Good Evening.

I was on wikipedia earlier, well I still am, reading about the different ages of man. There are the obvious ones like the stone age, bronze age, iron age sequence, the atomic, information, etc. ages, but among them i found this trio, which are my personal favourites.

Mythological and astrological time periods

  • Astrological ages
  • Age of Taurus
  • Age of Aries
  • Age of Pisces
  • Age of Aquarius

Greek mythology

  • Golden Age, self-sufficient
  • Silver Age, self-indulgent
  • Bronze Age, warlike
  • Heroic Age, nobly aspirant
  • Iron Age, violent

Aztec mythology

  • Nahui-Ocelotl, Destroyed by Jaguars
  • Nahui-Ehécatl, Destroyed by Hurricane
  • Nahuiquiahuitl, Destroyed by rain of Fire
  • Nahui-Atl, Destroyed by Flood
  • Nahui-Ollin, Destroyed by Earthquakes

Specifically the Aztec ages. They’re just funny, I can understand flood, hurricane and earthquakes destroying on a notable scale, and rain of fire may be volcanic eruption. But Jaguars? Okay, it probably doesn’t mean the animal, while they are cute cuddly and awesome, they tend not to form armies and attack American civilizations. But that idea creates highly amusing mental images. Perhaps I’m just a bit weird.

To support that last point, a quote from the assignment I’m working on right now.

Aside from the obvious ever present threats such as crime, sabotage, and the Soviet war machine,

I question its accuracy, personally I’ve never had problems with crime or sabotage.

Anyway, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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