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Something i found lying around.

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Good Evening.

I found this lying around unposted.

Good Evening.

Right now, I’m at college. I got here at 08:44, I don’t have to be here until 09:15. I feel like I get here a bit earlier then I need to…

On a semi-related side note, I’m also typing on one of their keyboards. It’s unnecessarily heavy, they seem to have put a block of metal in it for some reason… not the point. On the back someone has written “working” in permanent marker. That seems a bit silly, what about when it stops working? It’s broken but labelled permanently as operational? Or is it working in a different context? On weekends might I expect to find this keyboard stacking shelves in Morrison’s? If so can I have it’s job, I’m sure having arms makes me better qualified.

You may have noticed I’m feeling lightly childish today.

I saw something rather unusual this morning. A brain damaged kitten, insensitively nicknamed “Spaggy”, fighting several sheets of bubble wrap.

The bubble wrap won.

As you may know, today is the 9th of November, although knowing me I wont post this until about 23:00 so you probably wont be reading this until the 10th. So it’s 2 days until Skyrim, I’m going to be really annoying till then aren’t I… at the moment most of my brain is occupied with Skyrim, well most of it that’s doing anything really noticeable… ignoring sensory perception, motor control etc. so most things that happen near me I try to link to Skyrim, which I guess is better then linking everything to youtubers…

But Skyrim’s released on Friday, and I’m at college on Fridays… so I’m not going to go home at lunch, because if either copy is there, I probably won’t come back in. I don’t like missing edumacation, but I like The Elder Scrolls franchise eve more. On the off chance that someone who reads this actually posts a comment, and is getting Skyrim, what are your plans for 11.11.11? and now I think I’ve used the term “Skyrim” too much in this post.

Panda’s late… he should have been here 44 seconds ago, and he’s only just arrived.

The Ethical chicken gets the tomato.

So, it’s now 11:41, and I’m meant to be writing about research methodologies or something… it’s not the most interesting thing in the world…

And I kind of neglected this, so it’s now 08:54, on Friday the 11th of November. So, happy birthday mother! And my apologies for inevitably abandoning you this evening to play Skyrim. Or, working on assumed post times, apologies for abandoning you last night to play skyrim.

On a potentially amusing side note, it’s 11.11.11 now, and the post normally arrives at about 11.

So hopefully my Skyrim (for PC, Xbox copy is coming by courier) will arrive at 11:11:11 11.11.11; or perhaps with one less one…

Doesn’t really matter, I probably wont get back until 14:00-15:00…

Just think mortals, this is probably the only 11.11.11 most of you will see. I doubt many of you will live until 11.11.2111. More fun will be in about 9,100 years when it’s 11.11.11111.

Hehe, optimistic people talking about “black Friday”, saying stuff like “there’s massive discounts, you’ll be able to get Modern Warfare 3 for 20 pence.”

No offence, but you’re idiots.

And now Stephenson College is stopping me going on the website for the courier that’s delivering me Skyrim CE, because it’s games. No it’s not, it’s a courier.

 Well, that’s boring.

Ta-ta, thanks for reading.

-Love Willski.

oh, and i’m not going to buy starcraft Gary.

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