Dead Parrots, Killing Asthmatics, and Black & White.

Good Evening.

I haven’t posted anything since Tuesday. With good reason, there’s still nothing happening here.

Is this mean?

Tom says (12:25):
*will do later, i should really go and get my medication for my asthma

:[Willski:[                       says (12:25):
*hehe, make it more fun.
*run there sniffing dusty cats

Watch: (you’ve probably seen it before, Monty Python, Dead Parrot.)

finally managed to get to appropriate place to apply for job near here. Is it sensible for, in the section for what you do in your free time, to write ‘avoid direct sunlight’?

Anyway, what have I done today? Can you guess? I played Black & White 2. Which is fun. You know, I’m surprised that, considering Molyneuxs (excuse my spelling) apparent fondness of Kinect they don’t appear to have any plans to make a Black & White game for it. The second, and maybe the first had vr glove support, and you do just control a hand, so it seems perfect for it. Although I’m not sure how well Kinect to distinguish between different gestures and stuff, as a lot of it is in the placement of fingers… anyway, I’d like them to do that. Not that I personally like Kinect at all, but it might mean they make another Black and White game for PC.

Okay, quick bit of research. Molyneux would like to do a Black & White for Kinect, and everyone uses the same quote with rather odd sentence structure. ‘”The trouble with being a designer now is that there are way too many ideas than there is time to develop those ideas,” he said. “I would love to do something like a Black & White again……but there is only a certain amount of resources and a certain amount of time.”’

Shouldn’t that be something like there are way too many ideas, and not enough time to develop them?

Ooh! Lightning! YAY!!!

And very heavy rain, I may go and dance around outside in a tin foil hat.

Where was ahh yes, bad grammar. Microsoft word doesn’t seem to have a problem with it… maybe I’m just being stupid.

More lightning! And more sunlight… odd combination, seeing as there’s still rain/hail… fun.

But now, what to do? I feel like playing Halo Wars, could I get Tom to (more thunder, didn’t see the lightning that time) co-operate?

Nope, he’s not on MSN now… that ruins my plan… err… yeah, it’s 18:32, and I don’t foresee myself doing anything, so thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.

(Ow. Looking directly at nearby lightning is painful. Shame it’s only negative…)



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