Other things.

Good Evening.

I’ve been living off Cookie Crisp today. Well, I had a bacon sandwich this morning, but aside from that. Bowl of them for Lunch, another bowl for tea… I should probably have something that’s actually been cooked… maybe get some pasta later…

Not sure… how many meals should I have in one day? Bearing in mind it’s 19:33, I woke up at about 11:00, and I’ve had three so far.

Ben tried to convince me to watch screamers, just because he bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago… and I’ve only ever seen about the first half.

Have you ever googled ‘strange laws’, ‘funny laws’, ‘out dated laws’ or stuff like that. You get some really odd stuff, and I’m not sure whether I believe it. I’d like to, but if I jocularly say ‘in Chester it’s legal to shoot a Welshman with a crossbow, as long as it’s done with a Crossbow, and after midnight’ but it then turns out whoever wrote that list just made it up, that’s disappointing.

Or that tarot card readings, and fortune telling are considered illegal as they’re classed as witchcraft.

Why are tarot cards now frequently sold as children’s toys, they used to be mysterious and frightening things.

Ooh, haven’t checked sodahead for a day or two… oh good, nothing’s happened. No one’s going to think I’m impolite.

We tried to teach Tom how to play Sup Com, and about when he started to well, my computer crashed… but then, 3 supreme AIs, and a player put processor usage to 100% (which is odd, because It’s supposed to run on 1.8GHz. perhaps under those circumstances you should have closer to the recommended 2.0GHz.)

I’ve got ‘My Way’ stuck in my head, which is odd… because I don’t remember hearing it…

Why is it all fictional characters do everything? The go swimming, write poetry, paint, etc. but most of the time, only for one episode, in which they’ve done it all their life.

So, apparently, I’ve spayed Benski… err… yeah. That’s weird…

So, it’s Sunday. Deus Ex is released on Friday. Mother’s getting me it for my birthday, conveniently, also Friday. Benski pre-ordered it for himself. As is common, a game not released unti Friday was dispatched yesterday (Saturday), 6 days before release. Don’t you think that’s weird?

Woo! Action scenes at a good two or three frames a second… something’s wrong with this… must be a bad connection… well, the connections are fine, signal, that’s the word I’m looking for,

It’s 23:44? Feels much later then that…

Ooh goody, frame rate’s back up. Probably at least double figures now… still a bit twitchy…

Anyway, its 00:00, and I’ve run out of stuff to do. So, thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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