Sleep doesn’t come easily

Good Evening.

It really doesn’t, this morning, at about 02:30 I turned of TV, lights etc. stopped reading with the intent of going to sleep. As is now the norm for me, a little over 3 hours later when father was leaving for work (about quarter to six) I was thinking something like “Why am I still awake?”

As any of you avid readers of my blog will have noticed, I haven’t posted anything since my nonsensical note to Gary on January 19th. Prior to that my last “real” post was November 23rd, last year. So I’d like to say, my apologies for not posting much recently, the only excuses I have are:

  1. I’m incredibly lazy.
  2. Every hit on my blog is someone searching for either information about toby turner, or “salad plate”. Knowing that none of my visitors are here to read what I write isn’t a great motivator.

As it is, I believe the only reason I’m actually writing now is that I have an assignment to do by tomorrow, and as is the norm for me I’ve left it until the last day to do it. Not a great idea, because right now I’m thinking about axolotls listening to ABBA, and writing this, rather than writing VB… in this instance, the latter’s more important.

Every time I open the kitchen door, Archie falls into the lounge.

So, as the intelligent among you will know, on the 14th Bioware released a demo of Mass Effect 3. Seeing as I’d bought Battlefield 3 exclusively for the early access to the multiplayer (which later they gave you for free on facebook… that’d have saved me £40 if I’d known…) I decided to give it a go. Well, that and the fact that the mass effect franchise is my second favourite gaming franchise out there after The Elder Scrolls.

I know I’m prone to hyperbole when writing, but it’s awesome. I’ll concede there are a few things I don’t like, for example unlocks being random. The fact I don’t have a Turian yet. The fact that the 10 – 15 hours I’ve put into it have no effect on the final released game. But those few annoyances aside, it’s very good.

The combat feels a lot better than Mass Effect 2, in some nondescript kind of way…

But I’m terrible at reviewing things, so I’m going to stop there.

Happy Wednesday!

So, I’ve got to go through the assignment brief, and write the reports, that require software I don’t have, (downloading trials as we speak) and ascertain which segments were aimed for this assignment, unit 42, and which are just leftovers as he overwrote another assignment. On the plus side, it contains Axolotls.

Grr. Don’t you hate it when you buy a DVD, and they still expect you to sit through adverts?

Anyway, I’m going to stop this now so it stops distracting me.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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