Good Evening. Just some rants. and other things.

Good evening.

You may have noticed, I haven’t posted for quite some time. Not since my criticising some parts of Torchwood. Since then I’ve watched series 1-3 of Torchwood. Yeah, I could have complained about that a lot… and I’m now half way through series 4 of Doctor Who. The new doctor who, of course, never got a chance to see the first lot. So, I’m currently on Midnight. About to see that fun little life form on the surface. Not that you ever really see it. I like these more psychological episodes, along with Blink, and to a lesser extent, the two regarding Libraries.

There’s someone outside.

Apparently capable of tearing the cockpit of a ‘crusader’ vehicle, tank, thing…

Okay, Hobbes, the one in this episode of Doctor Who, not the ne from V, doesn’t seem to understand that you can get different types of life, some of which may not be affected by radiation that affects other species.

Ooh, it’s communicating! That’s nice.

Anyway, other things. I’ve decided what to order Benski and Emski for their Birthdays, need to buy that sometime soon…

Did you know, that apparently despite doing the paperwork to officially leave KE VII I still got EMA for what, 3-4 weeks.

I’ve got a Blue pen. I say blue, it’s purple, but they aren’t mutually exclusive. The casing is Purple, it writes in blue. Got it last Christmas from my parents, a pack of different coloured pens. But they’re all blue.

And she’s repeating what people say. That’s nice, I wonder how many mistakes they made when filming.

Those back-up systems take a Damn long time to come online, and this part would be even more fun to film if they couldn’t edit audio in again later. When they’re both talking at the same time. She’s slightly faster, of course.

Jethro? That’s an old man’s name. okay, you can blame NCIS for me thing that.

Now poetry, We must not look at Goblin Men.

Can’t be bothered to transcribe the whole thing.

Is Jethro Merlin? I’ll try to remember to check the Actors.

Hehe, they seem to accurately represent the inherent paranoia of humans. And what’s that called? Social disassociation? Okay, I think I made that up. When people will do stuff as part of a crowd, that they wouldn’t do on their own.

Funny that the doctor doesn’t explain things that would help, makes the episode more interesting, if also more annoying.

And now she’s ahead. And anyone who fell for that is an idiot. Although I must admit, whoever played Sky is a good actor.

I’m wearing a Tobuscus shirt. I was going to wear another one, but I can’t find it, where’s it gone?

Personally I’d like to see more of the aftermath of this episode. But no, they just all look distressed and exhausted, then it cuts to when they get rescued.

I watched series 3 in a day. Well, in about 11:30 hours, I could have watched The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions in that time. This one, its 00:11, and I’ve got 3 episodes to go. I’ll finish it tomorrow. Well, no, today I suppose.

I was writing with that purple blue pen a lot today, there’s some odd stuff there. Depending how much I can read, I may attempt to Transcribe it, but it wouldn’t make much sense.

How come people always sing bad sons when doing Karaoke?

So, do these pens work? They seem to. Very good, and it’s purple! Of course, the writing isn’t, but the case is nice enough.

I’m watching Doctor Who. The Doctor & Donna are visiting the Ood.

Ooh! Firefox still has Umbrella Persona.

Sontarans soon. May check youtube, email etc. first.


Jack is Weird. And a bit stupid. With surprisingly bad sound. Tobys’ is better with an iPhone. He’s not Tobias, unles he’s been lying to us for, what is it, 3 ½ years? Anyway, ‘Tobias’ just reminds me of a Red-Tailed Hawk. Well, not initially, and only permanently for 12 books thanks to the Ellimist.

Much prefer Cory and Kates vlogs. They actually include stuff they do every day.

He’s in space. Or rather he was 4 days ago.

Kate’s weird. Loki’s cute, and not a horse.

Dmitri is fun. But his videos are very loud. Donna Noble has left the library, Donna Noble has been saved.

Yeah, I cut some stuff out of that. Had the lyrics to Thunderchild in there as well, along with some more stuff about styles of vlogging, some stuff I can’t read and some potential file directories for Donna to have been save too. Including ones for drive I. (that’s my disk drive.)

What? She’s on a DVD.

Okay, I don’t know why I assumed people would object to that in some way…

Oh, and that stud uses the spelling and grammar from when I was writing, so please forgive any mistakes. Although quite a bit was autocorrected :/. That takes the fun out of it.

Aww, how sweet. Tobys’ Wikipedia page has been deleted 8 times. Hehe, I’d have thought he’d have earned one by now. Although, I suppose he doesn’t do much outside of youtube, exceptthe VMAs for MTV, some internet journalism, staring in a film… wait, that sort of stuff usually gets people Wikipedia pages.

Okay, I spent the last hour reading about Youtubers, now my eyes hurt.

Okay, I’m going to bed now… I’ll probably be up till 04:00 watching Law & Order: SVU anyway, but trying to get some sleeps important isn’t it?

Hehe, thanks for reading, I’ll try to post more regularly again, I just find It hard to get the motivation to write when nothing interesting is happening, apparently I can still write quite a bit once I get started. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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