Opinions, opinions of opinions, and my thoughts on them.

Good evening.

Mini-rant time. 🙂

More rants to come. Hopefully better constructed than this one

Why is it people misinterpret my not having done something as having no desire to do it? And to be clear to certain people, (Mother,) this isn’t about one specific person, (Mother,) but due to my experience with people in general. Which to be fair is notably lacking, I’m hardly what anyone could reasonably consider a socialite. Most of my human “contact” is online.

Or perhaps more generally, I should say why do people assume their interpretation of any situation is correct and actively oppose the idea that it might not be, even when faced with someone with better knowledge of the situation in question. If that makes sense. I most commonly meet this on Sodahead, a great place for laughing at idiots, not so good for intelligent conversation.

But as an example, I answer a question about my views on abortion, I say “I believe a mother(/potential mother) should be allowed to have an abortion for whatever reason if she wants one, prior to the foetus/baby having a reasonable chance of surviving independently of the mother.”

To which I get a response something like “Why do you want to murder children?”

In my experience once you get a response like that it’s impossible to convince the person (idiot) that you don’t think exactly what they assumed you do, as if they assume you don’t know your own thoughts as well as they do. This isn’t just from anti-abortionists of course and I’m not trying to get at them, I’ve had similar experiences with pro-abortion types, anti and pro capital punishment types, people of (and discussing) various religions and atheists, people of various political groups…

It’s starting to sound like I fight everyone on the internet, I don’t. I just state my opinion, and they attack me, it’s usually Americans which I think is either because it’s a predominantly American site, or possibly (for the sake of humour) because Americans are obscenely violent uncivilised warmongers who habitually try to impose their beliefs upon everyone else. 😀

Joke, of course.

So what is it about humans that stops them understanding that someone might know their own thoughts, motivations, opinions etc. better than they do?

My first guess is that people are being egotistical, that they assume they’re right, and people don’t like being proven wrong or admitting they’re wrong. I know I don’t. But that doesn’t quite line up given the things I’ve cited so far are moral, ethical etc. and purely opinion, and people assume they know the opinions of others better than the other in question knows its own opinion? Doesn’t make sense to me that either they can apparently rationalise that to themselves, or that they’d expect someone to accept something so clearly irrational and wrong. When they start doing that I tend to point out they’re being irrational, and go away.

Given that that paragraph was basically paraphrasing an earlier paragraph I think I’ll stop there. I enjoy ranting, but I dislike repeating myself, not two traits that go together exceptionally well.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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