Bats and shit. (not actual shit, just stuff.)

Good Evening.

I finally got the bridging project through yesterday. Yay! Something to do! Hehe.

But I’m having problems, the work itself… specifically with paraphrasing, I always end up with an exact quote, did it with an entire paragraph I’d only read once. (why can’t my memory be that good when I want it to be?)

And now does my hair do that? It defies logic! Well, gravity…

After about 6 attempts to not use direct quote, the current last paragraph just says ‘Bleh.’ Which is kind of wrong…

Hehe, we just had a bat flying around the kitchen/dining room which is kind of normal. Made slightly more entertaining by the 8 cats in the table, and more around the room, stalking it. By that I mean staring, and looking like they’re trying to pounce.

American politics, change. Always reminds me of Tzeentch. And that has no context to you…that’s not important.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.


2 Responses to “Bats and shit. (not actual shit, just stuff.)”

  1. Hi, do you wanna play SupCom2 today?

    • nope, sorry. Warhammer 40K space marine was released yesterday, so i completed campaign in that instead, i could tonight.
      i’ll go on steam so you can actually talk to me…


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