Floppy Disks, thoughts, evolution, Toby, planing, time wastage, and other things…

Good Evening.

It’s 26.5°C in here. Was 26.6°C 2 hours ago… and 26.3°C 8 hours ago…

Similar temperature last night, so I didn’t sleep much, which gave me plenty of time to think… a few things…

For example, what I’ll get parents for their Birthdays (in November). Last few I’ve got mother series of House on DVD, but she’s weird, and doesn’t want the ones she’s seen on TV already… so I may have to buy those some time. I like watching House, more fun then CSI, or Law and Order where you can try to guess who the killer is. In House, what disease is it?

I’ve spent the last few days watching Toby’s videos on BlogTV, 327 there, watching from 327-1, I’m currently on 244. So that’s fun. Where was i?

Ahh yes, I think the next season of house I need to buy Mother is 7. 7, nice number. Liked by Bungie, the number of seasons there was of Buffy, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Nightmare on Elm Street Films, (Excluding crossovers, and remakes) the favoured number of the Chaos God Nurgle and Bungie.

Oh and apparently “7, nice number.” Doesn’t constitute a sentence.

And of course, thinking about Human Evolution. Of course we evolve, we’re evolving at the moment, maybe not naturally in all respects. We of course evolve resistance to diseases, especially in places where healthcare isn’t as readily available.

Then you have regional evolution. The sherpas in Nepal, or wherever they are, I’ll check.

Yup, Nepal.

Anyway, they’ve acquired additional blood vessels, about twice as many capillaries as other groups to help tolerate the high altitude, and low oxygen. Then since human history began average human height’s changed drastically. We’ve gone from average of about 4 -5 feet, to most Russians being over 6 feet, according to Simi. I’m too lazy to check…

Hmm, Toby’s weirder then I thought… http://www.blogtv.com/Shows/170619/date/ZeRHbm3xae3wZ2VGbH that was what? October 18th 2008.

When I say that, I don’t mean I’m too lazy to fly to Russia, and start measuring them in the street. That’d be fun. Especially if I had a Passport… But Googling something? That’s far too much effort for this. Also, I was in bed half asleep when I was thinking about this, my computer was turned off so no internet, but international travel? That’s easy.

For those of you who weren’t present at Dinner here last night, which resulted in me spending six hours, forty minutes at the table with parents, and siblings. We began casual discussion regarding a ‘birthday do’ for me and Simi. So I’ll make an event on facebook sometime soon. It’d probably be Friday 26th August (My birthday. And Simis’, remarkably) for those of you it concerns. But I’ll get to that later.

Where was i? can’t remember.

So, what else. There was more of my half sleeping thinks, but they occurred between about 03:00 and 06:00, that was 14 hours ago… my memory doesn’t go that far.

Near future, Driving lesson tomorrow, at something like 13:15… Torchwood tomorrow too. Certainly the more interesting of the two, if less useful. I tend to watch the entire series up to that point on iPlayer for those things. So, tomorrow if I don’t get distracted by Toby, I’ll be watching 3 hours of Torchwood. Get’s fun near then end of the series.

And I’m hoping Toby finishes this story before this episode ends… it’s something I’ve wanted to know for a while and he keeps getting distracted…

Oh goody, he didn’t miss it between recordings :).

Anyway, firefox is slow. Possibly because I have 35 Tabs open. What are they?

Facebook messages
Flickr Tobuscus
blogtv Tobuscus
Fustify’s Youtube
TOBUSCUS LIVE AT VIDCON 2011 (Audience Version) –Youtube
Stanger Things
Coloured Lamp Oil- google Search
What are Hurricane Lamps
Lamp&  Candle Oil @ Ancient Wisdom – Wholesale Gifts
Candles on the Web Lamp Oil & Accessories
Lamp Oil
Candles with Protected Flame
About oil candles
Contact us – Simply Soaps
TV Guide
Cultures online
Skyrim UESP
Skyrim General Discussion Bethesda Softworks forums
Sherpa’s Wikipedia

Now I’m thirsty. And you didn’t need to know that list… but you probably didn’t need to know anything else I’ve said…

I need to get a Zebra. For Emski… a real live one. (Not the album, a description of a Zebra.)

Yeah! Oil Lamps!

I’m actually doing something soon. But I’ll discuss that afterwards.

So, yeah. Just starting video 240. I was watching Dexter before I found these… kinda messed that up.

102 new tweets.

And I’m hungry… nothing overly interesting to eat last time I checked… also no coke. Not the real stuff of course, ‘vive! Cola’.

Hmm, an angelic kettle…

For some reason mother always buys the diet cola, which has practically no taste. Recently she bought some of the cola zero. Even less taste there. For some reason she refuses to but the original type stuff. More sugar, it’ll rot your teeth. Not it won’t, I don’t leave them to soak in a drink overnight. Saliva? Maybe.

Hmm, behind the scenes AI phone…

People can’t spell… and Toby bursts into song a lot…

Hide, you’re fat. Are you pregnant again? Strange cat…

Mmm. Twix’s Hate them, didn’t stop me eating 3 of them though. Very hungry… I should eat more… not more twix’s, twixes? Twixs’? I don’t know… but yeah, more meals.

Making saltwater in powder toy. Instead of just placing saltwater, I have walls round the edge, a wall across neat the bottom that only allows solids, at the very bottom portal in, a bit of portal out at the top. A few dots separated enough to stop them interfering with each other. Put water in the top, on the solid only wall. Fill the gap lined with portal in with salt, with then falls through the water, some of it dissolves, and the salt which doesn’t falls through the wall, back into the portal, and so on. Till all the salts dissolved, or all the water has salt in… yeah. That’s about as interesting as it sounds, but I’ve been doing it for about nine and a half hours.

I want to back up my computer (Well, hard drive) on floppy disks… that’d be fun. How much do they cost?

To amazon!

About 3-4 quid for 10. 1.44mb on each, currently using 371.5 GB.

398,865,043,456 bytes. So, err… 1.44MB, approx. 1440 KB, 188,700 bytes.

398,865,043,456÷188,700= 2113752.2175729. let’s round that up to 2113753, then to 2113760 as I’d be buying them in tens. Oh, this is assuming I can perfectly fill every single one, no free space (and they’re formatted, and no additional formatting is needed for this) by the way. At £3 for 10, that’s £634,128 worth of floppy disks! Excellent.

You can get a 500GB external hard drive for £30. Err… I think that’s the better option.

Bleh, choked on toothpaste… not a good feeling.

Anyway, I’m done now. Thanks for reading, and I hope this was more enjoyable then my last post.


Love Willski.



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