I’m not sure what it says, i’ve been distracted… Deus Ex, and other things.

Good evening.

At 11:42 I told tom I needed to do something on my Xbox, and went on Deus Ex. At about 22:44 I turned my Xbox off. Hmm…

I got to ‘boss fight’ with Barret is it? And after failing 5 times, I’ve temporarily given up. I’ve been running away, taking cover, and emptying every weapon I have into him… then I run out of Ammo… only have 18 sniper rifle rounds, about 50 10mm pistol, 30 something revolver, and I’ve been not bothering with the tranquiliser rifle. May try that tomorrow. But it kind of err… doesn’t work, I’d guess I’m not hitting much, but I keep nearly dying lining up shots… so I’m assuming I’m just completely incompetent.

I can hear some cats fighting… hmm…

So, it’s my birthday tomorrow, and Deus Ex is a birthday present from my mother. Why do all those terms sound so childish?

I’ll just catch up on Youtube and not think about it… David Mitchells soapbox now… done Toby’s Vlog, have a few SXEPhil’s to go, Katers17/Katersoneseven, and SMPFilms/DudeLikeHella have been oddly quite recently… oddly quite? ‘Quiet’!

Hehe, Phil’s weird… (lost the link for that…)

Bleh, my computer’s being weird. Possibly because it was running but doing nothing for 11 hours… don’t tell my parents that. But yeah, it can’t run youtube videos without lag…


Okay, I’m leaving that word there because Microsoft word is criticising it…

My TOBUSCUS shirt is still missing… on Saturday the 13th of august at around 09:00 I put it in the wash; haven’t seen it since.

My fish are watching me… it’s mildly disconcerting…

Anyway, I’m not sure if I should put on a hat, or go to sleep…

I’ll post this now… if I do the latter, doing this later could prove difficult.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Live Willski.

Live? Love!

Love Willski, that’s the one.



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