Tea Light?

Good Evening.

So, Connexions appointment, that was fun. It was basically 10 minutes of him asking about what grades I got, and what I’ve tried to do since my university applications were rejected, about 5 minutes of talking about what apprenticeships are, and applying for them, and about 5 minutes of telling me when writing a CV I shouldn’t be modest, and to ‘sell myself’.


For sale.

One human male, 17 years, 11 months, 28 days, and 9 minutes old (as of 12:02, 23/08/2011 assuming I can do simple maths)

Hardly used, minor scaring on the lower abdominal region, and left forearm. Prone to inappropriate humour, laziness, and stealing cookies. Has impeccable attendance record, and can spout useless information for hours on end. Tends to be offensive to all he meets, either because he abhors humanity, or because he’s bored.

Has low food upkeep, due to inactivity. May require vast amounts of electricity.

£3.50 or nearest offer.

Hehe, err… yeah. Not sure why I did that.

Anyway, what to do today? Well, the page is still open so I suppose I could watch Teen Wolf again… although I’m starting to learn the script just from listening to it…

Err… Mother would say ‘get your CV done’, well, that’s on the list, but I need something else going on as well.

Anyway, got a birthday card from my grandmother and aunt. It says ‘from Grandma Salt & Helen. X’ did she forget her name?


I have an idea. Looking at the search results that get people to my blog today, I see:

how tall is toby turner    2

tobuscus german             2

how much money does tobuscus make 1

tobuscus define               1

leeski lost leg     1

notice a pattern there? So I’ve been contemplating making an FAQ. As none of the frequently asked questions concern me, naming a page as such seems inappropriate. So if I get some free time, I’ll make a page for those people. Although that in turn would increase such traffic… which is annoying. Maybe if I could get paid per view, even 0.001p/view would be nice…

Anyway, just noticed Microsoft word was larger than the screen, which is weird…

So it’s 1959. Now it’s 23:23. And since about 21:16 I’ve been wandering around the garden planning lighting, candles, fire etc. for Friday, which is fun. Current forecast is thundery showers, but if there wrong, there’ll be tea lights everywhere.

And LEDs.

So, thanks for reading. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.

Tea light?


2 Responses to “Tea Light?”

  1. So, 1959 you’re planning a backyard party and going to light up the place with tea lights. . . .think I was there and it was so cool and no the thunder showers did not hit! You have a fun blog here…

    • thank you, personally i find it poorly structured, and generally childish. But then i’m a self loathing hypocrite.
      -Love Willski.


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