Not so busy day… pizza, and other things…

Good Evening.

They finished the quality control!

Anyway, I phoned someone, that’s not fun. But yeah, I booked a connexions appointment for 11:00am tomorrow

Pizza’s here!

Okay, that’s kind of true, but I didn’t write it when it arrived, about half an hour after.

And now Benski’s under orders to watch The Lord of the Rings extended edition.

So yes, pizza, stuffed crust is nice. Barbeque sauce slows down eating pizza.

Is todays food healthier then yesterdays? Rather than a couple hundred grams of cookie crisp, and about a pint of milk, about half a pint of milk, about a hundred grams of cookie crisp, and half a domino’s pizza.

So, it’s Monday. 17:51. I started writing this about 15:30… don’t know why I’m writing that here…

Hehe, switching between shoddy American comedy-dramas, and the Lord of the Rings. Quite a big contrast between those two…

Hehe, again… starting 2 not-paragraphs with that in a row, that’s unimaginative. Anyway, Zorro’s collar has moved from his neck to his thorax, I’ll try to catch him and remedy that…may be tricky.

Couldn’t find him… although I think I can hear a neighbour crying…

I’ve got part of the Spirit of Man stuck in my head, probably because I played some of the War of the Worlds to Tom yesterday.

Listen, do you hear them drawing near,
in their search for the Sinners
feeding on the power of out fear and the evil within us.
Incarnation of Satan’s creation of all that we dread.
When the demons arrive those alive would be better off dead!

Good song. But Microsoft word thinks ‘arrive’ is ‘verb confusion’.

I was wondering why Wayne had spent a good 2 hours lying in the same place earlier. That was quite amusing. Turns out ben shut him out when feeding them and forgot to let him back in, and Wayne’s response to that is sleep. And to rotate every now and then. Just look out the window occasionally, about every 15 minutes he’d move to a different spot, or rotate slightly.

Dogs are fun. He’s now sitting in the front lounge barking whenever someone walks past, so that’s annoying.

So, what was I doing? And what am I supposed to be doing… I’m supposed to finish my CV attempt prior to connexions interview, but as you’ll probably know if you read this, I don’t do a good job at writing positive things about myself.

Instead of “I’m a motivated person, who works well with others.” It’ll be “sometimes I don’t give up, and I can tolerate the presence of humans.”

Not quite the same, is it? Those Americans teeth look very fake. All exactly the same level… the incisors, the canines, the premolars, and I couldn’t see further back than that.

Ben solved a Rubiks cube in less than 30 seconds, in a day. So, anyway, yes… more serious note.

I asked James if they were hiring at Halfords. 2 days later, he said ‘yes’. Then asked why I wanted to know… isn’t that obvious? It should be…

So, connexions appointment tomorrow, ‘birthday do’ on Friday, and Stephenson’s college interview on 31st. this is the busiest I’ve been for quite some time.

Using an online Rubik’s cube solver, I re-solved it. I scrambled it with 10 moves. It took 107 to solve it… probably because It solves it in segments, not all in one go…

Toby Turner uploaded a video 42 minutes ago, and there’s nothing there… which I think means it’s still processing. Alternatively, seeing as it’s Monday, he accidently uploaded cute win fail onto the wrong channel.

Does your car insurance cover Werewolf attack?

So, approx. 3 minutes after James asked why I wanted to know if Halfords were hiring (delayed response because I’d been talking to Simi, I said ‘I need a job’ then he went idle, and signed off. He’s co-operative.

So, yes productive day. I’ve booked an interview, eaten pizza, and scrambled then solved a Rubiks cube. I’ve also been awake for 8 hours… err… okay, maybe not so productive…

I’ve moved Zorro’s Collar off his thorax. And I can hear some light jazz music… don’t know where that’s coming from

Well, I’ve got an appointment with connexions in 10 hours, and 40 minutes, so I think I’ll go to bed, and maybe set a few alarms… I tend to sleep through things that happen in the morning.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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