Torchwood, other TV things, and incoming chicken.

Good evening.

So, it’s been a while since I posted anything, still for the reason of nothing having happened.

But last night I watched Torchwood: Miracle Day, which made me want to play Black and White because of ‘miracle’… but aside from that it annoyed me.


For starters the many who survives the execution at the start is injected with a green fluid. It should be clear. And he undergoes what appears to be a rather shoddily depicted seizure. Lethal injections in America are performed with Paralytics.

The mobile phone ringing? It’s kept in a bag, in a draw. So apparently it has infinite charge?

There’s some problems with this. I also don’t like what’s shown in regards to Captain Jacks, let’s say, ability.

If he became a fixed point in space and time, so he has to exist, in that condition, why can he now be injured, and judging from the description of the next episode, is the only person who can die. ‘jack realizes he is the most vulnerable man on Earth’.

I was under the impression that the TARDIS was more powerful than just about anything else, and it would require something else capable of manipulating time & Space to that extent to change that. That’s an uncommon ability.

They were probably going for some kind of role reversal thing… I’ll miss those comic moments where people think he’s died…

Okay, that whole ‘you can’t do this, you have a child now’ is going to really piss me off.

There should be a lot more religious witterings, ‘oh it’s an act of god, he’s saving us all from death’. That’d be simultaneously funny and annoying… anyhow, enough of that for now.


Hehe, Emski’s trying to download it, and it’s being slow. That’s kind of my fault, I’m downloading Fallout 3 GoTY through Impulse. Interestingly, this transaction worked. The last one still hasn’t, gamestop/impulse still don’t recognise that I’ve bought them, aside from trying to charge me for them. Kind of annoying really.

Aww, that’s annoying, the download rates dropped from 3.3 Mb, to jumping between 0.2 and 1.2.

Want to watch the earlier series again… may borrow them off Emski some time. Soon…

So, who else hates micky flanagan? I’ve stopped watching mock the week because of him. It seems, there was that joke about a turning in the first or second episode, which wasn’t funny, so he just finds a way to reuse it at any opportunity possible, so yeah, an excellent TV show, ruined by one man.

Okay, I may have oddly strong views on that.

Anyway, I have roast chicken to eat soon, so thanks for reading.

I say ‘soon’, 35 minutes (from when I typed that, not when I posted), but I’ve run out of stuff to say, and I want a reasonable ending. Ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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