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Hmm, Titles…

Posted in Books, reminiscing, thoughts on 22/03/2016 by willsalt

I forgot I need to think of titles for these things…


I missed a whole year, exciting isn’t it? 2015 gone in the turn of a scroll wheel.

Okay, so other things have happened since I last said anything here. I got a job for one thing, 573 days ago. Ate pizza. Made more cakes. Ate steak…

It seems trying to remember a year by looking at the pictures on my phones isn’t very effective. It’s mostly food. Why was I photographing a steak that nice when I could’ve been eating it? Weird.

I remember it well… But I’m far too lazy to transfer that photo from my phone to the computer…

Poor audio balancing annoys me…

So we’re still doing that random side comments without context thing? Okay, I was hoping I’d outgrown that.

Which kind of leads onto why I’m writing this. Well, there are two reasons really, in no particular order, because let’s face it, it’s hard to order two things in any meaningful way.

Firstly, (or secondly, doesn’t matter really, although it would be easier to read them in the order I write them) part of me misses typing out my thoughts. Something nice about talking through the things in my head. I used to write this almost daily, then I moved onto Sodahead, alas that was closed down. The interesting forum side of it at least anyway, I think their pollware thing is still running. And lately I’ve just been talking to myself more and more. I’ll concede talking to myself has other perks, can do it anywhere, helps you make good decisions by talking things through, etc. But I miss the action of typing.

I used to type stuff for school, for Sodahead, and for these. Since Sodahead’s died, at work I mostly type numbers into forms, typing longform text has kind of stopped. And I really miss it. (I also miss my last desk, sure it wasn’t big enough for dual screens, but it was deeper, more space for wrists and keyboards.) Typing is just fun. Well maybe not fun, not in the way things like games are fun, but it just feels nice to do. A more kinetic way of expressing things? I don’t know, I was never really big on expression.

Secondly, censorship. To use the term very loosely, to the point of using it slightly wrongly. I stumbled across my blog accidentally today, and it’s been so long since I wrote this stuff most of it is basically new to me. I don’t remember writing it, I see some things here and think ‘yeah, that makes sense‘, and some of it makes me thing ‘that’s just stupid, you ignorant child!‘ and kinda want to beat myself with a stick. Not that that would help.

There’s a nice theory, can’t remember its name… The fallacious idea that we are ‘done‘. We think that who we are as people is who we will always be. We tend to acknowledge that five or ten years ago we were different, but we always find a way to justify to ourselves this idea that the person we are now is our final form and convince ourselves that we’ll be this way forever. Or at least until we die, because human immortality isn’t a thing yet. Not that anyone’s told me at least. Easy for me right now though, ten years ago I was literally a child.

Looking back at how different I was, in a way irritates me. Also amuses me. I’ve forgotten what point I was making…

Right, censorship, of myself. There’s a voice in my head that tells me to get rid of all that weird childish, whiny crap I used to write, to try and purge this taint from my history. Because what I used to write doesn’t feel like me, it feels wrong for me to leave it attributed to my name. However, if I remove it and I hiding the fact I change as a person? Would I end up in a cycle of posting stuff (less than once a year apparently) and then deleting it a couple of years later? Is that bad? Does anyone care?

Well, presumably no one cares, ’cause no one actually reads this. Well, its’ what 11 days since my last site view… And my site statistics don’t even tell my what search terms they used. That makes me sad…

I don’t really have a conclusion for this… How do I end it? I guess I could be over-dramatic and just end it all.

Except when people say ‘end it all‘ meaning ‘kill myself‘, I feel that’s just massively overstating their own importance. So no, I can’t end it all, unless I find a way to destroy reality.

Maybe if I break the Wheel and destroy the pattern… (Guess what book I’m reading)

I wonder if I’ve said any of this before…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.



SKYRIM COLLECTORS EDITION! (was announced 2 days ago), Bloody salad based over reactions confusing things, concerning people, maths and other stuff…

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Good Evening.

I’m looking at the Skyrim Collector’s Edition. I wants it!

Apparently in a bad Gollum impersonation… that doesn’t make sense… neither does a remake of Conan the Barbarian. Is it a remake? I don’t care.

So yeah, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim collector’s edition.

At present costs £129.99, and appears to be a game exclusive. I’m not sure whether to get it for Xbox 360, or PC. I was thinking Xbox, ‘cause the rest of my special editions, collectors editions, limited editions etc. are on Xbox. Also, I keep them in a safer place, out of direct sunlight.

So, yeah, that picture’s not going to fit. I’ll see if I can resize it properly this time.

Anyway, this means I need money. Hehe, student loans will cover it, assuming I get into university. Not what I’m meant to use them for… or what I want to actually… save that for transport and stuff. I’ll check for jobs again, tomorrow. And I still need to make that facebook event! Grr, I’m forgetting to do things, and I’m not even busy… I’m a crap human.

Hehe, is I wrong that my strongest incentive to get a job is that I want to buy a game?

Okay, if there’s an unknown positive, and an unknown negative with a 10% increase to the positive, totalling to -2405. A further 2% increase changes this to -2276,  what are the positive and negative values?

Hmm, my activity on Sodahead, News & Politics 19%, Entertainment 10%, Living 35%, fun 35%. That’s only 99%… where’s the other 1% gone?

Spent most of the afternoon on Galactic Civilizations II Dread Lords, Twilight of Arnor. that’s fun, did I say that already?

Watching Watchmen at the moment, that’s a very good film. Never read the comics though… I understand quite a few were disappointed by it… but then people are disappointed by anything… “oh this cup of teas is only lukewarm!” “I won the lottery but it wasn’t a rollover!” “There’s blood in this salad!” “I cut my hand off with a ‘blender’!”

They’re just never happy! Honestly I prefer people like me who don’t get sad.

That’s egotistical.

And now I’m watching Toby’s videos on BlogTV again. About to try maths.

2% of the positive is 129… so now 112 x 129 = 14448… to get it to -2276… = 16724.

So, the 2% being 129 was rounded… but that’s probably close… can’t remember what that was for now though… hmm…

I feel like I’ve wasted my time.

Hmm, Toby’s playing with Guns again… and eating Pizza. I suppose the latter is fine.

He eats strange pizza though, no cheese. It’s wrong…

Hehe, that works… pizza without cheese is wrong in my opinion, and in his cheese is wrong. (Well, “cheese comes from cows; sick!”)

So, now it’s 0124. I’m going to go to bed soon, well, around 0200. To watch Law & Order Criminal Intent.

Toby thinkgs they should change the plot of tLotR from the books for the films, for comic effect… that’s wrong…

Parents have gone somewhere… don’t know where… so I’ll leave them to it…

Had to cook for myself, yes, I’m capable of that. It kind of conflicts with my laziness though, so I just had pasta and cheese.

You ever tried cooking with 9 cats trying to steal everything? Don’t know where Hide and Daisy where…

Actually, now I think about it, Daisy died a while ago… so that explains why she wasn’t there… and Hide looked quite pregnant last time I saw here, so is probably in a hedge somewhere having kittens. Alternatively sleeping, she does that a lot too.


I’ve posted some weird things on facebook recently, a lot of Toby quotes, which lead to Ian inquiring about my wellbeing. Which one was that? I think it was “…Penguins. Don’t kill them, love them.” Which I think is a perfectly sane piece of advice. Perhaps a bit random…

Anyhow, I’m writing this to occupy the advertising slots between videos, I think I’ll post this before I run out of anything to say.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Reach, Breakfast, and spending money i don’t have…

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Good evening.

Didn’t post yesterday, apologies for that, but I had nothing to say; because nothing happened.

As for today? Not much happened. Just Halo Reach,and talking to people, apparently I’m racist, and can dance in Ghosts. (Ghosts being the Covenant vehicles in the Halo franchise, not those fun spectral things, they’re to creepy to dance in, they just kind of stare at you…)

(Also, I don’t dance in real life.)

But what actually did happen today? I had a glass of milk for breakfast, followed that up with a glass of chocolate milk. I’m probably doing quite well for Lactose, Calcium and Zinc… err, Emilski cooked a very nice Cottage Pie. That was nice, hence describing it as ‘very nice’… I use a lot of redundant words…

Family guy, that’s fun… has James Woods in it, so it’s terrible. Hmm, no interesting TV tonight. What to do? Read a book, and stalk youtube? Good idea!

You know, I may actually be posting something this day, but it doesn’t seem worth reading, or maybe all this criticism of myself is deterring any actual readers.

Hmm, completely forgot I was writing this. Haven’t done anything interesting yet… I’ll try throwing myself under a bus tomorrow or something…

Okay, I’ve watched the Thursday Philip DeFranco show now; I suppose that’s interesting, even if it doesn’t publish to subscriptions box, or whatever the correct terms are. Microsoft Word loves semicolons…

I’ve pre-ordered some games, did I tell you that? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Xbox 360 and PC, Assassins Creed Revelations, Mass Effect 3… so I’m going to need money in November, and march. Which puts me back to the ‘I need a job’ thing… I’ll have a look on the internet again tomorrow, is that still tomorrow? Just about.

But for now, I’m going to bed, I may read, I may sleep. Not sure yet.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Money spendage planning… very badly, and vaguely… and some odd wittering…

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Ladies and Gentlemen good evening.

Okay, using the plurals may be a bit optimistic…

Anyway I’m talking to Simi, and we are in am unusual state of agree-ing-ness about what things are worth purchasing… coming up with the following list

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (11/11/11)
  • Mass Effect 3 N7 Collectors edition (09/03/2012)
  • Assassins Creed Revelations (15/11/2011)
  • Halo Combat Evolved anniversary (15/11/2011)
  • (Maybe) Halo 4

He also has Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which I know practically nothing about…

So, I need a job. So I can buy a new Xbox. And new games… and a new PC… then start making sensible purchases… anyone care to help with that? Mother! You work at Job Centre.

Where could I work? Morrisons… Asda… Aldi… Lidl… err, I’ve forgotten what other retail-ey places are around here… there’s all those little ones too…

Yeah, that’s enough serious thought, I best stop before I reach a conclusion, don’t want to strain myself.

So, aside from that, I’ve actually been reading biology book when I came to school to revise, I leftTwoTowersat home…

So, nothing to do… aside from continue writing here, and read Biology book…

So, here I am, at KE VII. On Wednesday, I have biology January retake, on Thursday I have my ICT exam, then I’m done. What to do after that? Get a job? Sure, how? Apply online! Where to? No idea. So until I sort that out, I’ll just play Sins, and Reach. And Mass Effect… I’ll stop listing games…

I went back into sort of serious stuff again didn’t I… my apologies. Have a palindrome.

race car

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

well, there’s actually something in here today, not to say it’s interesting…

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Good evening.

How are you today?

You know, I keep asking that and no one answers… kind of disappointing… sad face.

So, once again I’ve given myself not that much time to write this if I want to post this before midnight… should switch it off GMT, put it back onto whatever it was that gave me extra time…

Hmm, so, I actually don’t have much to write… went on The Lord of the Rings, Battle for Middle Earth II, The Rise of the Witch King, and got Glorfindel killed… along with a few ents… but no other losses…

Actually, probably lost a Lorien Archer or two when I wasn’t watching…

Hehe, awesomes…

More than slightly entertaining… you know, I don’t think I’ve used ‘then’ since I started writing these in Microsoft Word 2010… damn autocorrect.


They shouldn’t let him interview people..

More Vlogs… Katers’ now… yeah, I spend a lot of time on youtube.

So, more seriously perhaps, I has Chemistry exam tomorrow, that’s going to be fun… another one I should have revised for more…

It wants me to change ‘has’ to ‘have’… just because it’s grammatically correct…

Anyway, off topic again, did I have a topic? Don’t think so. Had a driving lesson… that was odd.

So, books were dispatched, did I tell you? I ordered Mass Effect books, which means I have two or three days to read the Two Towers, and Return of the king. Don’t think I’ll do that… mostly because I want to read them properly, and because I’ve got the whole exam thing at the moment.

Took me about 2 hours to get my computer to work properly, we’ve concluded there’s something wrong with the hard drive, my computer can launch with a different hard drive in it, and my old computer, when run with my hard drive, just dies. Yeah, it doesn’t work anymore. Mother’s not happy about that… meh, this one spontaneously fixed itself, so let’s assume that one will too.

I have a weather add on thing for Firefox, that appears every hour, but seems impossible to get any other time. And only stays for about 5 seconds… might learn how to use that.

And there’s a fly on my screen, on that note, I’m going to most this, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Cherry Bakewells, it’s ending soon, and other things…

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Good evening.

If you are one of my facebook friends, or live in my house, you may know about this… but I hate Cherries. Yet eat quite a lot of cherry bake wells, when they’re available. Is that weird?

On a more serious note, I have a chemistry exam tomorrow. On the AS stuff, probably because it’s an AS retake… so that’s fun. I haven’t revised it properly since I took the exam first time round, which is a bit bad… meh, it’s not like I paid twenty odd quid to re sit it. Wait… yes I did… I’m an idiot…

Hehe, yeah, I’m watching Jesus Christ Superstar. That’s a cheery film. And there’s other peoples clothes in my wardrobe. Weird…

So, my last official day at King Edward VII Science and Sports College tomorrow, see why I usually abbreviate it to KE VII? Which for the most part will be the last time I see most of my friendlings, except in exams. And perhaps when I go back in during exam leave, which I’ll be doing quite a lot… I’ve covered that already though. This could be interesting, because I don’t know how I’ll respond to that. I’m not exactly the sort who thrives on social interaction, so how do you think I’ll cope without it? Post a comment. Or ignore this request…

Luke’s here, and mother isn’t complaining, it’s a miracle!


A miracle has to defy natural law, or something… I suppose it’s possible she’s become a mute or something…

So, I’ve started another paragraph with ‘so’, and I’ve topped up my phone. Yay! 400 free texts. How many will I use? No doubt none.  Wll, I suppose I could start harassing Craig again, that was always fun.

Simon can’t count… that’s most certainly not a crowd of 5fifty thousand.

So, I’ve got chemistry exam tomorrow, then no exams until 13th of June. That being the A2 June exam. I like to think I’ll spend some of that time revising, wouldn’t that be nice? Hehe. But now it’s 21:16, and I want to finish the fellowship of the Ring by dawn, so I’ll be going now. Thanks for reading, my feline, and otherwise friends. Good luck those of you doing Chemsitry, or any other exam tomorrow. I’ve had a rant on wishing people good luck before haven’t I….


Love Willski.

Halo Reach, and other things.

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Good evening.

So, I’ve been continuing my attempts at Monument to all your sins. I’vee done Nightfall, Tip of the Spear, and most of Long Night of Solace. Currently on what I believe to be the last wave attacking the Pelican, which consists mostly of Elite Ultras, with their concussion rifles, and Plasma launchers. A few have plasma rifles, but it’s getting a little bit tedious. Start at checkpoint, run off and hid, either get killed before I get to hiding place, or get found.

I mostly let Jorge do the killing, (that’s pronounced as George, hot ‘hor-hey’; Idiots) because he’s invulnerable, and has a large machine gun. But the Sanheili (the elites) are faster, stronger and tougher then my SPARTAN III, they have more health, deal more damage, take less damage, (if I were to have a weapon that dealt 50 damage, for one of them it might dealt 100, and they appear to take less damage, so of my 50 they might only take 20.) then of course, they all have armor lock, because they’re American (Bungie/343 industries) they don’t realise there’s a ‘u’ in it, evade, and weapons that have splash damage. So yeah, basically I’ve made the game really difficult, and am now complaining I can’t do it.

So, back to that, once that’s done, I’ll have a shower… or perhaps before that’s done… it might take a while… ben says he’s been trying it since October… (Not constantly.)

Hehe, I’m waiting till I get annoyed from annoyed to that odd state of finding everything hilarious.

Jorge just said ‘I’m under fire, to my right’ (two separate things) when there was about 7 of them around him. What’s so special about the ones on your right?

YAY! Final Cutscene, for this level. So that was a fun 2 hours.

What’s next? Exodus… Brutes and grunts mostly if I remember correctly, and quite a few jackals, that’ll be fun. I think I’ll leave that a while, not tonight anyway.

3 missions on Solo Legendary today, in less than 7 hours, (hehe, 7) that’s very good for me.

I don’t think I’m going to succeed in my plan to read The Two Towers by Monday, (tomorrow) mostly due to the fact I’ve only touched the fellowship of the ring to move it around, which itself is mostly due to Halo Reach. Damn that game, too awesome for its own good.

Right, just had a quick go at the start of Exodus on Solo Legendary. I’m going to have to start paying more attention to aiming.

And dodging.

I died a lot.

Although, to be fair, I am very crap. (seeing as it doesn’t pay attention to the timestamp for me, 3 minutes, 30 seconds.)

Hehe, funny… and not Toby this time… but still a strange American…

Although Toby is being funny as I’m writing this, it’s in Crysis 2 gameplay…

I’ve been reading about Reach Commendations… some are really tricky to get. Flawless Cowboy being one of those. Not just because I’m crap at the game, but because a lucky plasma grenade from a grunt can kill the most experienced player, then you have to start again.

(Unless you feel like cheating… I don’t.)

There was something I was going to write, but I’ve forgotten what it was… probably wasn’t interesting… ‘twas something I thought of.

Soo, err… yeah, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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