Tuesday 9th, and Thursday 18th. Some stuff from a while ago, DnD, and other things…

Good evening.

Happy Tuesday! Mines not… I’m playing [PROTOTYPE], and I’ve got to the fight with Elizabeth Greene. And my Cheese omelette had ham in.

But I completed [PROTOTYPE] on normal +. Yeah!

And I’ve finally set up facebook event. Including invitations to people who don’t use their facebook… and ben didn’t suggest anyone to invite… uncooperative swine.

In other not news, apparently I’d have had the opportunity to go see harry potter today. Mother says Wendy phoned at about 10:30 today, to ask us if we wanted to go… but I was asleep, and ben’s ignorant, so no one answered the phone.

Are they still good? I only saw up to the 5th… I think… which ones does Emski have? Hehe. Never got round to reading the 7th book.

I’ve been editing photos. I’d post them here, but I imagine Emski would beat me… and that’s never fun.

I’ll do it soon.

Anyway, not enough for me to want to post this, so I’ll continue tomorrow.

Right… I’m latching this onto the end of my last post.

Which I started on Tuesday. You probably just read that… anyway, it’s now Thursday 00:12. The following week. Hehe, Emo Toby. Where was I? nowhere I think. What have I done? Hehe, toby’s showing his floor and desk he painted… painting floors? Err…

I shouldn’t watch things when writing these…

So, I’ve annoyed Tom again, by commenting on his behaviour. He doesn’t like that. Wonder why… and of course, Friday I went to visit an Ian, Saturday I came back. Played Dungeons & Dragons. Wish I could use the proper font for that… doubt wordpress has it… or internet browsers…

Anyway… yeah, fun couple of hours, shame Ian’s an idiot. Hehe, he didn’t balance the encounters properly. 5 characters, one with d4 HD, and 4 with d8 HD and low end armour, against zombies, first encounter with them being 4. All having d12 HD, and at least one of them being on 2HD. He did weird things with their health later… we ended up fighting about 8 of them, most only having 1-4 hp… which was weird. They still managed to cripple Tom, we left him lying there on negative hp bleeding to death, while the rest of us ran away.

Although my favourite part was afterwards, when he asked us what we thought of it. (He was just experimenting with the start of it a campaign.)

I pointed out that in our first encounter, I was a ranger, with 9 hp, I was dropped to about 3 or something… by the second encounter, the first with Zombies, I was on -5. I’d been stabilised, so a move action a turn, I just couldn’t fight. Or run… Tom was dropped in basically one blow. Put him on negative hp. And the rest of us slowly escaped while being clobbered by Zombies. He got out later. Apparently the zombies all disappeared once we went out the door…

So we went back to camp. (We’d been conscripted by the military for some none-descript reason.) While we were there, Simi was executed for running my through with a long sword. Was it a long sword? I suppose that’s not the important part. Then I hit the commanding officer with a Scythe, and ‘some guards [came] into the room, and killed [me]’. I was in combat, strictly speaking you’re supposed to role for those, but hey, I’d have lost anyway. So I was replaced with a Half orc Barbarian of my making, and Simi was replaced with a nearly identical character… he made basically the same character twice, one was a ranger, the other was a druid. He played the former first, and the latter last. Which I suppose makes sense… only because I listed them in that order though… but that was nice, gave us a secondary healer. We went back, my barbarian did quite well, but barely killed anything… the corridors were 5 ft. wide, so only one square… only one of us could be in combat at a time. So they put the half orc at the front. So that worked. Except, we fought what was in effect a flesh Gollum, I nearly killed it, practically singlehandedly, well, aside from Simi dropping some water on it, and Tom shot it… Nathan might have used a magic missile. Yeah, not singlehanded, but he did most of the damage because no one else could reach. Then of course, because he was the only one the construct could reach, he got incapacitated just before killing it. Levelled up though.

These two encounters may have been the other way round…

Other one, whenever it was, we went into a room with something like 8 zombies and Skelies, simi went first and got surrounded. So half orc pick up elf, and put it down out of combat. Did of course put him fighting the undead. At that point Emma rebuked some of them. So a few I didn’t have to fight, and of course, once I feed up some space, other people could come in. still managed to nearly die, so we managed to kill them, because Ian can’t role over 14 on a d20… well, he can, he did, evident by my not-death.

After that we went into one of Ians fantasies. There was a levitating naked old man, with lots of Reanimated corpses watching. He’s gonna hit me if he sees that.

Hehe, Toby’s weird… just said ‘I love peein’ on my computer, nothing wrong with it’. I say just, it was December 24th 3008.

Erm, so, yeah, me and ben stayed outside, then the people who went in rand away, so I went ahead of them (Barbarian in light armour, half orc, so 30ft. base land speed, +10ft for the barbarian fast movement, 40ft. 80ft. a turn, as I couldn’t run down the corridors. Simi, and Nathan 30ft. so 60 ft a turn, Emma had medium armour, so was slowed down to 20ft, and could only do 40ft. a turn.

Bleh, I’m starting to feel tired… well, atleast I’m not going to be one of those people who couldn’t sleep the night before getting exam results… though I may oversleep, I’m supposed to be there at 09:00… it’s 00:48…

Where was i? aah yes, so we were in a crypt. The door closed when we started trying to escape, so when the rest of them caught up I was trying to break it open. (then the naked guys hand appeared with a dagger, stabbed my twice, put me on 0hp, so I can’t perform strenuous actions…)

The others managed to finish off the door, and we ran away, at which point Ian decided we’d given up.

Afterward he made a few odd comments. He said we’d have been fine if we’d had a cleric who could heal. Okay, at level one, with the right domains, and a realistic wisdom modifier, that’s a maximum of 3 cure light wounds, and 4 cure minor wounds. Cure light wounds heads 1d8+1/caster level. With healing domain, and good domain that may have been 1d8+3, if cure spells are good… think they are. So a maximum of 33hp. The 5 cure minor wounds take that to 37.

That wouldn’t have helped really. And we’re assuming the cleric didn’t use any of his spells for anything else. As it was our cleric was evil… could have healed/repaired the undead we were fighting… (cure spells use positive energy, heals organics, destroys undead. Inflict do the opposite) I tried to trick her into doing that.

They didn’t co-operate. Well, they did, until they realised what I was doing… then Ian wouldn’t let me… (Emma still didn’t understand.)

So yeah, aside from bad choice of enimies that was fun. But ofcourse, we finished at about 04:00 in the morning, so I ended up walking home at just after 6. Normally fine, except I had a bag with something like err… what’s a stone? 14lb… well, I think it’s about 10lb of cookies and DnD books.

I’m 8.8st. which is approx. 123lb. that might be off then.. thought I was 126… maybe my maths is wrong…

Anyway, it’s 01:04. So I think I’m going to, err… yeah, I’m not going to go to sleep. At 02:00 Law & Order starts, so even if I watched the first of the two episodes yesterday, I’ll watch it again. Yeah, what else will I do until the second one starts.

So, I’m going to post this, and tomorrow, well, later today, I’ll put together a summary of my birthday do thing, perhaps with an explanation of why I hate the term ‘party’, along with things like what food will be provided, times, and maps. Not my address or anything, don’t trust the internet.

So yeah, anyway, thanks for reading. Those of you who it applies to, well, most of them, hope you get good results tomorrow, although there’s no point praying now, the results were done weeks ago.


Love Willski.



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