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Nietzscheans, cheap as… Faecal matter…

Posted in amazon, HND Computing and Systems Development, Rants, Stephenson's College, thoughts on 30/03/2012 by willsalt

Good Evening.

Or more accurately for the common man, or woman, common person. By that I don’t mean “commoner”, just the “normal people”, Good morning. I say that because it’s in most peoples opinions this is very nice weather. Personally I find the lack of total cloud cover distressing.

Of course, this lovely weather has the wonderful effect of causing droughts. These however being British droughts which mean in a few weeks some parts of England may face a dreaded hose pipe ban!

They were talking about that on BBC Breakfast this morning, they had an expert talking about what we’d need to recover from this drought (of about 12 months) we’d need “above average rainfall”. Well, that’s certainly very clear.

I’ve been talking to a panda. He is of the opinion there’s a certain price point after which the quality of a product doesn’t matter. For example, Coffee for £3. At which point it can be composed entirely of faeces, but that’s fine because it’s expensive. Of course varies by product, for example a keyboard under £3 is “composed of shit”. Personally I think that analysis should be made by product, it’s probably some sort of plastic.

On a positive note, the Kindle touch (and Kindle touch 3G) are now available in the UK. And with their hefty price of £109, or £169 they’ll be composed entirely of faeces. Well, probably various plastics and metals… but that doesn’t tie into a previous topic.

You may remember a few months ago I had a fun rant about the price of the Kindle. Well, you’ll be thrilled to know that’s not going to happen again. Because I’m too lazy to check the price on Amazon.Com.

The naming is a bit weird though. The Kindle fire is the full tablet, an improvement upon the kindle. Well, logically an improvement upon kindling would be matches.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve been doing my usual eavesdropping on random nearby conversations and have come to the conclusion that either the rest of the world is obsessed with Nietzscheans, alternatively and significantly more likely my mind is attempting to interpret sounds it can’t hear properly, and reconstructing them with words that are on my mind. Although even with me watching Andromeda recently (Season 5 is very disappointing for those of you further behind on Science Fiction then me) I don’t understand the abundance of Nietzscheans, it’s not exactly a common word, nor are its components.

So it’d appear I just have Nietzscheans on my mind.

Okay, in college again, it’s 11:34, in cluster 5, zone 3, or Cluster 5 C3 if I go by the signs, no one seems quite sure… anyway, I’m being used as a buffer to keep Adam away from kurt, it’s uncommon to feel useful, but I’d prefer a task that’s both more interesting, and preferably more difficult. Not that I don’t mind just sitting here blocking communication,

On a relatively unrelated side note, on the 16th of April I get my next student finance payment. Once again a moderate portion goes to my mother for the pleasure of living with her. Then I have to reserve some for driving lessons, and other important things. I’ve been contemplating what to do with the remainder. I doubt my tendency towards impulse buying would allow me to intentionally save it as much as I’d like to, especially with the amount of things I want to buy. Ranging from the unimportant Star Trek Online Lifetime gold thing, to the significantly more important Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager DVDs. Okay, none of those are important.

What more useful things could I dispose of my money on to prevent me wasting it?

Hehe, and now it’s Friday. I’m at college, it’ s 09:19. I woke up at 09:01, and left the house at about 09:08 and got here, to TR5.1 at Stephenson’s college, at 09:14:51 with 9 seconds spare.

Reminded by Sabbah, today is the last day of term, so I might as well write here that my next driving lesson is at 12:15, I’ve got it somewhere. I forgot then the one yesterday started, I just knew it started some time between 10:00 and 12:00…

Anyway, that probably doesn’t interest you, nor does anything else I’ve written here.

Well, He’s setting us an assignment now, and I’m finding it very difficult to listen. My brain seems more inclined to recite Cursed be Iron.

And now I’m scaring Linder by discussing how she could get away with killing the second years….

On that note, I shall bid you farewell and get on with my work.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


Not working, because of Star Trek Online

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Good Evening.

Happy Wednesday, or not… As was correctly pointed out to me by a panda I have 9 days remaining to complete a college assignment. Over the last 4 days I haven’t really done anything except eat, sleep and play Star Trek Online. So I’m clearly making excellent progress.

I really need to stop doing that… spending all my free time playing games rather then working. Perhaps it’d help if I stopped thinking of it as “free time”, and more like “none-timetabled work time”… Of course, think of a better name.

On an unusual positive, it’s due on 09/03/2012, the European release date of Mass Effect 3, which in a way is a good thing. If I leave it to the night before I shouldn’t have ME3 to contend with – assuming Game get the delivery right. Skyrim was on time, but Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a day early… and I can’t think of anything else I pre-ordered from Game… I’m also overusing ellipses again…

I tend to go for Amazon, or Play. They aren’t so insistent on charging full price.

But back to work, I’ve been in here working for 35 minutes now, and my college day is officially about to start.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Amazon ripping of Brits with Kindles? Thats mean of them! and a deceptive title.

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Good Evening.

I haven’t posted anything since something like the 20th of October. Sorry about that.

First off, I use a lot of hyperlinks here, so I’ll remind you on here, they’re orange.

Anyway, a Kindle from costs £89.

A kindle case costs £24.99

A kindle from costs $79, ($109 without sponsored screensavers)

A kindle case costs $29.99

Let’s have a look at that:

$109 = £67.8889, for brits, £89

$79 = £49.2056. For brits, £89

£29.99 = £18.6793. For brits, £24.99

(conversion rates as of 2011-11-07 22:15 UTC.)

So we’re spending 1.3 times as much, 1.8 times as much if you take the sponsored screensavers.

And for the case it’s 1.3 times as much again.

So simply put, amazon are charging us a third again for a Kindle, just because we live in England. Why? I don’t think it costs £21 to ship each kindle over here. And I’d assume (although to make it clear I’ve never checked) that they aren’t made in America, so they have to be shipped there anyway.

Apparently, made in china. 1 2

So what reason is there for the price difference? Let’s look at books.

Now this is interesting, for the most part books cost about the same both sides of the Atlantic. Isn’t that weird? They can have the same price globally! Why not carry that over to the devices we read the damn things on? I’ve got three examples there, so it’s not exactly a good sample, I checked more, but I’m too lazy to write them down.

The Lord of the rings $19.61  = £12.2138, for brits, £11.99.

The War of the Worlds $3.64  = £2.26695, for brits, £2.27.

IT – Stephen King $8.21 = £5.11315, for brits, £4.99.

So, Amazon, what’s with that? Why can’t you charge us the same as you charge over there? I’ll concede, the number, its close, but the value of that number? Not so much.

And on that note, why don’t we get the Kindle touch or kindle fire at all? Some interesting theories here.

Just for fun, let’s guess at the price. It’s $99 in America, and $139 without sponsored screensavers. Bear in mind, these are just following the patterns for previous pricing, so 1.3 times for the non-sponsored, 1.8 times for sponsored.

So I’ll do this a few ways.

$99 = £61.6589, *1.8 = 110.98602

$99 * 1.8 =$178.20 = £110.982

$139 = £86.5693, *1.3 = £112.54009

$139 * 1.3 = $180.7 = £112.540

Well, the mean result so far is £111.762035. Then they seem to round off to a nearby figure ending in 9, so £109, or £119.

EDIT 28/03/2012: Well, the Kindle touch, and Kindle Touch 3G have finally been released here, and I was close. Kindle touch is £109, so I pretty much got that one right, the 3G is £169.

For now, that’s all I’m going to say on that, and when you look at that, remember that the UK figures have VAT, apparently the American taxes aren’t shown in the listed price, which messes up my calculations. VAT at present is 20% so for better comparisons, I’ll have to play with that a bit, I may do that tomorrow.

Till then, and after I suppose, Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

(now I have loads of hyperlinks to make… sarcastic yay…)

Mass Effect 2, Hair Cuts, and other things…

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Good evening.

I’ve had a busy day today… ICT lesson was basically writing definitions, Chemistry we had a practical in which I didn’t even get to jump in some acid, free I read The Fellowship of the Ring, biology’s, we just did revision… then I ate roast beef, had a haircut, and was abandoned when the rest of them went to see some crazy Welshman, whose name I’m not entirely sure of the spelling of, so will not use until I’ve checked it.

So, yeah… my head appears about 20% smaller, my ears appear a lot larger, and my head feels noticeably lighter.

Why does Amazon sell QI series 1, B and C, but not A? Odd…

Well, relatives are on their way back, so I’m being demanding about food… and it’s a lot later then I thought. I’ll blame Mass Effect 2 for that… started a new character. Still importing the same one though… anyway, just got to the first encounter with Scions on Horizon, which I find incredibly annoying. Mostly because approaching a third of my deaths are in that part.

I know, anyone reading this will tell me they completed that mission using one power once, and 3 bullets, but I hate it. Use ice shot thing, take out the husks, Garrus and Mordin have been knocked out by the scions, who now alternate shooting, so I’m either being hit, or staggered, I focus on the scions, they target me straight away, and the husks still come after me so I have to freeze them too. I died twice there today, so I’m going to try again tomorrow, when I’m slightly less used to the controls, due to an 18 hour gap, and can only remember a vague sense of annoyance about it, so don’t find it fun anymore.

Not saying it’s my best plan, but it works…

I’ll post this now, because Avast is updating, and if I know anti-viruses, it’s going to force a shut down or restart.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Viscious puppy attacks!

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I was attack by a puppy today!

Yeah, not really serious damage, but it kind of stings. Puppy’s not really an accurate term… He’s to old to be a puppy…

‘Ickle Archie :). So cute! I’m not going to blame him. well, I will…

So, other things, Craig didn’t know where Swannington was, and thought i lived in Coalville, he shall die for his ignorance. No, I’m just feeling childish…

I’ve been attempting to work on my ICT project today, and have encountered an interesting problem. I can usually get as far as adding one or two things to a form, or query, or table, before I get distracted by something trivial, such as an email from Amazon, then I spend anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours doing something unimportant and unnecessary… browsing amazon, reading things on Memory Alpha… It’s not productive…

On the plus side, Pie later, unless the evil fiends who feed me, my parents, changed their minds…

Still got a penguin between me and the keyboard… and am struggling to find things to say as i feel compelled to type more, but, err, can’t… Well, i can, but uit would be meaningless, to I’m going to add a command button to a form, the spend half an hour reading about canine skeletal structure…or something useless like that…

Ooh! Something! Tom was supposed to meet me outside Ians house, so we could replace him with a penguin. Where were you? (I’ll admit I wasn’t there, but I’m very much sure you didn’t show up.)

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Be careful his bowtie is really a camera.

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Good Evening.

Spies! Everywhere! Open fire!

In case you were wondering, that line’s from Simon & Garfunkel, America.

People in this house are idiots, Myself. I know my reason for saying that in this instance is partially my fault… But mostly theirs. Food again:). But yes, Emski made Meatloaf a while ago, I hated it. She’s now making it again, and I’m probably going to be forced to eat it. Why don’t they understand, if I find food repulsive, I won’t eat it?

Speaking of food, I missed lunch today, Williams’ fault. Not good. Then she proceeded to criticize me for being slow, and generally unresponsive last lesson. I’m currently attempting to compensate for energy loss by eating cookies.

Anyhow… less complaininess…

I can currently smell smoke, an awful lot of it… That probably means father got round lighting the fire. I like fire, fire is good, and full of nutritional goodness! No, it’s not. But it could be!

Why don’t humans have chloroplast? It could be beneficial. Although we’d need a lot more water… or perhaps if we were chemoautotrophs, or whatever the other word for that is… could be fun to be nitrogen fixing, or sulphur fixing…

I’m currently listening to Simon & Garfunkel, while attempting to work on my ICT project work… Boring! (The work that is, the music’s awesome.)

Soo, I’ve used £2.00 credit by not locking my phone, and browsing the internet.

Five weeks today until I see Jeff Waynes Musical Version of the War of the Worlds, which should be awesome:).

Mass Effect arrived today, might buy myself a copy of that…remind me not to forget that. Craig will be indifferent – happy.

So did my copy of Lost in a Good book, which arrive prior to my knowing mother had a copy, when ordered she was absent, and all evidence at the time indicated that she didn’t know of its existence. On that note, any recommendations for Christmas presents for people? They don’t appreciate fudge…

I don’t think there was anything else, if there was, please tell me.

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Personal Statement help, Mount and Blade Dispatched, dry lips… AWESOME TV!!!

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Good Evening.

Stephen K Amos: i think we should all get completely pissed, then go out and just punch a child in the face!

Okay, TV done, otherwise I’ll be here till tomorrow…

For some reason m lips are dry… don’t know why, but it’s somewhat painful… grr…

Amazon have finally dispatched Mount and Blade. took it’s time, and delivery estimate of 14th, soo… half term will be dominated by that… yay? Thank you for recommending that Craig.

And last, but most definitely not least, EMSKI!!! Thank-you my something non-offensive-shaped-sibling/friend. Thanks to Emskis’ help and guidance, I have finally made some substantial progress on my personal statement. I’d reward you in some way, but I’ll lazy, and frugal…

I think that’s all… Thanks for reading, my feline friends. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

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