err… stuff. nondescript.

Good Evening.

So, Microsoft word is currently the only application I’m running that’s responding Firefox crashes on startup and throws a complaint about at me, Google chrome I left without interacting with it for a while, and I think it feels neglected, BBC iPlayer Desktop is not responding. Windows live messenger is not responding, windows media player, not responding.

Ahh, the wonders of the technological age, we have all this amazingly complex and powerful technology, that costs us hundreds or thousands of pounds, and we get to watch it not work.

Is there anything better?

Well, a dog. They normally only stop working once. The same with cats, although they never do quite what you want them to…

Fish, they can work for surprisingly long times.

So, yes, sorry mother, I haven’t signed up for apprenticeships website yet.

What else, Thank you Val and Don for the birthday card, and cheque. Much appreciated.

Err… has anything else happened today? I ‘cooked’. If you can call boiling some pasta and grating cheese cooking… 150 grams for Simi, 350 for me. Healthy, I’m sure…

Twitter TobyTurner Toby Turner

New Tobuscus vid!! (LIVE Assassin’s Creed Revelations Literal!)…

3 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Awesome, both the video, and watching it in firefox, which still isn’t working, bear in mind I started writing this about 20 minutes ago…well, the Audio works, but nothing else. ‘tis fun.

I’m not sure how it’s fun, but I seem to find it oddly entertaining…

Okay, you tube, why do likes update in real time, but not views? Since I opened that page, it’s still 320 vies, but likes have gone from about 219, to 811. 814, 816,. 826. 828, 837, 843, 849. Okay, it only updates about every 5 seconds, but that’s a lot faster than views.

Anyway, me and Simi have been choosing music for Friday. So far we have the following.

  • The Varangian Way – Turisas
  • Stand up and Fight – Turisas
  • The Definitive Simon & Garfunkel – Simon & Garfunkel
  • Greatest hits – Queen
  • Greatest Hit, vol II – Queen
  • We Wish you a Metal Xmas and a Headbanging New Year – Various Artists.
  • (I want) Jeff Waynes Musical Version of the War of the Worlds – Jeff Wayne (but it doesn’t work on shuffle)
  • Christmas The Album – Various artists
  • Phobia – Breaking Benjamin
  • All – Iron Maiden (really? You have it all? Are you lying to me simi?)

Hehe, Dannie says she can’t come to birthday party, because she has to be home to let someone’s relative(s) in, and they can’t leave them in the shed until she gets back. I suggested leaving them a key under the mat. Or leave them standing by the door. If their shed wont suffice, perhaps a neighbours shed, or a nearby drain.

Apparently those options are realistically feasible, so I offered to send her something off the barbeque in the post. A burger with Ketchup, and onions, I’ll do my best.

Anyway, music list needs work.

Err… it’s 22:17. And the garden’s full of strange coloured lights, but the blue LEDs on the summerhouse are starting to fade…

Allrighty, not that that’s a word, but I’m now registered on, or is it the singular?

I’m annoying Tom again… and I’ve been on my computer for 12 hours, without opening Powder Toy, something must be wrong.

In fact, I seem to annoy Tom just by doing what I do naturally, and not just the insulting everyone for no apparent reason.

23:55 and the blue lights are gone… well; I can’t see any evidence of them being on from here…

Ben seems to get a bit annoyed when you sit in a chair talking to him while he’s in bed…anyhow… I’m out of stuff to say, and it’s Thursday now… so thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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