Late night ramling/wittering/something-ing

Good evening.

As you may have seen if you’re friends with me on facebook, I’m currently putting off putting on new bed sheets, and as usual the need to do something inspired me to do something else, so hi blog-readers! Don’t you have something better to be doing than reading this? I know I have better things to do than write it…

Unfortunately, as usual, I have nothing to write about, so I’m just going to babble a bit… Or maybe ramble… or witter incessantly… I haven’t decided yet. OR I might do something totally new!

There’s a calendar over there, that I bought for Emski for Christmas. When it got here aside from being about 44 days late (depending where you count from) it was also 10.4% useless. Now it’s 10.95% out of date, maybe, I’m not sure I trust my maths skills…

But perhaps more amusingly, the front of it looks like this:

Emski's Calendar

It’s a calendar, for an Emski

Assuming I remember to add the pictures before posting this. I did! HUZZAH! Imaginary Cookie for me! Hungry now… 😦

And it was shipped to me like that, in its plastic wrap. Honestly I expected a box or one of those large jiffy-bag things (or some other brand), but nope, they just stuck a label with my name and address on the back of it… Which is nice… a charity calendar filled with scantily clad men being posted to me… The paranoid/narcissistic part of my brain is concerned it may mislead people about my character…

Of course, the rational part knows that no one cares, doubts anyone even thought about it (aside from my parents who expressed concern) and if they did, the chances of them linking those thoughts to me is infinitesimal given how few people actually know me. But hey, I’m British; I have to find something to complain about. What else…

Personal update, I’m still unemployed, this whole out-of-work thing is pretty dull, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I’ve been watching Babylon Five, or at least I was until Saturday morning when at around 02:00am I didn’t feel like getting out of bed to change the disk, so I just put The Vampire Diaries on, on Netflix. Now I’ve just started season 3, the whole Elena’s birthday/hunt Steffan thing. I forgot how much of that show I don’t like, lots of it is funny, which is nice, and some of the plots are interesting, which is also nice… But a lot of it is just dull, predictable crap…

Sticking with TV shows, Teen Wolf season 3b is five episodes in in America, in this country its… not… Unless you feel like saying ‘arr’ a lot, and losing seemingly random appendages. Which is irritating, because I like that show for some reason. I think it’s largely because it’s a werewolf show… although I will admit that the plots are getting pretty decent… Well, acceptable. Obviously being a supernatural fantasy show thing, they’re going to be a bit dodgy, but they’re still entertaining.

What have we got so far? Complaining that people may have been misled into thinking I’m a homosexual, and comments on two TV series widely believed to be aimed at teenage girls… Also a passing reference to Babylon 5…

My brother concludes, from my fondness of those TV shows that I am a homosexual (those italics weren’t necessary) so technically everything that got more than one sentence is linked. And other links (e.g. subjects of calendar appearing in the Teen Wolf, and the matching Genres of the shows)…

Anyway, let’s see if I can think of something to talk about that’s not notorious for scantily clad men… because while I started off by asserting I’m not a homosexual, I haven’t done much to suggest otherwise.

Right now two topics spring to mind, one is my analysis of my own writings and apparent obsession with my sexuality, and the possibility of it being misperceived. The other is Tim Minchin, ‘cause I’m watching that again. The latter would make little sense to someone who doesn’t know it and the former is just expansion on the topic I was trying to get away from…

So, to reiterate, so far as I’m aware I’m not a homosexual, I like shows aimed at women, and I’m too tired to put new sheets on my bed, so I’m just not sleeping, hardly a viable alternative. And I’ve wasted 20 minutes writing this.

So back to Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra, if you ever watch it more than once, pay some attention to the orchestra. A few lines of them trying to sit there straight faced and serious, it’s kind of funny seeing how often they ‘crack’ and start laughing, especially when they’re playing.

‘Nother personal update, I rubbed my eye and got an eyelash in it… Ow. Well, not ‘ow’ so much as mild discomfort…

Anyway, I clearly have nothing interesting to say, so I guess I’ll go play with bedding… How terribly dull…

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

UPDATE: When changing bedding, I managed to cut my finger on a length of thread. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it after all.



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