some stuff i said… completing Deus Ex, and canine-reactions-to-specific-people…

Good Evening.

It’s now 14:29. I slept from about 08:00 till 12:26. Then it started raining, which put me to sleep again (the sound of it) so I didn’t wake up till 13:40 ish. Had some of that Xbox controller cake, away from the parts Zorro and Rosie nibbled, I may have to kill them.

Ahh, rthnikng… that’s not right… thinking! That’s the one, thinking is fun. We’ll have to do that again sometime.

Hehe, I was looking over my Sodahead Profil. One of the sections:

I’d like to meet

(on here) Open minded people.

(Or if referring to in real life…)

-Toby Turner (TOBUSCUS)


-Seth Green

-David Cameron

-Stephen Fry

-Queen Elizabeth the 2nd

-Little Ian Lorimer

That last one seems easier… in fact, the entire second list seems easier then ‘open minded people’ in a predominantly American community…

Okay, it’s 01:42, 29/08/2011 now.

I’ve completed Deus Ex: Human Revolution now. I don’t like the ending. The easiest boss fight in the game (although that’s a good thing, because I hate boss fights, they’re just stupid. Oh, this person can take 50 times as many bullets as any other person, then there’s the really annoying ones, like the shadow broker in mass effect where you have to do something really specific, and defeat him multiple times.)

Where was i? aah yes, the Deus Ex-ending-ness… there’s just a bunch of stock photos, and stock footage, usually ending with an animated bit, with a voiceover by Jenson. (well, whoever voiced him).

Not even overly interesting though, just vague, open ended generic-ness. So now I’m watching the credits aftrer Sarif-ey ending to see if there’s anything interesting there…

Just seems to be lots of names, and photos of, presumably, the Eidos Montreal employees.

Many of whom have blurred out insignia on their t-shirts.

And that one lookis like he was edited into the picture.

Do, de-do-do-doo

This is boring… I may just google for post-ending stuff…

Shame it doesn’t appear to have a (xbox just went into screen-saver-esque screen dimming mode, and yes, I am using PC monitor to play Deus Ex, so no I can’t see what I’m typing) ‘give me a challenge +’ option similar to Prototypes normal +, where you can import your in this case augments, and perhaps items… from a previous play through on that difficulty setting.

Ooh, credits appear to be done, is there anything? Yes!.

Black screen, subtitled conversation.

Should I sit through the credits for the other 3 endings, and see if there are any differences?

Hehe, awesome, there’s even an achievement for sitting through the credits :D.

Although I’m wondering if I was supposed to recognise that face I saw… but I imagine that means they’re planning a sequel… well, considering 25% of the endings kill Jenson… there’s a reasonable chance they won’t keep him, although for that to be relevant they’d have to have a character import feature in the sequel, and effectively 3 different plot lines, so they’ll pick one to be official.

Hehe, that game has a lot of secret achievements.

Anyway, to vlog watching, haven’t seen ‘REAL Gothic McDonalds!!! – August 23rd, 2011’ yet. Hehe, fun auto formatting makes that a less accurate quote.

So, thinking back 3 days now too my birthday. The dogs seemed oddly fond of Freya, and oddly scared of Ian.

I’d understand one of them being scared of Ian, he’s a bit weird, but the fact that both of them were? That’s weirder then he is. Archie was very fond of Tom… gingee was very fond of Molly… dogs remembered Matt and Chris, so kind of ignored them when they didn’t have food… same with Steven…

Gaah! I hurt my arm typing Steven. Not my wrist or anything, either my bicep or some other muscle near there… that’s illogical.

Hehe, you don’t need beautification… but perhaps a better memory…

That’ll confuse you…

Kate’s weird…

Hehe, I’ve missed the first 19 minutes of Law & Order SVU because I’ve been watching Kate and Cory’s vlogs…

She likes turtles.

Anyway, its 02:25 now, and I’m going to bed. In just over 5 minutes 10 seconds when this videos done.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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