Confusing Toms, Reach, and other things.

Good Evening.

I’m bored.

Waiting for a phone call… and I’ve got a driving lesson in err… simple maths… about 4 hours.

Mary had a little lamb
The doctors were astounded
Everywhere she went
Gynaecologists surrounded

Heh, have I said that before? It’s from 99% of Gargoyles look like Bob Todd, by Half Man Half Biscuit.

 Hmm, odd… since I vote iJustine and Charles Trippy have about doubled, Toby’s gone from about 1200 to 9140… no nearly double the other two combined … hehe.

Assuming I still have no emails from Colin, after driving lesson I think I’ll try Pillar of Autumn LASO. If Benski and Tom don’t comply, I’ll try Pillar SLASO, but that probably won’t go so well…

Well, that was fun. Driving lessons just finished, I surprised him with my ability to crawl around. Err, clutch control at low speeds, I didn’t get out the car and start crab walking or anything.

I also learned I can’t count to 3.

Anyway… odd variety of songs going through my head… that one from Sweeney Todd… (including the lines: There was another man who saw, that she was beautiful, a pious vulture of the law, who with a gesture of his claw….) Something from Jesus Christ Superstar, but I can’t remember what, Skyrim literal Trailer that’ll somehow manage to attract Googles attention) and Stop the Cavalry.

All good songs.

And I’ve probably confused Tom again…

I’ll get back to you with details if I have.

Yeah yeah says (17:45):
*i understand now why he’s called aqua Barry
Yeah yeah says (17:46):
*ask ben
:[Willski:[                       says (17:46):
*ask him what. that’s kind of a vague statement
*it’s like me saying ‘Ask David’
:[Willski:[                       says (17:47):
*you know of whom i speak
Yeah yeah says (17:52):
:[Willski:[                       says (17:53):
*they are watching
Yeah yeah says (17:53):
*watching what?
:[Willski:[                       says (17:54):
*all of us
Yeah yeah says (17:55):
*thell them to go away
:[Willski:[                       says (17:56):
*you think they’ll listen to any of us?
:[Willski:[                       says (17:57):
*hmm, edibles.
Yeah yeah says (17:57):
*yes.. Eventually they shall listen
*woo food
:[Willski:[                       says (18:16):
*tasty 🙂
Don’t you see? They never listen?
:[Willski:[                       says (18:17):
*when have they done anything we’ve asked of them?

Does he seem confused to you?

Yeah yeah says (18:19):
*i have burgers
:[Willski:[                       says (18:19):
anyway, what did you want me to ask Simi?
Yeah yeah says (18:20):
*as long as blind isnt on , its all good
:[Willski:[                       says (18:20):
*I’ll go kick him
*demanding swine, why do you want me to do that?
*you’re so violent
Yeah yeah says (18:21):
*you said  it
:[Willski:[                       says (18:21):
*I’d never do such a thing!
:[Willski:[                       says (18:22):
*he says he’s busy, but refuses to elaborate
:[Willski:[                       says (18:23):
*i think he’s downloading Kiddie porn.

Hehe. You may be able to tell I’m bored.

Anyway, I have driving lesson and interview thingy next Monday, and nothing to do till then. But I’ve been doing nothing since Friday so I don’t miss any emails from Colin. And that’s getting quite boring.


[alert in corner James is online.]
:[Willski:[                       says (18:28):
*Aqua Barry!
*that is all.

Still bored.

Hehe, just watched Kittens trying to steal food off wayne…

Anyway, it’s now 01:17, so I’m going to go to bed and watch Land of the Dead.

What did I do? We (Tom, Simi & I) played Reach, Pillar LASO, and right at the end, fighting the Zealots Tom decided to leave. I think because he was getting bored. And I think that was because he decided if he ran past the Sangheili, and got in the MAC, then they’d leave him alone, he got there like, 3 times, and every time he was killed.

You’d think he’d learn to just fight them naturally.

Anyway, I’m off now.

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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