Broken Legs, milkshakes, eye gouging, the miraculous healing properties of Salt Water, and attempted emailing.

Good evening.

What do you know of Saltwater?

For example, did you know, along with its tendency to dehydrate, cause horrible pain to open wounds, and cause vomiting, it has miraculous regenerative properties!

Take the recent case of Warmaster Horus, who’s eye was gouged out, the current plan is to bathe it in salt water, after which he should make a full recovery!

Okay, that was mostly to annoy my mother. Most of the kittens eye is still in its’ head. Mother says it’s just an infection. Judging from the messed-up-ness of the eye, the pessimist in me is assuming when one of the less kitten friendly cats tried to chase him away, they got his eye with a claw. But he seems happy and healthy, aside from the eye…

Personally I’d take him to a vet, but with the life expectancy of out cats near that road, I’m not sure whether it’s work it. It’s like painting the outside of your bunker before the nuclear war.

Only less destructive on a global scale.

I think we’ll just rename him Magnus. Now to paint him red…

I’ve been talking to people on Sodahead again, and I don’t mean to be offensive (I’m going to be, but it’s my main intent), Americans are stupid I’ve been speaking to two or three of them about the population of the earth, and they’ve been saying that we can’t possibly know it more than about 200 years ago, so I gave examples of the Doomsday book, the records in ancient Rome, and some others I can’t remember right now. They took this as me saying that the only countries in the world are England, Rome, and I think Greece…

It’s kind of annoying trying to explain to them what an example is.

I’m not saying all Americans are idiots, just the ones I’ve found.

And I’ve been trying to get Ben to tell me the structure of Stephensons College staff email addresses, but he refuses to, so that’s annoying.

Anyway, after some googling, I’ve finally managed to find it. Unfortunately the email I sent him was typed by me, so most people would disapprove.

Nothing overly me-ish in there, but it still ends in ‘love willski’.and starts with Good Evening. But that’s what I did when I spoke to him.

I abducted Tom today, and had a McDonalds milkshake. Taste nice, feel a bit weird… and that cat looks dead! Not one of mine, on youtube. It’s not.

So, as many of you know, GAME recently died, so I re-pre-ordered all my pre-orders. No I’ve discovered that they’re still there, just not visible…

Hmm, that’ll raise a lot of questions. (A youtube video again, as you’ve probably realised I watch those while typing these.)

Is he trespassing again? Certainly cryptic. Well, at least very vague.

Google mail has odd options… ‘ Invite Mail Delivery Subsystem to chat’

Oh, by the way, that means email I sent didn’t get received, it was ‘rejected by the recipient domain.’ Which is annoying. I’ll try a few dozen permutations of that email address.

Blah, I may have to phone in the morning. And I don’t want to do that. I hate phones.they’re useful, many newer mobile phones have other useful features too, like cameras, and internet connectivity. But I hate phoning people. Mother doesn’t seem to understand quite how much I hate it. For one thing it’s so impolite. An email someone can read whenever they like, and respond in their own time. A phone however, as Stephen Fry said is like saying ‘Talk to me now! Talk to me now! Talk to me now!’

Father told me something odd, err… yesterday now.

So I may have told you that last Friday Jeff left early because he fell over. Well, apparently Friday morning, or was it Thursday? He got round to having it X-rayed, and discovered it was broken. That’s a bit odd isn’t it?

I’m pretty un-observant, but I think I’d notice if I broke a bone… hehe, all jocular mockery aside, hope you get better. Assuming you read this… do you? I’m not sure… I may email you as well. After I’ve slept, don’t let me forget.

Still haven’t managed to get much more than 4 hours sleep since Tuesday. On Tuesday, woke up early for Dentist. Wednesday, Stephensons college interview, Thursday to make a pointless phone call (I HATE PHONES!!!) and Friday, because Emski didn’t want to be the only conscious person in the house with a bunch of strange window-replacing people. I say strange, it’s just a descriptor to fill in space, I didn’t actually pay much attention to them…

Anyway, before I get distracted again, off to bed.

Thanks for reading, have an acceptable-exemplary weekend, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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