18th birthday, and other things.

Good Evening.

It’s 07:16 27/08/2011. I started writing this at about 11:00 26/08/2011. I’ve been very productive.so, what’s happened? Ii had an 18th birthday. And I spent 6 hours in a shed with Gingee, Tom, Simi and lots of fire. Interesting conversations, dancing, and tea light consumption. I think we went through about 50… hehe, and gingee had several quarts of alcohol. That’s kind of exaggeration… what was it? Only 2.375 litres… so 2.51 quarts…

So, what else happened? Err… the ‘party’ turned into watching Eddie Izzard, and Monty Python. I saw Matt and Chris for the first time in a few years, or at least a lot of months, had some odd conversations with Simi, Tom, Ian, Steven, Freya, Matt, Chris, and Gingee… and quite a few awkward silences.

I handed out a lot of Tea lights.

And I’m listing facts.

So, yeah, it was fun, and raining. Today, Saturday, it’s already starting to clear, and on Thursday it was mostly sunny. That ruined the barbeque plan though, so I’m afraid I will not be able to send people barbequed burgers in the post.

Sorry Dannie.

Err, we had Xbox cake, and it was too dark to take pictures…

Err, yeah, it’s 07:34, and I haven’t slept yet, so I think I’ll post this then do that.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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