SKYRIM COLLECTORS EDITION! (was announced 2 days ago), Bloody salad based over reactions confusing things, concerning people, maths and other stuff…

Good Evening.

I’m looking at the Skyrim Collector’s Edition. I wants it!

Apparently in a bad Gollum impersonation… that doesn’t make sense… neither does a remake of Conan the Barbarian. Is it a remake? I don’t care.

So yeah, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim collector’s edition.

At present costs £129.99, and appears to be a game exclusive. I’m not sure whether to get it for Xbox 360, or PC. I was thinking Xbox, ‘cause the rest of my special editions, collectors editions, limited editions etc. are on Xbox. Also, I keep them in a safer place, out of direct sunlight.

So, yeah, that picture’s not going to fit. I’ll see if I can resize it properly this time.

Anyway, this means I need money. Hehe, student loans will cover it, assuming I get into university. Not what I’m meant to use them for… or what I want to actually… save that for transport and stuff. I’ll check for jobs again, tomorrow. And I still need to make that facebook event! Grr, I’m forgetting to do things, and I’m not even busy… I’m a crap human.

Hehe, is I wrong that my strongest incentive to get a job is that I want to buy a game?

Okay, if there’s an unknown positive, and an unknown negative with a 10% increase to the positive, totalling to -2405. A further 2% increase changes this to -2276,  what are the positive and negative values?

Hmm, my activity on Sodahead, News & Politics 19%, Entertainment 10%, Living 35%, fun 35%. That’s only 99%… where’s the other 1% gone?

Spent most of the afternoon on Galactic Civilizations II Dread Lords, Twilight of Arnor. that’s fun, did I say that already?

Watching Watchmen at the moment, that’s a very good film. Never read the comics though… I understand quite a few were disappointed by it… but then people are disappointed by anything… “oh this cup of teas is only lukewarm!” “I won the lottery but it wasn’t a rollover!” “There’s blood in this salad!” “I cut my hand off with a ‘blender’!”

They’re just never happy! Honestly I prefer people like me who don’t get sad.

That’s egotistical.

And now I’m watching Toby’s videos on BlogTV again. About to try maths.

2% of the positive is 129… so now 112 x 129 = 14448… to get it to -2276… = 16724.

So, the 2% being 129 was rounded… but that’s probably close… can’t remember what that was for now though… hmm…

I feel like I’ve wasted my time.

Hmm, Toby’s playing with Guns again… and eating Pizza. I suppose the latter is fine.

He eats strange pizza though, no cheese. It’s wrong…

Hehe, that works… pizza without cheese is wrong in my opinion, and in his cheese is wrong. (Well, “cheese comes from cows; sick!”)

So, now it’s 0124. I’m going to go to bed soon, well, around 0200. To watch Law & Order Criminal Intent.

Toby thinkgs they should change the plot of tLotR from the books for the films, for comic effect… that’s wrong…

Parents have gone somewhere… don’t know where… so I’ll leave them to it…

Had to cook for myself, yes, I’m capable of that. It kind of conflicts with my laziness though, so I just had pasta and cheese.

You ever tried cooking with 9 cats trying to steal everything? Don’t know where Hide and Daisy where…

Actually, now I think about it, Daisy died a while ago… so that explains why she wasn’t there… and Hide looked quite pregnant last time I saw here, so is probably in a hedge somewhere having kittens. Alternatively sleeping, she does that a lot too.


I’ve posted some weird things on facebook recently, a lot of Toby quotes, which lead to Ian inquiring about my wellbeing. Which one was that? I think it was “…Penguins. Don’t kill them, love them.” Which I think is a perfectly sane piece of advice. Perhaps a bit random…

Anyhow, I’m writing this to occupy the advertising slots between videos, I think I’ll post this before I run out of anything to say.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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