Driving Combustable Lemons.

Good evening.

As the title may imply, depending what one I decide to use, I just had a driving lesson.

I actually woke up for this one, which I suppose is a good thing…

It was supposed to last from 11:00 till 12:00. Instead, it lasted from 10:48, until 12:04. Which was beneficial.

Just testing general driving skills… i.e. driving around for an hour, not hitting things. I suppose it’s easier than learning manoeuvres or something… although, at the end he did describe me as a ‘fucking menace’. Not due to driving or anything, I’m just not the bests conversationalist. Was told times for never driving lesson, about 40 seconds later, he said can you remember that? I said ‘remember what?’ apparently not the response he was looking for.

Conversation with Tom regarding driving lesson:

Tom says (12:22):
*how was it?

:[Willski:[                       says (12:22):
*i was described by driving instructor as ‘a fucking menace’

:[Willski:[                       says (12:23):
*so very well, i thibnk
*maybe without that unnecessary ‘b’…

Tom says (12:23):
*he he .. why u a manace?
*ffs menace*

:[Willski:[                       says (12:25):
*because I’m annoying in conversation

:[Willski:[                       says (12:26):
*my driving was mostly described as ‘very good’, ‘acceptable’ and ‘perfect’…
*when it wasn’t he mostly just said ‘mirrors’ or ‘brake’
*which isn’t really commenting on the quality of the driving, just naming things i don’t use

:[Willski:[                       says (12:27):
*he could also have said ‘stove’, ‘potato clock’ or ‘combustible lemons’

That’s fun.

But I did correct the spelling, and swap Tom’s Screen name for ‘tom’ as he just uses his email address. (The :[ accompanying my name there are Bats.)

That’s nice, just looked out the window, and saw Archie defecating… not the most pleasant site.

So, enough Portal 2 references.

That does leave me with nothing to do again… so reach, in an hour or 2? Probably…

Thanks for reading, Ta-ta.

Love Willski.


2 Responses to “Driving Combustable Lemons.”

  1. In what way are you a Menace?…
    Have you been eating Children again?!


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