need to post (as in, mail) stuff, and other things…

Good evening,

I’m marginally annoyed at the moment…

Oh, before I get distracted, apologies for not posting much, nothing’s happened.

Anyway, slightly annoyed, because as you may recall I did my student finance application. And I’m quite sure at the end they said they’d contact me saying what evidence I’d need to send them, that was march the 20 something, I think, then yesterday I get an email reminding me I had to send them my birth certificate. Thanks for telling me to start with.

Sure, there’s an ‘evidence’ page in the application, which basically said we’ll sort this out with you later. Which they didn’t so now I need to figure out how I send them that. Didn’t check last night/this morning, I went to bed.

Didn’t sleep though, too warm for that… well, I got about 2 hours… I’m going to start keeping windows open…

And large blocks of Dry Ice on the floor.

Remember I got a car, sort of. One of the conditions was that it wouldn’t be used for dog walking, and that we wouldn’t crash it and stuff… Well, in the words of Simi, the back seat is ‘completely covered in dried up dog slobber, and fur, and stuff,’ and that it ‘it stinks of dog, and mud and [faeces]’. I’m hoping that exaggeration, or we’ve broke the world record for most slobbering dog.

So that’s fun…

Now mothers going to accuse me of being overprotective of ‘my car’. No, I don’t think of it as my car, I still think of it as Wendys’ car.

And now I’m on Reach. That’s fun.

Toby shouldn’t freestyle…

New family guys are a bit worse than the older ones.

That is all.

Thanks for reading, ta-ta.

Love Willski.



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