I HATE ECHOES!!! and other things.

Good evening.

I’m sad now… and that doesn’t happen all too often.

I was playing Halo Wars with Gingee, Tom & Simi. As those of you who’ve read what I’ve said before may know, I generally play Xbox games multiplayers for social aspects, i.e. the conversations I have with people while playing them, only real reason I play Halo Wars most of the time, I have far better RTSs. Well, anyway, talking to people wasn’t working to well this time, because of bens Turtle Beach Headset. Marvellous headset, can’t really fault them, but the fact that everything I said I heard echoed back about a second later (coming from Simi judging from the little sound waves appearing next to his name) and that the same thing was happening for Gingee and Tom, (so I heard everything they said twice) kind of made conversation impossible. Couldn’t understand a thing anyone except ben was saying. (And his were usually negative things about me, which he’ll deny but let’s not get into that. It’s not important.)

So I’ve stopped playing Halo Wars, all I have to do now is type a blog post, and watch Sean Klitzners thanking 10,000 subscribers to find out when Emski appears in it. I’m 08:56:36 into it at the moment.

Bleh, need a drink…

So, how are you today?

Done anything interesting?

Hmm, Simi just can in and said ‘Gingee wants to chase Cole with a chainsaw’ then left again.

Isn’t it customary to have more of a conversation, or at least wait for a reply.

Just added ‘bleh’ to the dictionary, because I got bored of it being underlined.

Anyway, on a more entertaining and lavatory based side note, mother broke the handle for our toilet. The one in their en suite still works, and presumably the one downstairs. (downstairs being closest to her, and en suite being hers) but she still decided to break ours… that’s mean… so father fixed it. Instead of a handle, there’s n lid on the cistern, and a coat hanger attached to something inside.

Now to watch Fallout Nuka Break episode 2, because I forgot about it until now.

Still watching those extras.

Back to sean… 09:40:35.

So, doctor who. That seems worse than it used to be. Still good, but It’s not as good. Remember the good old episodes? Tooth and Claw, Dalek, The Empty Child & The Doctor Dances, Bad Wolf & The Parting of Ways, Impossible Planet & The Satan Pit, Army of Ghosts & Doomsday, New Earth, Sith and Jones, Gridlock, Utopia, The Sound of Drums & Last of the Time Lords, Midnight, Silence in the Library & Forest of the Dead. The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End, The Waters of Mars… yeah I think that’s most of my favourites.

Hehe, I had to get a list of episodes to get all their names, the majority of those were Russel T Davies episodes.

I suppose that happens with everything. Torchwoods’s getting worse… (Miracle Day’s better than Children of the Earth, but it certainly got worse with each series aside from that.)

Sames true of most of Buffy…(I’d put them best to worst, 3,2,1,

Just passed 10 hours.

Aww, how sweet. Simi posted:

Will quits games of Halo Wars if you attack him.

So I’ve replied:

I didn’t quite when i was attacked; I left because I couldn’t stand the echo.

I had no objection to the game setup; if I had i wouldn’t have started it.

Although to be honest I expect him to delete that. And yes I corrected/modified the grammar for this version. Capitalized the ‘I’s, and allowed Microsoft word to switch the commas to Semi-colons.

And that’s annoying. YouTube’s stopped updating my subscription-ey-homepage-ey thing.

Hehe, Emski shares her birthday with 2 or 3 people currently attending KE VII, and some of Katers17s friends. (A long with a lot of other people…)

So most of today and yesterday I’ve had mother saying ‘don’t go on games, do your bridging assessment’. Which just makes me think about games… I lose interest about 5 words in and miss the rest… oddly though, the only gaming I’ve done is the halo wars today, and 3 games of space marine multiplayer before that.

Tom should buy Warhammer 40,000 space marine…

So it’s 22:24 and I have nothing to say.

Hehe, that ‘it’s’ has a green underline that turns it into ‘its’. Then it acquires a blue one that turns it back.

Only 27 minutes left.

I’ve found a religious nut on sodahead, so I’m convincing him there is no god. Is that mean?

Anyway, I was about to post this.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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