I’ll be honest, I have no idea what it says in here.

Good Evening.

It’s 10:54.

I woke up at 07:00. Then again at 08:54. Then again at about 09:50…

As you may know, I was supposed be at KE VII at 09:00 to collect exam results… I overslept. Again. I do that a lot…

So I’ve got a driving lesson this afternoon, and then Torchwoods on this evening.

Until then I shall constantly refresh the ucas track page to see if I can find out if I got university placements. At the moment, it’s busy.

So, applications were unsuccessful. Which is annoying. Not so much the failing to get into university, more the inevitable response from parents.

So, I was dragged off to King Ed to get my results.  And talk to people about ucas…

And now it’s 22:24 on the 20th. (started this on the 18th.)

Tom spent some tile here, he ate Gammon and cake. Not at the same time, that’d be weird.

Now I’m watching Teen Wolf. Not the good film from a while ago, the TV series… it’s a bit weird… not the sort of thing I’d usually watch, but it’s something I haven’t seen before, so I get to complain at the idiocy of the characters for new things. Like how they’re talking in an otherwise silent classroom, in a not even slightly whispered tone, about something no one else is supposed to know. That’s a bit stupid. Although I suppose other background conversations would be distracting.

Anyway, other things.

So, there’s been a lack of correspondence from potential guests regarding food, but I suppose they might not have logged onto facebook in the last 25 minutes… hehe, it’s Saturday night, some of them probably have lives.

Hehe, sarcastic lycanthropes.

So, yes, today, today, today… we watched Eddie Izzard Stripped, played Gears, I got annoyed by fallout 3.

The character I’m currently playing is odd… I’ve got moderately far though the main story line (not much else) but it’s started crashing with annoying frequency, (ooh! Sirens outside! And it took me about 5 attempts to get ‘(‘, that’s weird).

Where was i? aah yes, most times I try to save it crashes so as an amateur guess I’d say some files corrupted or something… I’ll try a different character next time.

22:41? Feels like it’s later…

Athletic lycanthrope… has an advantage over the film one, he doesn’t have to go wolf-ey to do that.

Okay, this is one of those things with a teenager who’s a werewolf trying to live with a curse, and ‘get the girl’, in a not-rip-her-throat-out way, so not the sort of TV I find interesting. I seem to just be commenting on, and criticising… same thing I did when I watched Twilight… and Vampire Diaries… True Blood… err, a lot of new stuff… now Buffy, that was interesting. very good TV. Angel was quite good, one of the better spin-offs I’ve seen. The best of course being Torchwood, (out of the ones I can think of right now.)

Hehe, he’s better at bowling then me. He stayed standing. Although I only bowled when I was in year 6, so that’d be when I was about 10.

Okay, that seems random. I’m going to stop commenting on what I’m doing so much. It doesn’t make sense to anyone who actually reads this.

So, my plans for tomorrow, I shall play Supreme Commander. That’s about it really… I have a very busy life.

Monday, I’m supposed to phone connexions. Err, then nothing planned for now until Friday.

For those of you who care, my pathetic A-Level results were: Biology C, Chemistry D, ICT E.

Hehe, funny TV. (After the ‘friend’ climbs in through an upstairs widow) ‘Can you please tell your friend to use the front door’, ‘but we lock the front door, he wouldn’t be able to get in’.

Anyhow. I’ve run out of stuff to say, that may be obvious… so I’m going to post this now.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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