

Sames true of most of Buffy…(I’d put them best to worst, 3,2,1,

Just passed 10 hours.

Aww, how sweet. Simi posted:

Will quits games of Halo Wars if you attack him.

So I’ve replied:

I didn’t quite when i was attacked; I left because I couldn’t stand the echo.

I had no objection to the game setup; if I had i wouldn’t have started it.

Although to be honest I expect him to delete that. And yes I corrected/modified the grammar for this version. Capitalized the ‘I’s, and allowed Microsoft word to switch the commas to Semi-colons.

And that’s annoying. YouTube’s stopped updating my subscription-ey-homepage-ey thing.

Hehe, Emski shares her birthday with 2 or 3 people currently attending KE VII, and some of Katers17s friends. (A long with a lot of other people…)

So most of today and yesterday I’ve had mother saying ‘don’t go on games, do your bridging assessment’. Which just makes me think about games… I lose interest about 5 words in and miss the rest… oddly though, the only gaming I’ve done is the halo wars today, and 3 games of space marine multiplayer before that.

Tom should buy Warhammer 40,000 space marine…

So it’s 22:24 and I have nothing to say.

Hehe, that ‘it’s’ has a green underline that turns it into ‘its’. Then it acquires a blue one that turns it back.

Only 27 minutes left.

I’ve found a religious nut on sodahead, so I’m convincing him there is no god. Is that mean?

Anyway, I was about to post this.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Confusing Toms, Reach, and other things.

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Good Evening.

I’m bored.

Waiting for a phone call… and I’ve got a driving lesson in err… simple maths… about 4 hours.

Mary had a little lamb
The doctors were astounded
Everywhere she went
Gynaecologists surrounded

Heh, have I said that before? It’s from 99% of Gargoyles look like Bob Todd, by Half Man Half Biscuit.

 Hmm, odd… since I vote iJustine and Charles Trippy have about doubled, Toby’s gone from about 1200 to 9140… no nearly double the other two combined … hehe.

Assuming I still have no emails from Colin, after driving lesson I think I’ll try Pillar of Autumn LASO. If Benski and Tom don’t comply, I’ll try Pillar SLASO, but that probably won’t go so well…

Well, that was fun. Driving lessons just finished, I surprised him with my ability to crawl around. Err, clutch control at low speeds, I didn’t get out the car and start crab walking or anything.

I also learned I can’t count to 3.

Anyway… odd variety of songs going through my head… that one from Sweeney Todd… (including the lines: There was another man who saw, that she was beautiful, a pious vulture of the law, who with a gesture of his claw….) Something from Jesus Christ Superstar, but I can’t remember what, Skyrim literal Trailer that’ll somehow manage to attract Googles attention) and Stop the Cavalry.

All good songs.

And I’ve probably confused Tom again…

I’ll get back to you with details if I have.

Yeah yeah says (17:45):
*i understand now why he’s called aqua Barry
Yeah yeah says (17:46):
*ask ben
:[Willski:[                       says (17:46):
*ask him what. that’s kind of a vague statement
*it’s like me saying ‘Ask David’
:[Willski:[                       says (17:47):
*you know of whom i speak
Yeah yeah says (17:52):
:[Willski:[                       says (17:53):
*they are watching
Yeah yeah says (17:53):
*watching what?
:[Willski:[                       says (17:54):
*all of us
Yeah yeah says (17:55):
*thell them to go away
:[Willski:[                       says (17:56):
*you think they’ll listen to any of us?
:[Willski:[                       says (17:57):
*hmm, edibles.
Yeah yeah says (17:57):
*yes.. Eventually they shall listen
*woo food
:[Willski:[                       says (18:16):
*tasty 🙂
Don’t you see? They never listen?
:[Willski:[                       says (18:17):
*when have they done anything we’ve asked of them?

Does he seem confused to you?

Yeah yeah says (18:19):
*i have burgers
:[Willski:[                       says (18:19):
anyway, what did you want me to ask Simi?
Yeah yeah says (18:20):
*as long as blind isnt on , its all good
:[Willski:[                       says (18:20):
*I’ll go kick him
*demanding swine, why do you want me to do that?
*you’re so violent
Yeah yeah says (18:21):
*you said  it
:[Willski:[                       says (18:21):
*I’d never do such a thing!
:[Willski:[                       says (18:22):
*he says he’s busy, but refuses to elaborate
:[Willski:[                       says (18:23):
*i think he’s downloading Kiddie porn.

Hehe. You may be able to tell I’m bored.

Anyway, I have driving lesson and interview thingy next Monday, and nothing to do till then. But I’ve been doing nothing since Friday so I don’t miss any emails from Colin. And that’s getting quite boring.


[alert in corner James is online.]
:[Willski:[                       says (18:28):
*Aqua Barry!
*that is all.

Still bored.

Hehe, just watched Kittens trying to steal food off wayne…

Anyway, it’s now 01:17, so I’m going to go to bed and watch Land of the Dead.

What did I do? We (Tom, Simi & I) played Reach, Pillar LASO, and right at the end, fighting the Zealots Tom decided to leave. I think because he was getting bored. And I think that was because he decided if he ran past the Sangheili, and got in the MAC, then they’d leave him alone, he got there like, 3 times, and every time he was killed.

You’d think he’d learn to just fight them naturally.

Anyway, I’m off now.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Broken Legs, milkshakes, eye gouging, the miraculous healing properties of Salt Water, and attempted emailing.

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Good evening.

What do you know of Saltwater?

For example, did you know, along with its tendency to dehydrate, cause horrible pain to open wounds, and cause vomiting, it has miraculous regenerative properties!

Take the recent case of Warmaster Horus, who’s eye was gouged out, the current plan is to bathe it in salt water, after which he should make a full recovery!

Okay, that was mostly to annoy my mother. Most of the kittens eye is still in its’ head. Mother says it’s just an infection. Judging from the messed-up-ness of the eye, the pessimist in me is assuming when one of the less kitten friendly cats tried to chase him away, they got his eye with a claw. But he seems happy and healthy, aside from the eye…

Personally I’d take him to a vet, but with the life expectancy of out cats near that road, I’m not sure whether it’s work it. It’s like painting the outside of your bunker before the nuclear war.

Only less destructive on a global scale.

I think we’ll just rename him Magnus. Now to paint him red…

I’ve been talking to people on Sodahead again, and I don’t mean to be offensive (I’m going to be, but it’s my main intent), Americans are stupid I’ve been speaking to two or three of them about the population of the earth, and they’ve been saying that we can’t possibly know it more than about 200 years ago, so I gave examples of the Doomsday book, the records in ancient Rome, and some others I can’t remember right now. They took this as me saying that the only countries in the world are England, Rome, and I think Greece…

It’s kind of annoying trying to explain to them what an example is.

I’m not saying all Americans are idiots, just the ones I’ve found.

And I’ve been trying to get Ben to tell me the structure of Stephensons College staff email addresses, but he refuses to, so that’s annoying.

Anyway, after some googling, I’ve finally managed to find it. Unfortunately the email I sent him was typed by me, so most people would disapprove.

Nothing overly me-ish in there, but it still ends in ‘love willski’.and starts with Good Evening. But that’s what I did when I spoke to him.

I abducted Tom today, and had a McDonalds milkshake. Taste nice, feel a bit weird… and that cat looks dead! Not one of mine, on youtube. It’s not.

So, as many of you know, GAME recently died, so I re-pre-ordered all my pre-orders. No I’ve discovered that they’re still there, just not visible…

Hmm, that’ll raise a lot of questions. (A youtube video again, as you’ve probably realised I watch those while typing these.)

Is he trespassing again? Certainly cryptic. Well, at least very vague.

Google mail has odd options… ‘ Invite Mail Delivery Subsystem to chat’

Oh, by the way, that means email I sent didn’t get received, it was ‘rejected by the recipient domain.’ Which is annoying. I’ll try a few dozen permutations of that email address.

Blah, I may have to phone in the morning. And I don’t want to do that. I hate phones.they’re useful, many newer mobile phones have other useful features too, like cameras, and internet connectivity. But I hate phoning people. Mother doesn’t seem to understand quite how much I hate it. For one thing it’s so impolite. An email someone can read whenever they like, and respond in their own time. A phone however, as Stephen Fry said is like saying ‘Talk to me now! Talk to me now! Talk to me now!’

Father told me something odd, err… yesterday now.

So I may have told you that last Friday Jeff left early because he fell over. Well, apparently Friday morning, or was it Thursday? He got round to having it X-rayed, and discovered it was broken. That’s a bit odd isn’t it?

I’m pretty un-observant, but I think I’d notice if I broke a bone… hehe, all jocular mockery aside, hope you get better. Assuming you read this… do you? I’m not sure… I may email you as well. After I’ve slept, don’t let me forget.

Still haven’t managed to get much more than 4 hours sleep since Tuesday. On Tuesday, woke up early for Dentist. Wednesday, Stephensons college interview, Thursday to make a pointless phone call (I HATE PHONES!!!) and Friday, because Emski didn’t want to be the only conscious person in the house with a bunch of strange window-replacing people. I say strange, it’s just a descriptor to fill in space, I didn’t actually pay much attention to them…

Anyway, before I get distracted again, off to bed.

Thanks for reading, have an acceptable-exemplary weekend, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Other things.

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Good Evening.

I’ve been living off Cookie Crisp today. Well, I had a bacon sandwich this morning, but aside from that. Bowl of them for Lunch, another bowl for tea… I should probably have something that’s actually been cooked… maybe get some pasta later…

Not sure… how many meals should I have in one day? Bearing in mind it’s 19:33, I woke up at about 11:00, and I’ve had three so far.

Ben tried to convince me to watch screamers, just because he bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago… and I’ve only ever seen about the first half.

Have you ever googled ‘strange laws’, ‘funny laws’, ‘out dated laws’ or stuff like that. You get some really odd stuff, and I’m not sure whether I believe it. I’d like to, but if I jocularly say ‘in Chester it’s legal to shoot a Welshman with a crossbow, as long as it’s done with a Crossbow, and after midnight’ but it then turns out whoever wrote that list just made it up, that’s disappointing.

Or that tarot card readings, and fortune telling are considered illegal as they’re classed as witchcraft.

Why are tarot cards now frequently sold as children’s toys, they used to be mysterious and frightening things.

Ooh, haven’t checked sodahead for a day or two… oh good, nothing’s happened. No one’s going to think I’m impolite.

We tried to teach Tom how to play Sup Com, and about when he started to well, my computer crashed… but then, 3 supreme AIs, and a player put processor usage to 100% (which is odd, because It’s supposed to run on 1.8GHz. perhaps under those circumstances you should have closer to the recommended 2.0GHz.)

I’ve got ‘My Way’ stuck in my head, which is odd… because I don’t remember hearing it…

Why is it all fictional characters do everything? The go swimming, write poetry, paint, etc. but most of the time, only for one episode, in which they’ve done it all their life.

So, apparently, I’ve spayed Benski… err… yeah. That’s weird…

So, it’s Sunday. Deus Ex is released on Friday. Mother’s getting me it for my birthday, conveniently, also Friday. Benski pre-ordered it for himself. As is common, a game not released unti Friday was dispatched yesterday (Saturday), 6 days before release. Don’t you think that’s weird?

Woo! Action scenes at a good two or three frames a second… something’s wrong with this… must be a bad connection… well, the connections are fine, signal, that’s the word I’m looking for,

It’s 23:44? Feels much later then that…

Ooh goody, frame rate’s back up. Probably at least double figures now… still a bit twitchy…

Anyway, its 00:00, and I’ve run out of stuff to do. So, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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