Enrolling of enrollyness.

Good Evening.

As you may have guessed from the title of this, I enrolled today. Basically to confirm I’m attending the second year of the course, and get me fully on the system. Here’s a basic timetable of how that works.

  • 12:25     Leave the house
  • 12:30     Staff who enrol students go for lunch
  • 12:33     Arrive at college, and proceed to enrolling point
  • 12:35     Start talking to Tyler
  • 13:23     Allow Tyler to go to his lesson/Tyler leaves to go to his lesson
  • 13:30     Enrolment staff return, I observe queue from a safe distance
  • 14:00     Queue to enrol empties
  • 14:05     Currently enrolling student finish and leave the area. I approach slowly
  • 14:06     Discover I need a “returners form”
  • 14:10     Acquire lanyard, and sort out student finance and forms
  • 14:15     Enrolled on system by mothers friend
  • 14:20     Leave College
  • 14:26     Arrive home, and have breakfast

So, quite a simple process perhaps made more complicated by me. Fun though. Had a nice talk about the Lord of the Rings; does anyone remember if Haldir dies in the books? We couldn’t…

Just so anyone who reads this knows what to expect. Or probably what not to… They’re pretty unlikely circumstances…

Anyway, dear reader, have you heard the song “In the House – In a Heartbeat” by John Murphy? I say song, it’s more of a piece of music. Because I have it stuck in my head, which I’m usually fine with, don’t mind having songs running through my mind. But I do prefer it when they have words. Something I can process fully, just music I can’t; at least not how I’d like to. My minds idea for that (or perhaps ideal) would be to know the components and the sheet music as I know the lyrics. It seems unlikely I’ll ever be able to do that given my near total lack of interest, or focus.

Grr… I “like” a youtube video, and it refreshes the page and throws an advert at me. Now I have to watch Toby talking for 2 ½ minutes before getting to where I was. Ehh, that’s not so bad. I could just skip to catch up I guess… Anyway I obviously have nothing to say, and it’s 01:43 now, so I’m gonna go and sleep.

Sims 3 Supernatural is released tomorrow, which I’m excited about because I’m a child, not an actual child of course, not legally anyway. Mentally is questionable… 😛

Anyway, thanks for wasting your time reading this, Ta-ta my fiends. (Not a typo.)

Love Willski.



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