Informalities, paedophiles and please don’t say “inbox me”.

Good Evening.

I just emailed Colin, and looking back at that email, realised I ended it with:

“-Love Willski.”

Err, I think that’s wrong… or at least highly informal…

Anyway, Quick question. Can you (you personally) make websites in HTML-ey-ness. All that <head></Head><p><br /> nonsense? Because I’m not very good at it. Okay, yes, I can remember it all, nothing wrong there, my memory can be quite good. But actually using it, I find tricky.

And there’s a bunch of people running around in circles over there…. Look like students from nearby primary school have been taken to a field to play with sheep. That’s weird… it’s like they’re putting on a show for paedophiles.

Come to this field, watch children running around in shorts! You can pretend you’re walking you dog.

Am I even allowed to post this now? I’d just like to say, I’m not supporting paedophilia, but a nearby primary school seems to. Not really. I think they’re too large to be primary school children…

Bleh, spent 5 minutes staring out the window at nothing, now my eyes wont focus. Not properly anyway, makes typing tricky… where was I?

Ahh yes, so writing stuff in HTML-ey-ness. As Kurt said last Wednesday, it’s the kind of thing you’d have expected to be covered by a level 3 computer based course. But the useful stuff, like this, isn’t covered by A-Level ICT.

Dogs are barking, does that mean parents are back? If they are I’m going to slap them for not leaving nice food for me to steal. Nope, just a large yellow van that pulled up then left again. Went to visit the dogs to stop them barking. They all stopped, stared at me, and then yawned, in unison.

So I’ve now stolen Doctor Who series one off Emski. I miss this intro and all the not-so-subtle references to bad wolf.

I want to hug a Dalek. Where can I find one? I fear I may get singed if I try… they tend to have energy weapons… and occasionally heat based shields…

Okay, that’s annoying. The credits have “Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston”. The characters called the Doctor.

How often do you see a facebook status, or similar, that says something like “I’ve changed my phone number, inbox me and I’ll send it to you.” Isn’t it a bit annoying? For starters, “inbox”. Well, both my phones have an SMS inbox. Also MMS or whatever that one is, along with several others. Then at present I monitor 3 of my email addresses, which if I remember correctly all can be set up with multiple inboxes. Then I have Sodahead, and a variety of forums with personal messaging systems, which have inboxes. Then of course, there’s facebooks messaging system. But with that you message someone, you don’t inbox them.


“You look a little dizzy”

“What about you, you’re not even in focus”

Where was I? The second thing, aah yes, so why use the term “inbox me”? You want them to send you an inbox? That’s the phrasing you’d normally use isn’t it? Same with ‘punch me’, or ‘feed me’. The message goes to the inbox, but people don’t say “external dermal layer of the lower abdomen me” or “stomach me” respectively.

I think that annoys me a little bit more than it should.

So where was i? aah yes, I was told by my ICT teacher at KE VII that they teach ICT as it’s far more useful then Computing. Well, ICT as it turns out, consists of using Microsoft Access, and some basic business (organization structure and all that.) with a teensy tiny bit of network structure thrown in there, and some passing references to hardware. We use monitors, but only if they’re as far away as possible, the top of the screens at eye level and they’re not flickering or reflecting, otherwise they violate The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.

Now I’m not sure, but I think being taught to write and understand basic HTML is more useful than being told not to put my head through a CRT monitor. That’s just common sense really.

YAY! Xbox website is working again. Not that I need to use it or anything… just nice to know I can if I want to.

I keep getting asked by my mother if I really want to do my college course, or whether I’m just doing it as a sort of last resort, I must do something. I think that little rant should be a bit of an indication. I’m happy to do this course, because it’s actually useful.  Don’t get me wrong, the ICT course, and the Science courses I did are useful to, but they were for the most part academic, lacking in a practical stuff. Judging from the course booklet thing, I’ll learn some actual practical knowledge, something useful. It’s much better. I think I’ll be happy doing it.

On that note, thanks for reading, have a good night. Well, morning now.


Love Willski.



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