tWotW, Triffids, Fish and Catboy, applications, and dentists tomorrow.

Good Evening.

At present I am writing a personal statement for my Stephenson’s college application, mentally picking things to change for a more generic one for CV, while watching Jeff Waynes musical version of the War of the Worlds 30th Anniversary Alive on Stage.

This is fun.

The acting seemed better when I saw it… the artilleryman seems to overact far too much.

The summers sun is fading as the year grows old

And darker days are drawing near…

Hehe, Forever Autumn. Good song.

So, Wednesday, the day after tomorrow, I have a driving lesson at 13:30 I think… and an interview at Stephenson’s college at 10:30, assuming I return that slip thing.

Disadvantage of so many cats, Rosie and Hide don’t seem to like each other…

Farewell Thunderchild.

Now Darkness has descended upon our land
And all your payers cannot save us
Like fools we’ve let the devil take command
of the souls that god gave us
To the altar of evil like lambs to the slaughter we’re lead
When the demons arrive, the survivors will envy the dead

Did I get that right? I’m not good at typing at the same speed as people speak, or sing in this case…

There’s a curse upon mankind
we may as well all be resigned
to let the devil
the devil take the spirit of man.

I’m trying to think of positive, and appropriate, things to write about myself…

Hehe, thinking to myself: “I know fish and Catboy”. Fish and Catboy, that sounds like the wors crime fighting Duo ever…

Take a look around you
at the world we’ve come to know
does it seem to be much more
then a crazy circus show
but maybe from the madness
something beautiful will grow
in a brave new world
With just a handful of men
we’ll start all over again
all over again
all over again
all over again
all over again

That parts a bit repetitive isn’t it…

Now our domination of the earth is fading fast
and out of the confusion the chance has come at last
to build a better future from the ashes of the past
in a brave new world
with just a handful of men
we’ll start all over again

I think I’ll stop writing bit of that out…

Just think of all the poverty, the hatred and the lies.
And imagine the destruction of all that you despise.
Slowly from the ashes the phoenix will arise,
in a brave new world, with just a handful of men,
We’ll start all over again.

Hehe, okay, I said I wouldn’t, but that parts very good.

The variation between war of the worldses is entertaining.

In most of the better ones they attack the social/economic/cultural/whatever heart of the world, England. Then in the odd ones, like the one with Tom Cruise they attack everywhere… then there are odd ones with floating platforms set in America… or the TV series where they had something like electrostatic legs… that was weird…

It’s 18:49, and I’m hungry… there is a cat there… Nom nom nom.

Not anymore! (mostly because she left the room…)

This is Document2.

Okay, now it’s 21:03 and I’ve just started watching The Day of the Triffids.

I think I confused the fish.

And it’s 01:03. I just put application form under a phone, and went to look for something that was ‘interestingly edible’. I’m not sure that’s the best wording for that. Interestingly, your gold jewellery is edible. So is your carving knife.

Anyway, I’m off to be. Good night’s sleep before being told I have gingivitis, and I need to brush my teeth more.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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