Aah, I forgot I had to write a title for these things…

Good evening.

I had an uncharacteristically social day today. Granted, I stayed at home, but I actually spoke to someone who isn’t a relative, ginger, or an idiot. No offense Tom.

That being, I spoke to an Ian and a Fish, online of course. Been a while since I hugged either of them…

I think there must be something wrong with me if I consider that an accomplishment…


So far in this post there are 66 words, 7 of them are ‘I’, 10.6%. That makes me feel egotistical… then again, this is a personal blog about myself so that should be expected…

Heh, that’s kind of funny. I’m a narcissist who writes about himself, then complains that he’s the only thing he writes about and maintains a strong opposition to narcissism. I feel so conflicted… There’s the word ‘I’ again, now I’ve noticed that, it’s really annoying.


Change the subject. Horus may be dead, that’s a happy note to switch to. The cat not the war master, he’s fictional. If you’ve seen my Facebook page, or that post of mine with all the pet pictures in you may know of him, the one with the dodgy eye.

I’m not entirely clear on the details, but father returned from work, and found an inanimate kitten on the floor at the end of the dining table, believed it to be already dead or not far off. I may get back to you on the specifics. He’s a nice cat, It’d be preferable if he lived. If not, well we’ve got 10 more.


Cheery tones here, should probably end on a brighter, happier note, and use full sentences…

Dead Space 3 in three days! That’s happy for some of us, although there’s that word “dead” again, so often considered to be negative I’m hesitant to use it as my happy note…

Crysis 3 in about 16 days away. But then, Crysis is a homonym of crisis, a ‘dangerous or worrying time’, not exactly known for happiness.

Maybe something not gaming related…


I’ll paraphrase something I said to my aquatic friendling instead.

Cars are like people, you can’t truly share them unless you cut them in half (see Solomon) and when they get old there tends to be something wrong with them all the time.

On that note, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


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